All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – September

survivor seriesWell September is our third Showcase month in the All Scars Survivor Series painting challenge, and with my mojo back on track after last month I decided it was time to paint one of my older models – my metal Deamon Prince, Vobeskhan himself.

I’d built him a while back and added a few bits to his base before using him in games long gone by (mainly in an old Cityfight campaign fought at home with Gary and a few others), but as the club is gearing up to start the Damnation Campaign and it is being fought in and around the same city, Vogen, I wanted to bring the big fella back into the action (also there are some nice new formations I can take him in too).

I decided to strip the base and remake it to fit in more with my current bikers and the one I did last month for the Warpsmith. So used more of the cork tile, to this I added the sandbags and spade that had previously been on his base and then using parts of zombie figures built the remains of a guardsman that hasn’t quite realised he’s dead, still reaching for his lasgun as Vobeskhan begins to stride past him, already looking for his next victim. I also couldn’t resist having his shoe (with foot still in it) discard on there too.

The Deamon prince model itself, I had already modified when I built it to have wings. Now originally the metal version didn’t come with wings, so I used some off of an old Grenadier models Nightmare Dragon. However these needed a little TLC and greenstuff to blend back into the form of the model.

I already knew he’d be in his Black Legion armour but wanted to have something other than the usual red skin tone for his hands, face and wings, so chose to do them in blue (fits nicely with the common use of Tzeentch marks within my force).

Overall I’m happy with the final result (though my wife says that the way they’re positioned with the guardsman’s mouth being open it looks “a bit wrong”, but hey, why should Slaanesh have all the fun!”.  Maybe I’ll finally get around to painting some Possessed now to join him on the blood soaked streets of Vogen to spread the mayhem and madness.

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