All Scars Damnation narrative campaign – Planetfall

The All Scars are kicking off this years narrative campaign with a bang!60030102012_BlackLegionENG01

We will be playing an updated version of the Cityfight campaign based upon the siege of Vogen. Myself and Gary have played this campaign a few times in the past and it’s always been a blast, with plenty of the locations offering up highly narrative elements in addition to those that the players might introduce themselves anyway.

Rules and information can be found on our newly made wiki site, which all players can access and update for themselves as the campaign progresses.

My SAMCRO Black Legion have joined an alliance with fellow dark lords, Jon, with his Night Lords, Edd, with his Khorne Demonkin, and Simon, with his Orks. We all seemed to get reasonably close on the random deployments (though my Legion did receive a cryptic message to divert due to hostiles being in my original flight path). Once planetside everyone was able to make a round of orders, the Forces of Damnation (our alliance’s name) decided to strike hard.

The Orks attacked nearby Eldar, the Night Lords struck out to capture the Spaceport and engaged Dark Angels, while myself and the Demonkin tag-teamed a pair of Tau cadres holed up in the nearby Palace.

The campaign also allows for random events too, Edd was able to topple an Imperial statue and uncover a relic blade (which he gave Jon to use in return for utilising Jon’s Feel No Pain upgrade from holding a specific location), while I had an interesting risk reward option – in my upcoming battle any unit entering via deep strike could take straight armour saves, failure meant death regardless of number of wounds, but success meant they could assault on the turn they arrived.

We were going to play a 2 v 2 game, 1000 points each, no LoW’s/Super heavies. The others didn’t want to fight a cityfight mission so taking my optional rule into account I suggested the Speartip Assault mission from the Black Legion supplement.


I really wanted to try out some of the new (before Traitor’s Hate was released) formations, and worked out a list using the Black Legion Warband but I didn’t think it fit thematically. Then Simon suggested taking terminators and I looked at the other formations before finally deciding on this:-


+ Abaddon’s Speartip (991pts) +

The Bringers of Despair (420pts)
··Abaddon the Despoiler (265pts) [Warlord]
··Chaos Terminators (155pts) [Bringers of Despair, Mark of Nurgle (18pts), Veterans of the Long War (9pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Terminator Champion (50pts) [Combi-melta (7pts), Power Fist (10pts)]

The Chosen of Abaddon (571pts)
··Chaos Terminators (137pts) [Veterans of the Long War (9pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Terminator Champion (50pts) [Combi-melta (7pts), Power Fist (10pts)]
··Chaos Terminators (137pts) [Veterans of the Long War (9pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Terminator Champion (50pts) [Combi-melta (7pts), Power Fist (10pts)]
··Sorcerer (160pts) [Additional Mastery Level (25pts), Burning Brand of Skalanthrax (30pts), Force Stave, Spell familiar (15pts), Terminator Armour (25pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)]
··Sorcerer (137pts) [Additional Mastery Level (25pts), Combi-melta (7pts), Force Stave, Spell familiar (15pts), Terminator Armour (25pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)]

I selected to have everything deepstrike on turn 1 (as per the mission special rules) and when Edd rolled and seized the initiative it looked grim for the Tau.

With the force split into 3 parts (character and termies in each) I placed where I would like them and to the Tau’s horror none of them scattered. Rolling for their armour saves (from my random bonus rule) I lost 2 terminators from Abaddon’s group.

With the only psykers on the board we had free rein, and I used psychic scream to destroy the enemy ghostkeel. The Shooting and Assault phase saw my units decimate the Tau ranks, taking the heads of both of their warlords in the first round and securing 17 VP’s. It was not looking great for the greater good. With my forces either locked in combat or drawing the tau fire, Edd’s demonkin were reasonably clear to advance, but to be honest most of the fight had gone out of the Tau.

After five rounds of battle the final result was 24-11 to the Chaos forces, and the Tau forced out of the Palace as it was their only territory.

It could have all gone horribly wrong as my 12 man army was worth a massive 15 vp all on its own to them, but only gave away 7 in the end. While they remembered the Palace bonus of giving them 3 buildings/ruins with upgraded saves, they totally forgot their own bonus rule allowing them to deploy a number of Sentry towers with automated multi-lasers.

I didn’t remind them of this until after the game, and also waited till then to remind Lee that he’d totally forgotten about a unit of infantry he’d deployed in front of a building (where he couldn’t see them from where he stood) and hadn’t used them all game. Ooops!

With the next round of orders and battles imminent I expect our alliance shall come under heavy fire as we have quite a swathe of occupied territory across the middle of the campaign map and enemy factions on all sides.

Since we have all been requested not to post these reports until the closing date for the Planetfall round, the Traitors Hate supplement has dropped, and I can’t wait to try some of these formations out in upcoming games.



2 Responses to “All Scars Damnation narrative campaign – Planetfall”

  1. […] Speartip Strike – units with Deep Strike may arrive on the first turn on a 3+, if this is your primary detachment and warlord has Deep Strike he and his unit automatically pass the reserve roll – this is taken from the Altar of War mission of the same name from the previous supplement, one of my favourite missions. Imagine Abaddon with a maxed out unit of enhanced Terminators landing first turn right in the middle of your enemies lines, possibly with his friends too if you’ve taken a Raptor Talon, Annihilation Force or Chosen of Abaddon, oh wait I don’t have to imagine it. […]

  2. […] games, with 7 victories, 1 draw and 12 losses. If I had to pick one that stands out it would be the opening battle of the Damnation Campaign against the Tau – they were totally unprepared for the speartip assault we unleashed against […]

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