SAMCRO Black Legion – roster update

SAMCRO-legionWith the advent of the All Scars Survivor Series I have been able to dramatically increase the painted portion of my SAMCRO Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army (though there are still around 300 models to paint, though this does include a ton of cultists).

Fellow All Scar Simon, with who’se Ork army I have an ongoing rivalry, has been urging me to get an updated picture of all my painted stuff so far; so taking advantage of some free time and having my daughter to hand with her camera (its a ton better than my phone camera) thats what we did this morning.

Would have been nice to have had scenery and one of the excellent textured mats but as I don’t play at home they weren’t available.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t include the two squads of cultists I have painted so far as they’re not technically part of the Warband, they will eventually be a Renegade Guard ally force.

samcro-painted is an unbound army list of the above taking their standard loadouts (including upgrades and Legacies of Ruin) created using Battlescribe.

It doesn’t include khorne bike squad, Slaanesh bike sorcerer and squad, Cabal of 5 sorcerers on bikes, Raptor Talon formation, 3 squads of possessed, squad of spawns, couple of sorcerers on foot, 3 obliterators, second drake, another Land Raider, 3 predators, 2 rhinos, 2 helbrutes, 2 dreadnoughts, contemptor, a fuck ton of more marines (including 3 sets of DV marines), 20+ Thousand sons, lots of Terminators, Abaddon, Fabus, Ahriman, relic predator, 3 defilers, and a knight. Plus aegis defence line to convert, skyshield landing pad to finish off, and the various add ons to fortifications.


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