D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Orc attack!

14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nWith Jack’s Warlock (and Gobby his teddy bear) manning the north wall the rest of the party headed to the drawbridge to head off the other group of orcs.

The orc chief led his men straight at Jack’s position, weathering his eldritch blasts and making it across the moat and the pallisades before dropping the lonely warlock into unconsciousness. One of the orcs picked the fallen bear up as they continued past into the town itself.

Meanwhile Jon’s warlock created an illusion of a water elemental on the drawbridge in an effort to scare the other orcs off but Liam’s Paladin stumbled through it and spoilt the effect. Emily’s Bard tried to make the orc shaman feel bad about himself but in return it called upon the might of Gruumsh and commanded her to “Dive”, magically compelling her to plunge of the drawbridge into the water below.

The paladin charged forward only to be struck down hard by the mass of orcs, but before they could advance into the town Jon and Lee raised the bridge once more and so they loped along the shoreline towards the broken bridge. Emily at first had trie to swim down towards the same bridge but seeing the orcs heading that way, made her way back and used a healing spell to revive Liam.

Meanwhile Jon and Lee chose to hide in the windmill and a nearby house while the warchief and his orcs sped through the town, intent on reaching the keep. Once the orcs were out of sight once more they recovered Jack (and having been dropped by one of the Orc’s, Gobby) and lowered the drawbridge to exit Nightstone and reunite with their comrades.

Realising they were heavily outnumbered they decided to head for the caves to the north in search of the townsfolk for reinforcements. As they made their way north they came across a group of dead goblins, from the looks of things killed by crossbow bolts. They took a short rest to gather their wits and Jack performed a ritual to summon a familiar which then took the form of Gobby. With nothing else of interest they continued north until they found the cave.

Jack sent Gobby in to investigate as the bear-thing could turn invisible. It came back telling him that there were goblins inside , with several exits leading off a central chamber and a large creature in the centre of a stalactite grove.

With most of the heroes being unable to see in the dark they lit a torch which unfortunately gave their presence away to the goblins, with a cry of “Breeyark!” they began firing shortbows at the party and a bubbling mud pool exploded with a roar as the ogre that had been bathing in it joined the fray too.


It began to go badly for the heroes as they slowly began to fall to the monsters, Jack did use circle of madness on the ogre to make it attack the creature in the stalactites, which turned out to be its mate. However this was shortlived as the second ogre made its way out of the grove and into the melee.

Time beat us once again, so we completed the round of combat we were on and left things dramatically poised, ready to pick up next session…..


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