SAMCRO and the Traitors Hate

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Well the new formations in Traitors Hate have been out for a while now and I’ve managed to try a few out in my games with the All Scars.

There are still a few I havent tried yet and probably never will due to their components and them just not fitting my army composition: Mealstrom of Gore, Trinity of Blood being the first to spring to mind. I’ve not yet used the Veterans formation as it just feels like a shoe horn to get cult units squeezed in, hopefully we’ll see more Black Crusade releases that bring these cult based forces to life.

Two that I haven’t used yet, due to not having had a good opportunity to unleash them, are Favoured by the Gods and the Raptor Talon. I have made up units to fill the minimum requirements for both of these but the games I’ve played so far haven’t suited their use yet.

So what have I actually used so far. Lets look at the Core options first.

Lost and Damned – I used this one with a little twist, adding in a Command choice of Typhus to make all the cultists zombies. Not only were they fearless and annoying as hell but they respawned on 4+. Very useful in the game I used them as it was a three-way battle with one of the opponents fielding Guard infantry.

Chaos Warband – quickly becoming my starting point for any list. With the detachment giving free Veterans of the Long War this really should be Black Legion’s go to choice (though a bit pointless for Crimson Slaughter). The combination of a free Boon roll each turn and the Favoured Scions option is great. Ok, the Legion’s own version lets you take Chosen or Troops for the compulsory, but that’s not a massive loss as you can still take Chosen if you so wish. I take a single unit if any. My only gripe with this one is the inclusion of a Helbrute yet exclusion of any other vehicles (not counting dedicated transports, not to mention free ones in comparison to loyalist detachments).

Auxiliary options.

Terminator Annihilation Force – I’ve used this once so far, it really didn’t manage to impress me and I think I still prefer the Black Legion options of Bringers of Despair and the Chosen of Abaddon.

Helforged Warpack – I have used this a few time now and must say I really like it. I usually take a pair of defilers and a helbrute, make the brute the alpha so he gains an invulnerable save, and push him forward. The fact that the warpsmith doesn’t have to remain within a set distance to enable the bonus deamonforge use is great.

Fist of the Gods – another one that I’ve used only once so far, but a relatively useful one if you want to include tanks in your force. There was some question with regards the new vindicator/predator squadron allowance and how it fits in here but it seems to be the consensus that it works within it, so a possible 15 tanks within the formation. The warpsmiths invulnerable save bonus is nice but use of cover will be more effective. Best use would be to give him his own invulnerable, keep him close and keep him repairing them (3+ needed, 5+ for the attempt, +1 for the formation, and +1 for the mechatendrils he automatically comes with).

Cult of Destruction – keeping with the Warpsmiths, this one I never thought I’d bother with (having used my obliterators once in about 3 years) but I included this in my last game against loyalists and it proved quite effective. The ‘smiths ritual to give double yield is great and has even encouraged me to convert up some unwanted Blood Angel terminators as my mutilators, though it means i also need to convert up more ‘smiths (I have one of the finecast, and while it’s a lovely model, I’m not buying more of them). I had a trio of oblits with smith (nurgle), and 2 trios of muties with smiths (tzeentch). Each attracted enemy attention, and more than earned their points back.

Heldrake Terror Pack – the only way to include the ubiquitous burn-turkeys in the detachment. I’ve used it twice, unfortunately poor reserve rolls meant they had minimal effect in either game. The one against the loyalists their terror rules were a little pointless as the mission negated it mostly (but I can’t complain as I chose the mission).

Spawn – often overlooked. I used a Spawn formation with my Lost & Damned zombies. They drew enemy fire away from the weaker zombies, and managed to munch down on a couple of units of Guard before being shot to hell. Always fun, but they really are just cannon fodder.

So, what would I like to see coming in the rest of the Black Crusade releases? Well, aside from an updated codex (yes, it’s another chaos player complaining that we’re running a 6e codex in a 7e world), I’d like to see some form of support for the cult forces, even if it’s not a full on codex like KDK, Tzeentch/Nurgle/Slaanesh themed detachments/formations would be cool. Same goes for the Traitor Legions of Old, I know we have the Black Legion supplement, but how about Night Lords, Word Bearers, Emperors Children et al. Even if it’s just a set of Chapter Tactics to add in to the existing codex, it would be something.

There’s a lot of rumbling about the release of Primarch’s coming through (I’ve seen the pics of Magnus), and while I’m not keen myself on including these uber-units in a non-apoc scenario I can see that its building up to something huge. I only hope they don’t repeat what they did before, with the previous Eye of Terror worldwide campaign – which the forces of Chaos won, in which Eldrad was actually killed, but with was then retconned to have never actually happened because lo and behold here we are again at the beginning of the very same 13th Black Crusade.


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