All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – November

survivor seriesAs another month closes I have scraped in my completed pledge for the All Scars Survivor Series Painting Challenge.

This month started well but then I kind of lost momentum, but managed to finish today with a couple of days spare.

I chose to paint my converted Helbrute, mainly because I really like the conversion but also because he’s seen more table time recently with the release of the formations in Traitors Hate.

Indeed, the extra pieces on his base are due to a cinematic outing in one of our recent campaign games where he merrily mulched through Imperial Guardsmen, oblivious to their krak grenades, so I included a few of their remains scattered around his feet as he looks for his next victims.

The conversion itself isn’t a major one but it reflects the weapon load out I usually give him. The base model is the Dark Vengeance one in its moderately dynamic pose (but more than one together they begin to look like they’re performing some bizarre dance routine). Using some spare parts from the bits box I swapped the multi-melta for the maw of an ectoplasma cannon so that it can be used as a plasma cannon (yes I know not as effective as the melta and it could self harm with Gets Hot), while I adapted the power claw to a power scourge using the flail ends from a defiler.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m happy with him overall but honestly feel I put more effort into his base and conversion than the rest of him. A shame but it is what it is.

Next month is the finale of our challenge and another showcase month, my plan is to paint my newly converted Abaddon model, lets hope the enthusiasm holds so I can do it justice.

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