All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2017 – January & February

survivor seriesSo I’m a little late with the first part of this, having been kept busy with other things.

2017 is here and that means a new year of the Survivor Series, we’re changing it around slightly by pulling the Showcases forward a month so that the final one of the year doesn’t fall at Christmas. We’re also stipulating that in the Showcase it must include a base if the model comes with one.

So January’s pledge for me, I decided to do a squad of my Possessed Marines, I think I’ve only fielded them once or twice ever, not a massive fan of how they play and by the end of the month even less of a fan of the models.

Perhaps its the curse of painting models that were already built by a previous owner, but I found that these were awkward to get at some of the details and generally didn’t like the lack of distinction on the models between armour and demonic influence (probably another reason I don’t use demons either).

As my Demon Prince is Tzeentch I decided I wanted to keep these guys in a similar vein, so blue tints for the demonic parts.

I can honestly say it came close to changing the pledge at the last-minute and even closer to not finishing them at all, but they were done to a tabletop standard and I still think it will be a dark day before they see battle.

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And so on to February and our first Showcase of the year, I decided to take one of my favourite models that had sat in a black primered state for much too long – my first Defiler, Azog!

Having spent a fair few hours playing Dawn of War over Christmas I had also been making the Black Legion on there use my silver trim colour scheme and wanted to replicate much of that with my model.

I had also watched a recent YouTube video by GW’s Duncan on painting Black Legion power armour and thought I’d adapt a simpler version of this to my needs.

First came a pretty much all over leadbelcher drybrush, after which I kind of lost impetus and the model sat doing nothing for half the month.

Eventually I picked the brush back up and used Abaddon Black to go back and re-paint the flatter areas of the armour plates etc, and then picked out the details I wanted in Retributor Gold, just to make some of the metallics stand out from the mass of silver.

An all over Nuln Oil wash was applied and a few days later I used the blue gem paint (can’t remember the name, sorry) to pick out the power lines (this took about three coats applied over a few days). I also wanted to do something to show the power on the power scourge, so decided to start with a light drybrush of Caldor Blue, followed by a fine edge highlight on the mace flanges of Elf Grey (one of the paints that has survived from my very first paint sets so actually older than my daughters!

I’m quite happy with the final result and genuinely look forward to fielding him in battle – even if the rules ignore the fact that he can reach the upper floors of a building even if his feet aren’t on it (but can still be seen by enemies if the cover doesn’t cover his height – double standards much!).

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