All out war in the 8th edition of 40K

So the new edition of 40K has been out a little while now and I’ve had a number of games with it, some wins, some losses, but lots of fun!

All my games so far have been Matched Play using the points system, and have either been Eternal War, Maelstrom of Narrative missions (the latter for the ongoing Fate of Konor campaign).

I haven’t played Power Levels yet and in all honestly don’t feel the inclination to do so, however I did pick up the Open War card set which is meant to be used in a Power Level Open War scenario.

However I reckon you could easily use them to generate a very random mission for Matched Play just as easily.

The pack splits into 5 separate decks:

  • Deployment deck
  • Objectives deck
  • Twists deck
  • Ruses deck
  • Sudden Death deck

Shuffle each of them and then draw the top card of the Deployment, Objectives and Twists decks. These will define which deployment zones are being used, the overall mission objective and a non-standard bonus that could affect both armies equally.

Then have each player draw a ruse card, this is different to how they’re meant to be drawn (usually to the player with the lower total Levels) but give each force an individual bonus that can have an impact on the game.

Set up and deploy following the normal rules and any of the cards drawn so far. Then the player that is to go second draws the top card from the Sudden Death deck (again this is not the normal use, that’s normally for if one player has a total level whose opponent has more than double the total levels). This generates an instant victory condition that can be achieved by either side but if player one completes it, player two still gets his equal turn and if he also manages to complete the victory condition (for example, the card is “Kill Order” and both players manage to destroy the enemy Character/Vehicle/Monster that has the highest Wounds currently on the battlefield) then it is a draw.



One Response to “All out war in the 8th edition of 40K”

  1. So I decided to do a couple of sample draws of the cards.

    First Draw:

    Deployment – basically Vanguard Strike from the BRB but only a 12″ gap between the armies rather than 12″ each from the centre line.

    Objective – Kill the Courier – At the start of the game each player nominates one model in their force (not the warlord and must be on the board not in reserve) to be their courier. First player to slay opponents courier wins the game.

    Twist – Set Piece Battle – Rather than alternate deployment, player that won the roll off deploys all their force first. Oppenent then sets all of theirs up. Then roll a dice, on a 1 the player that set up first gets first turn, 2+ the player that set up second gets first turn.

    Ruse (player 1) – Tatical Reserves – At the end of one of your Movement phases, pick a unit from your army that has been destroyed. Set it up again more than 9″ from the enemy but wholly within 9″ of the edge of the battlefield.

    Ruse (player 2) – Outflank – After deployment but before round 1 commences, pick one of your units and remove it from the board. You may set it up again at the end of either your first or second Movement phase, more than 9″ from the enemy and so that the unit is wholly within 9″ of any battlefield edge.

    Sudden Death – Starting ffrom the third battle round, play this card at tthe end of your turn if there are no enemy models in your deployment zone to immediately win the battle.

    Wow, so 2 possible ways to win the battle (not including just wiping the opponent out), both of the Ruse cards could definitley delay the Sudden Death conditions too which is a nice co-incidence.

    Second Draw:

    Deployment – split the board in half along its long table edge, armies can each deploy up to the halfway mark (so 50-50 split of the table with no gap between zones).

    Objective – Glory Seeker – Each player adds up the Power Rating of all enemy units destroyed during the battle, doubling the rating of Characters, Vehicles or Monster. At the end of the fifth battle round the player with the highest total wins (even if their own army has been wiped out!).

    Twist – Dead of Night – Maxium range of all shooting attacks and psychic powers is limited to 12″. The player that takes the first turn must roll a dice at the start of each round after the first, On the first roll of 4+ 6″ is added to the maximum range limit, second time 4+ is rolled 12″ is added, and third time 18″ is added (and so on, representing dawn slowly creeping in).

    Ruse (player 1) – Dug In – Play after deployment but before the first round begins. Any of your units not in cover count as being in cover as long as they remain stationary.

    Ruse (player 2) – Ambush – Play after deployment but before the first round begins. Pick up to 3 of your units to be set up in ambush. You can set up these units again, anywhere on the board that is not in your opponents deployment zone and is more than 12″ from an enemy model.

    Sudden Death – Blunt – If you destroy at least half (rounding up) of the units your opponent had in their army at the start of the battle you win the battle.

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