SAMCRO Black Legion 2018 review

So 2018 wasn’t a mega busy year for me 40K-wise, only managing 6 actual games all year.

I built a few models but didn’t put brush to paint at all, dropping from the Survivor Series entirely.

The end of the year saw some new models for Chaos, and the Black Legion specifically, released. Blackstone Fortress (a Quest style board game) brought us a thunder hammer wielding Lord, with some unorthadox back up from Beastmen, Rogue Psykers and Traitor Guardsmen (fresh from the ruins of Cadia). We then got the Vigilus campaign book, and while it contains only a single entry for Chaos, the raptor lord herald of the Black Legion, it promises a second part to come in 2019 which I’m keeping my fingers crossed will include some tasty goodies for the spikey boys.

edition pts Event opponent force win draw lose year
8 2000 hecate round 4 Patrick E Blood Angels (Lamentors) 1 0 0 2018
8 3000 hecate round 5 Dave C Thousand Sons 1 0 0 2018
8 200PL Chaos Friendly Jon Night Lords 1 0 0 2018
8 2000 Incursion Proforia Edd Ultrasmurfs 1 0 0 2018
8 1500 Zone Mortalis 6 way Jack/Lee/Pete Fists/Custode/Guard 1 0 0 2018
8 2000 Smurfs Gambit Daniel Ultrasmurfs 1 0 0 2018
8 2500 angel plucking Patrick E Blood Angels 1 0 0 2019

This is my scorecard for 2018, 6 games and somehow, 6 wins. some of the best games I’ve played in this list. With great opponents and lots of great banter. Abaddon has not only bashed up Calgar twice, but also tore the Blood Angels asunder in my first game of 2019 against my friend Patrick Ellwood in our annual throwdown (I shall make a seperate post with photos from that game shortly).

Looking ahead to 2019 and the All Scars are running an Escalation Campaign from January through to June, starting at 500 points and adding 100 points each month up to a 1000 point showdown in June. Eager to play a few more games this year I’ve thrown my hat into the ring and have my first match in the coming week against Cadian Guardsmen under the command of another good friend, Dave Clarke. Our previous battles have always been close and great fun, so I’m really looking forward to this.

Here’s hoping 2019 resounds with cries of “For the Warmaster!”

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