Vobeskhan is a character in a long term story I have been writing based on the AD&D rules system.

Having been a RPGer since the tender age of 10 when I was given a copy of the old “Red Box” rules and working my way through the basic, 1st Edition and 2nd Edition rules systems of Dungeons & Dragons, before taking a short hiatus of several years, and returning to D&D in its latest incarnation, 4E.

Having attended Gamesday events and now successfully kickstarting my own semi-regular campaign I have also started to take part as a player in DnD-Dads campaign too (a pleasant change to the 30 years of DMing).

While this blog might not be  regularly updated piece, it will no doubt be centered around my gaming and its associated things.

If readers enjoy my musings, great; if not, I wont lose any sleep.


After attending the UKT3 Tweetup I have now taken the plunge and joined Twitter – you can find me at @Vobeskhan


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