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Dungeon Father Gaming – Remnants of the Past part 2

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Our heroes awoke to the arrival of a pair of allies, apparently their employer was growing impatient and had despatched backup along with a sending stone to allow once a day communication. Once introductions had been done they headed down the long corridor they had previously left alone.

Halfway down they found a pair of doors, one opened into a small preparation chamber the other opened to release rocks onto the opener but these then left a crawlspace. Going into the chamber beyond they found a statue of the Platinum Dragon in his knightly visage, there was also a small rough tunnel entrance behind it.

Sending the warlock’s sprite down it appeared to descend at a slope and open out onto a wider shaft further into the complex. Returning to the main corridor they advanced to the stone door at its end, carved with a relief of a a rearing dragon.

Though heavy the door opened easily onto a chamber with another statue, this time of the draconic visage, though the head had been severed quite cleanly off. There were exits on either side of the chamber and investigating the north one revealed an area that looked like it was for priests to prepare themselves in. The southern exit had a pair of holes in the floor some ten feet across each, with a sturdy chain hung across them via a pully system and holding a massive metal pot big enough to hold three people at once.

Not wanting to descend into darkness the heroes cast light upon a pebble and dropped it down the shaft, illuminating the floor far below. Once they were reasonably sure it was safe to do so they began using the pot-elevator to ferry their group down.

They found themselves in a massive chamber that housed what resembled streets and buildings, all leading to a large central plaza towards the southern end of the city. As they party began to explore they came across a kobold. The heroes find themselves heading to the kobolds enclave and finding that they had a small brass dragon chained and restrained. The kobolds had “rescued” it so that the “big ones” didnt find and hurt it. Eventually they were able to discover that the dragon was from a clutch of three eggs (the others not having hatched as yet) that belonged to the former guardian of this area, a large brass dragon that had since passed away and was slowly being dismembered in the plaza. The kobolds ideally wanted one of the heroes to resurrect the big dragon but when they said they were unable to the kobolds said they wanted to raise the small one until it was big enough to make them into dragons too. The heroes knew that this would be impossible, but they were able to convinve the kobolds to let them free the young dragon.

Discovering that the wyrmlings name was Vexus, they had him follow behind them for safety, as they approached the plaza. They could see the remains of the parent dragon, along with half a dozen dragonborn patroling the area. With most of the party being armed with ranged weaponry they began raining fire upon the guards. Even the few that survived the surprise attack did not fare well against the mass volleys of arrows and spells and fell quickly but as each died their bodies rapidly petrified and moments later crumbled into dust.

Not sparing the time to ponder this, the heroes moved towards the centre of the plaza to get a look at the odd darkened opening on its south side. However as the bard risked brushing his hand into the darkness they heard a growling coming from within.

Five pairs of malevolent eyes peered out as first a black draconic head, then a blue, a green, a white, and finally a red pushed forward from the darkness! As each head let out a roar five drakes charged out into the plaza and at the heroes.

The drakes were dangerous and had the heroes on the back foot, so one of them called for Vexus to come and assist. The plucky little brass wyrmling flew in and belched his firey breath across some of the enemies, harming but not killing them. With Vexus aiding the heroes found renewed vigour and were finally able to overcome the drakes.

Taking time to catch their breaths, bind their wounds and take stock of the situation the heroes decide to head west up one of the wide avenues leading off from the plaza rather than investigate the darkness further. Once again asking Vexus to hang back.

As they head out they suddenly heard a whump-whump sound behind them and turn just in time to see a large white dragon with glistening scales swoop down and land heavily on to poor Vexus, the much smaller brass dragon having no chance as its little head was smeared across the stonework.

The heroes, despite being nervous about attacking a bigger dragon, were spurred on by the death of Vexus and attacked. The bard bravely rushing up to swipe at the beast with his rapier. The dragon responded by tearing into the minstrel and leaving him bleeding on the ground .

The heroes tried to spread around but the dragon was still able to catch a pair of them in the cone of its icy breath, freezing them into unconsciousness. Thankfully the remaining heroes were able to do enough to drive the dragon off before it could cause more casualties.

The heroes grabbed their injured allies and ran for cover, seeking somewhere to lick their wounds. They headed up the west avenue finding it led to a side road where they could see the dead bodies of human workers the dragonborn had been using to search through the ruins.

Once they were all back on their feet they continued to search the area, find some religious paraphinalia and another terrified kobold. Eventually able to calm it down, they head back to the plaza and decide to explore the darkened opening the drakes emerged from. Discovering the darkness only seemed to cover the first ten feet of the chamber beyond, they pushed onwards ….

That was were we left it as time had once again run out.

Thanks to all of the players (an eight person table!) an of course to Tabletop Tyrants for hosting as usual.

Dungeon Father Gaming – Remnants of the Past part 1

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This Sunday past saw seven intrepid heroes start our latest “mini” campaign set in the Critical Role campaign setting of Tal’Dorei.

The heroes had been invited to the guildhouse of the Relic Seekers of Stilben, a group of historians, antique collectors and traders led by Artenn Gitelle, a late middle aged human male, expensively dressed with long straight white hair and an eye patch over his left eye (think, Lucious Malfoy with an eye patch). He wanted to hire the heroes to seek out a missing group of the guilds archeologists that were bringing some collected items from Westruun back to Stilben. The journey shouldn’t have taken more than ten days and it had already been double that since they last messaged as they left Westruun. They’re group consisted of around four archeologists with half a dozen hired guards and a cart. Artenn and the guild were offereing 100 gold pieces for the return of the archeologists and another 100 gold pieces for the collection of items.

The heroes accepted the job with the agreement of some addition trail rations and set off along the Silvercut Roadway. As they travelled they came across a pair of travellers, one a weasely looking human, the other a burly chap with more than a little orc in his ancestry and what looked like a hump under his cloak. The heroes waylaid the pair, intrigued why they travelling so late and alone. The weasely fellow was quick to anger, and just as quick to die. The orcish one was easy to talk out of fighting further and dropped the sack from under his cloak that they had mistaken for a hump and the heroes convinced him to be on his way. Searching the sack and the corpse they found five oilskin wrapped packages in the sack, each containing a sticky clumping powder (not dissimilar to damp brown sugar) and upon removing the armour from their fallen foe a brand across his back. The rogue in the party recognised it as the mark of the Clasp, the continent spanning thieves guild. Taking the packages they rolled the corpse off the roadway into the swamp.

After another day or two of following the road and they came across the broken remains of a cart at the roadside, along with the remains of the guards. Most of them showed stab wounds and several small puncture marks but one of them looked like he had been bitten in half and only the top half remained. The rangers in the party surveyed the area and found tracks leading into the swamp and led the party after the raiders.

It wasn’t long before they came across some ruins and noticed several creatures waiting in ambush. Bullywugs attacked using blowpipes and spears. One of the rangers created a fog cloud which kept some of the amphibeans from being able to attack (but also covered their escape) and the party were fairly easily able to deal with the remaining ones before following the fleeing bullywugs back to their encampment.

The rogue and one of the rangers took up positions on the two crumbling stone towers while the rest of the party approached the dry ground between the murky water pools, their surfaces broken by the heads of more bullywugs and disturbed by something larger moving beneath the surface.

The sleep poison on the bullywugs blowdarts was causing more than a few problems but as the heroes began to get the upper hand the water churned as a large frog like creature with three eyestalks on top of its head and a pair of wicked looking tentacles coming out of its shoulders., burst forth.

As the heroes fought both bullywugs and this other abomination it wrapped its horrid tongue around the bard, dragged him to its fanged maw and promptly swallowed him! The paladin invoked her magic to empower her strikes and made the beast fear her and it dove once again back into the murky waters out of sight.

This freed the heroes enough to be able to deal with the remaining bullywugs while the swallowed bard continued to fight on from inside its stomach. As the last frogman fell the large beast shrugged off its fear of the paladin and burst forth once more but now the heroes were able to concentrate their attacks all together and take it down, freeing their bardic friend from its guts.

Heavily damaged the heroes searched the encampment finding the gear the archeologists had been transporting along with a bronze buckler shield which they discovered had some abjuration magic about it. They also found the archeologists journal, detailing the “hidden hoard” from which these samples had been gathered. The heroes hid the rest of the items under the remains of the ruined hut and all took refuge atop one of the towers to rest and recuperate during which they decided to follow the journal and investigate the hoard rather than return straight to Stilben.

Next morning they headed back to the road and continued westward towards Westruun and the tip of the Summit Mountains. During the journey they encountered a small group of Dragonborns, warily approaching the group they conversed. The Dragonborn were looking for some friends, archealogists, that had been working on a dig site with them. The heroes were a little wary and told them they hadn’t seen them and wished them well with their search.

A few days travel and they broke away from the road, following a trail winding up the side of one of the mountains to a ledge with four cave openings. The first was too small even for the dwarf to squeeze through and the rangers saw that cart tracks led towards the third one so the party followed them.

The cave led about thirty feet into the mountainside and then had a steep drop off of about forty feet deep down to a worked stone chamber sporting draconic style decoration. An archway led deeper in before opening into a larger chamber with rasied ceiling supported by pillars carved with dragons curled around them and five stone doors leading from it.

The heroes began opening the doors, the first looked to be some sort of waiting room, the second was partitioned by iron bars and a gate forming some sort of cell, skeletal remains laying beyond the bars. The heroes got past the locked gate and investigated the remains but found nothing sinister about them. The third door opened onto a long corridor ending in another stone door but the heroes chose to investigate the fifth door before delving deeper. The fifth door revealed a room full of corpses! The paladin was sure they weren’t undead and examination revealed they had been killed by multiple stab wounds, it also revealed a stone box covered in draconic runes in the corner.

The bard could read draconic and read the runes, “Death will come to whoever opens this box”, the dwarf ranger asked it was safe to open and the bard said yes so he opened it, and the room exploded with magical flames! Several members of the party were left unconscious by the blast and after using the magic at their disposal to revive them the party examined what was left in the box, sadly just charred remains of robes.

Having taken such a hard blast and being low on their resources the party agreed to take refuge in the smaller reception room, and that was where we ended the session.


I’m still here, just about

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Wow, I hadn’t actually realised just how long its been since I last posted on here – August! Cripes!

So what’s been happening that’s kept me too busy to post? Well, we had the preparation and planning for the new season of Adventurers League which is going immensely strong still. Out of the 9 tables we’re currently running at the store I’m Dming 4 of them. We’re running (mostly) the Waterdeep Dragon Heist adventure, and though with the changes to Adventurers League a couple of the tables have dropped to “normal” play theres still a good strong AL presence.


As I’m running 4 tables I decided to use of the villians for each table. The games have been running since mid-September and going really well, but I haven’t blogged the stories as it could still contain too many unintentional spoilers for my other tables.

We also ran another charity D&D event in December in aid of Dementia UK, this time we had permission to run one of the interactive multi-table Epics, which tied in to the Waterdeep story arc too. It was a blast with 4 tables vying for fame (or infamy) in the streets of Waterdeep while helping or hindering (mostly hindering) the other tables.

We raised £140 this year which means over the last two years we’ve just nudged over the £1000 point. We’re hoping to do some more in 2019, possibly picking a different charity this time around.

I was also happy to have had the opportunity to do some more playtesting towards the end of the year along with several of my local players, testing out a specific level of Undermountain for the (now available) Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

But, I’m hoping to be posting a little more regularly now that life has settled down. While it wont be campaign log posts I’m hoping there will still be some D&D content, along with some 40K content as I plan on getting a few more games in this year.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – falling by the wayside

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So I have fallen way behind in my posting of our gaming sessions, partly because not wanting to spoil things for the other tables playing through it at the store and partly due to being more excited for the coming story arc – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

We have about 2 sessions for each of my tables left so I will try and post a summary once we finish.

Both Team Zorbo and Team Chwinga are currently in the Tomb itself and both are facing the challenges head on. WIll they succeed and defeat the Death Curse, who knows.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Its good to be King

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Apologies once again for the lack of updates, I have been extremely busy arranging, preparing and organising not only our fortnightly AL games but also the Rrakkma event day game too. So here is a brief catch up of the adventures of Teams Zorbo and Chwinga.

Team Zorbo

Using the AL rules for between session spellcasting services they were able to un-petrify the barbarian and went back into the shrine only for the cleric to succumb to the petrification! Thankfully they were able to find a cure in the session but the cost of which was making a deal a powerful npc that may or may not come back to bite them in the future.

The hero’s continued their search of Omu and the Shrines and also had a run in with the King of Feathers which resulted in one of them being devoured by the massive beasty before it moved off to digest its meal.

While they really wanted to hunt the King down they knew they had a mission at hand and focused on recovering the puzzle cubes. They also had another encounter with the insane tabaxi Bag of Nails and this time thanks to quick spellcraft were able to kill the  crazy cat man.

They soon realised that at least one of the cubes was in the hands of the yuan to and so headed up towards the entrance to the snake mens lair beneath the former palace of Omu.

Team Chwinga

The hero’s continued to search Omu and encountered the froghemoth at Kubazan’s shrine. They also ran afoul of a visit from the King of Feathers to which their ranger companion fell and was devoured.

They came across what seemed to be a ruined camp belonging to the Red Wizards but decide to leave the remains alone and search onwards.

They were victim to an ambush from Bag of Nails and chasing after the cat followed his tracks, narrowly avoiding a concealed pit trap but then the paladin failed to jump across and fell into it anyway. Continuing to follow the cat tracks they came across a greenhouse, while the cleric collected some fruit the swashbuckler decided to start destroying the vines, only for a pair of assassin vines to take exception to this and attack. Having taken a bit if a beating they decide to leave the cat alone and get back to looking for the cubes.

Unfortunately the wizard’s hackles were up and when he realised a pair of yuan ti were watching he chased them through the back streets until he caught up with them as they entered a wide clearing between buildings and a dozen of their allies! However one of them held up his hand to forestall hostilities and announced that Ras Nsi wanted an audience with them. The hero’s warily agreed.

In the meeting they find that Ras had the missing cubes and wanted the hero’s to enter the tomb and destroy the soulmonger as he too was suffering the curse. If they did so he would guarantee their safe exit from Omu afterwards.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – The good, the bad, and the what the hell is that

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Apologies all, I have been lax for the last month in keeping this recount updated. So here is an albeit brief update of the last two sessions of both teams progress within the lost city of Omu.

Team Zorbo

Encamped in the former sleeping den of the dinonychus’s the party rested but during the night they heard a massive “whump” as if a large beast had dropped its bulk to the ground heavily. Deciding that investigating in the dark would be too dangerous they waited until morning. Rising with the light they made preparations and stealthily made their way back to the larger broken open chamber. As they entered they could see the rear end of a massive dinosaur before them, blocking the exit to the outside, the beast seeming to big to enter the chamber fully and still at slumber. The heroes rushed it and ferociously attacked, with weapons, spells and everything at their disposal.

Until their druid called a halt, realising that the target of their assault was already dead. Investigating they discovered not the King of Feathers they expected but the remains of a large tyrannosaur, apparently left for later consumption. The heroes (wisely) decide to continue their explorations.

They come across another shrine, which Orvex identifies as dedicated to Wongo. Inside they solve the puzzle but then have to face a group of Su-monsters, their psychic screams assaulting the party over and over, but the heroes prevail, emerging from the shrine with another puzzle cube – however they emerge to find Orvex and Salida kneeling on the ground surrounded by a group of armed men led by four figures in red robes.

These prove to be Orvex’s previous employers who also seek the cubes in order to get to the source of the death curse and an uneasy alliance is arranged with the youngest of the wizards accompanying the party. They east towards what they suspect is another shrine, finding it guarded by a group of crocodiles, while most of the party get across easily one of them falls in the deeper water and is confronted by a giant crocodile. The party is eventually able to overcome it, though the young female wizard makes a remark that she could have made things much easier if they had let her.

Entering the shrine they identified it as being dedicated to Papazotl. Inside they were wary of the statuary and the barbarian pre-emptively took their heads off. Once they solved the puzzle of the shrine they waited eagerly as the pedestal rotated but sadly no cube was forthcoming.

Moving on they headed past the waterfall in the northeast end of the city, here they all saw a vision of a black sphere of energy swallowing the city but as it posed no threat they paid it no heed and continued on towards a triangular structure they believed to be another shrine. As they approached they saw grung of different colours on top and in front of the shrine, unfortunately the ranger (despite being able to speak grung) must have done something to upset them and were quickly under attack by the amphibians.

The grung atop the structure peppered the party with bow shots, while those on the ground attacked the paladin and barbarian with a young hadrosaur  beside them. The battle was short but brutal as the ranger was slain by the arrows and the paladin lost consciousness. The barbarian was forced to retreat carrying her injured companion and leading Salida and the young wizard to safety. The grung did not pursue.

While looking for suitable hiding place they find a camp hidden within a building, and shortly after its owner returned, an old tabaxi. He shared his meagre camp with them and even offered to take a turn on watch. Unfortunately he had poisoned the meal and during the night the effects were felt, while the rest of the party fell ill, elderly Orvex died from it. The young wizard said that she could make him still useful, and proceeded to reanimate his corpse. With no sign of the treacherous tabaxi they returned to Nangnang’s shrine but there was no sign of the grung around. Inside it was full of treasures and they recovered another puzzle cube.

Moving on they then came to the shrine of Oba’Laka, exploring they discovered two magical pools and eventually a chamber with the cube and a statue of a human wizard. The barbarian grabbed the cube and they ran for the exit, but unfortunately just before they reached the exit to the shrine she turned to stone and the cube disappeared …..

Team Chwinga

Their new companions introduced themselves as Artus and Dragonbait, although Artus did all the talking as Dragonbait seemed unable (or unwilling) to communicate in any verbal form. They were adventurers searching Chult for something and agreed to assist the party for a while. They all headed for the nearest shrine, Oba’Laka’s, and encountered the magical pools and stature (see above) and lo and behold, their barbarian too was turned to stone. They did manage to recover the cube though and dragged their petrified companion out with them, only to be confronted by a group of armed men and red robed wizards. After a brief but intense discussion the wizards agreed to do what they could for the barbarian (restoring him to his normal form) but the party must retrieve another cube for them from a shrine to the south, to ensure they complied one of the wizards (a middle-aged woman with a shaved head) would accompany them.

She led them to the edge of the rift with steam rising from where the waters of the flooded section emptied into the lava filled chasm below, with a column of land some sixty foot out into the lava and a shrine situated upon it. The heroes decided that rather than keep to their bargain they would try to push the mage into the lava … unfortunately it didn’t work and combat ensued. Five on one odds were not in her favour so she decided to try and take as many of them with her as possible and dropped a fireball at her feet. Being an Evoker she was protected but unfortunately it wasnt as powerful as she hoped and the heroes survived the blast and made short work of her. Aware that the her companions may well have heard the blast they regrouped and ran for cover.

They too came across a helpful tabaxi, and took refuge in his hiding place; and they too were poisoned by him. Next morning amidst much cursing of the tabaxi they headed out and investigated the shrine of Unkh. Here they retrieved another cube and then as they came out were attacked by a gigantic dinosaur, though this was not the one they had previously seen within the palace area. This beast was as large but massive chunks of its flesh were torn, rotting or missing. As they heroes began to fight against it a large slab of its flesh tore away and dropped over the ranger, trapping him within it. The wounds the heroes inflicted seemed not to bother it, but then the dwarven cleric held forth his holy symbol and commanded the beast to be gone and lo and behold it turned tail and sped away. The heroes did not give chase.

Crossing the river that bisected the city the heroes were shot at and looking back they saw briefly the grass head-dress of the tabaxi. Rather than chase after they decided to continue onwards. They came to another shrine, the depictions showing a large leopard creature with snakes coming from its shoulders. inside they found statues and some sort of fighting pit. Entering the pit triggered the appearance of a quartet of terracotta warriors. The heroes fought against them, the ranger rushing back upstairs to the ground level to then hang from the bars and shoot at the warriors, but they then all turned, surrounded him and beat him to a lifeless pulp. The remaining heroes finally managed to defeat the warriors and placed their bronze spears in the statues hands and released the cube …. but there was no cube!

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Big trouble in little Omu

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Team Zorbo

With almost half their party suddenly missing (unable to make the session) it was looking grim for the remaining heroes as the clay warriors continued their assault, but thanks to the barbarians adamantine weapon and the dwarven clerics Spirit Guardians they were finally able to overcome the guardians of Shagambi’s shrine and place the bronze spears in the statues hands to release the puzzle cube – though not before the paladin was slain by one of the guardians.

Tired, battered and bruised the heroes decided to take refuge within the shrine for the night, and as the ranger was keeping a careful watch he spied a lone figure staggering through the night towards them but unaware that it was being stalked by a dinonychus. Just as the predator was about to pounce a massive dino appeared as if from nowhere and ate the smaller one in a single powerful bite before disappearing just as suddenly.

The staggering figure approached the shrine and was revealed to be the lone survivor of a group of adventurers (our fallen paladins next surrogate, also a paladin). Thankfully the rest of their night was undisturbed and the next morning amidst torrential rain they continued to explore, heading northward along one of the main avenues towards another of the shrines Orvex had identified for them.

This one was dedicated to I’Jin and had an entrance tiled with animal designs. It took the heroes a little while to work out the puzzle of the tiles but they were eventually able to do so and recover another of the puzzle cubes without too much trouble.

Continuing north they spied an overturned cart with several floral tributes laid before it, as they watched a group of small humanoid plants brought fresh garlands and placed them reverently. After the strange plant men walked away to the east the heroes approached and investigated. After a few moments a chwinga appeared, despite offering it food as they had before it seemed to want more flowers. A quick search revealed a flowering plant in what remained of a nearby garden but as the barbarian and paladin approached to pluck a flower it released a cloud of spores and the barbarian began to attack the paladin. Even after the plant had been destroyed the barbarian continued to fight on for a few minutes until whatever strange effect wore off. Returning to the Chwinga with one of the flowers it scuttled under the cart and returned with a stone covered in markings. Orvex was excited to read it and after taking a rubbing was sure he could use it to assist him in translating further inscriptions they could come across.

Eager to get a further lay of the land they continued north to the large amphitheater they had previously seen from afar, arriving to find it a carrion house with discarded remains of several animals, dinosaurs and humanoids. While Salida and Orvex hid amongst the stone stepped seating the heroes delved into the tunnels cut into and below them. The smell was worse in here and from up ahead could be heard the sounds of animals sleeping in slumber.

Image result for sleeping raptor

Investigating the discovered a small group of dinonychus slumbering in a dogpile. The heroes didn’t hesitate and dispatched the sleeping dinos without respite or remorse. Continuing through the tunnels they found a larger one that looked like it had been broken into from outside the far corner and something large had excavated the interior to suit its needs. Thankfully whatever had done so wasn’t currently here so the heroes had a good nosey around, discovering some quite nice loot in the process. Deciding that it would best to face the rooms occupant when they were better rested they retreated back to the dinonychus’s room and had Orvex and Salida join them while they settled into an uneasy rest…….

Team Chwinga

The yuan-ti began firing their bows at the party, and the party were taking hits but with the barbarian charging into melee and the wizard blasting his arcane energies the three snakemen were dealt with. Investigating what they were guarding revealed a sloping tunnel ending in a massive double door with several large holes at the bottom. The heroes deduced that the snakemen could use these to travel through in snake form and the warlock took on a gaseous form to pass through and investigate further. Beyond the door he found more of the snakemen and a side tunnel. Heading down it he came to a room with a stone altar designed to collect the blood of sacrifices. Not wanting to be in the tunnels when his spell expired and he returned to his normal form the warlock returned to his companions.

Aware that they didn’t want to tackle more of those snakemen the party decided to head through the remains of the palace ruins to its southern side where the kobold had marked off another of the shrines on their map. As they did so they were attacked by another snakeman, this one was alone though and apparently a spell caster as he enabled himself to fly up out of reach of their melee weapons. Thankfully their ranged attacks and own spells were enough to bring him crashing back down.

Image result for mind whisperer

Continuing past the centre of the former palace they could see what remained of the central spire, some fifty feet or so across, as well as a massive dinosaur who’s tail was one side while its head was clearly visible on the other!

They rapidly agreed they did not want to tangle with so huge a beast and quickly tried to hide in the nearby ruins, but unfortunately their efforts the creature did spot (or hear) them and charged into them.

The wizard tried to run through its legs and get behind it, only to have its massive tail smash him into the ground and unconsciousness. The monk wisely decided to find a hole and hide in it. The barbarian charged up a broken staircase with a loop of rope, leaping off and hooking it over the beasts horned nose – and then it disappeared! In a puff of smoke it was gone, reappearing a short distance away and chomping down on the dwarf cleric, the holy warrior snapped up in the massive jaws.

It was then that a pair of figures came racing out of the ruins, a scruffy looking human holding what looked like a ball of ice, and what appeared to be either a lizardfolk or dragonborn but clearly neither wielding a wicked looking blade. The human blasted the dinosaur with the icy ball and the other slashed into it with its blade. The impacts causing it to drop the dwarf from its maw. It must have decided the meal wasn’t worth the trouble as it turned northward and quickly outdistanced the heroes, who were wise enough not to give chase.

Using potions and spells they brought those that fallen unconscious back to awareness and turned to the new arrivals ….

 Image result for dragonbait