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I’m still here, just about

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Wow, I hadn’t actually realised just how long its been since I last posted on here – August! Cripes!

So what’s been happening that’s kept me too busy to post? Well, we had the preparation and planning for the new season of Adventurers League which is going immensely strong still. Out of the 9 tables we’re currently running at the store I’m Dming 4 of them. We’re running (mostly) the Waterdeep Dragon Heist adventure, and though with the changes to Adventurers League a couple of the tables have dropped to “normal” play theres still a good strong AL presence.


As I’m running 4 tables I decided to use of the villians for each table. The games have been running since mid-September and going really well, but I haven’t blogged the stories as it could still contain too many unintentional spoilers for my other tables.

We also ran another charity D&D event in December in aid of Dementia UK, this time we had permission to run one of the interactive multi-table Epics, which tied in to the Waterdeep story arc too. It was a blast with 4 tables vying for fame (or infamy) in the streets of Waterdeep while helping or hindering (mostly hindering) the other tables.

We raised £140 this year which means over the last two years we’ve just nudged over the £1000 point. We’re hoping to do some more in 2019, possibly picking a different charity this time around.

I was also happy to have had the opportunity to do some more playtesting towards the end of the year along with several of my local players, testing out a specific level of Undermountain for the (now available) Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

But, I’m hoping to be posting a little more regularly now that life has settled down. While it wont be campaign log posts I’m hoping there will still be some D&D content, along with some 40K content as I plan on getting a few more games in this year.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – All reptiles great and small

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As I noted last time, Team Zorbo had their session pulled forward so this post is just an update on how Team Chwinga fared in their last session.

Team Chwinga

As our intrepid band exited the shrine of Wongo they spied an Ankylosaurus wandering up one of the streets of Omu, suddenly a larger dinosaur (bigger than anything they had previously seen) lurched out of a side street and lunged at the ankylosaur, taking a massive bite out of it. The smaller dino died instantly from the savage assault and the bigger beast then simply disappeared in a cloud of mist.

Understandably shocked by this the heroes chose to head east through the rain-soaked streets. As they cautiously made their way they spot what used to be some kind of bazaar and decide to check it for any left over goodies. As they search around they discover a crude crossbow trap. After disabling it they search more thoroughly and discover a hidden trapdoor leading to an old cellar below. Below they find a cluster of kobolds, despite the leader having some spell casting ability the heroes quickly overcome them but keep the leader alive or questioning. Having found nowhere else better suited they decide to spend the night in the kobolds cellar.

Next day the weather hasn’t improved but they information they got off the kobold leads them to another of the shrines in the flooded section of the city. As they approach they can see a number of crocodiles lounging around the entrance and after finally realising the water wasn’t as deep as they originally thought they engaged the reptilian guards, and that was when their momma turned up – a giant crocodile. A short but brutal fight ensued but the heroes weathered it and then entered the shrine of Papazotl. There was a statue with an inscription which the mage was able to read thanks to his comprehend languages ritual, and then they had some hilarity in finally working out the puzzle.

Image result for crocodile

Needless to say they were eventually able to recover another of the puzzle cubes and then they chose to push on south towards the wall encircled palace area. As they got nearer they could see a sloping tunnel entrance leading under the ruins of the palace, with dozens of snakes around it. The dragonborn swashbuckler tried to sneak forward to investigate but unfortunately a trio of the snakes were not actually snakes as they transformed into humanoids with snake-like features and snatched up the weaponry they had secreted nearby and engaged the heroes.

And that was where we left off as time had once again beaten us.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Paths of the Righteous

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Session 4 for both my tables and both pick up at the cliffhangers we let at …..

Team Zorbo

Cautiously entering what they hoped was the final chamber they easily spot the arcane trap and using the information they had from last session are able to get two of their number up the pillar to retrieve the item. However the downward climb triggers one of the traps with “shocking” consequences.

Having taking quite a beating from the various traps in the ancient structure they decide to camp for the night in the former commanders tent. During the night they hear a strange noise and a couple of them investigate but all they find is a strange-looking totem pole, leaving it alone they return to camp only to have their rest disturbed again by a group of axebeaks looking for their missing fledgling. The fight light the flightless birds is short-lived.

Waking in the morning they discover that their canoes have been stolen, apparently by goblins if the tracks at the shoreline are to be believed. Begrudgingly they break camp and continue on foot along the shore towards Camp Vengeance.

They run into a Flaming Fist patrol, who demand to see their exploration permit. Looking to their guides who simply shrug, the dwarf cleric prepares to pay the cost and receive a permit but the barbarian pre-empts this by attacking the patrol leader. The mercenaries and their dino’s put up a fight but eventually are left dead in the jungle.

The evening before they expect to reach Camp Vengeance they hear the cries of a baby deeper in the jungle. Investigating reveals a pair of strange monkey like creatures in a tree which, having lured them close enough hit them with a blast of psychic energy wich leaves the barbarian stunned. Thankfully the rest of the group aren’t too far behind and the creatures are chased off with guided bolts (killing one).

Next day they reach Camp Vengeance and approached the gates …..

Team Chwinga

Bursting through the dark jungle came an Allosaurus, but not a living one, a zombie! The heroes had quite a brutal fight on their hands but were victorious. Next morning they continue their journey, though the triton ranger decides to take a swim in the river, and contracts throat leeches!

With the weather getting worse as they travelled along the river’s edge they came to an area where the ground had been washed away into the river uncovering several buried bodies. As the party investigated them they arose and attacked. Despite the unsure footing the heroes quickly put the undead back in the ground from which they came from.

Using the river as a navigation aid they continue through the jungle and come across a group of Chultans apparently tearing a triceratops apart with their bare hands and devouring it. The cleric is fairly sure their not undead, just very strange, and each has a blue triangle on their foreheads. The group tried to sneak past unnoticed but one of them unfortunately made just that little bit too much noise and the strange groups attention focused upon the party. After a very brief battle the heroes burnt the corpses (just in case), and asked their guide if she knew who they were. Eku told them that there were many small nomadic tribes surviving within the jungle, she did not know them all. The cleric examined the blue triangles and thought they were reminiscent of the mark of Dendar the Night Serpent, god of the Yaun-ti.

Continuing their journey they eventually reach the remains of Camp Righteous, and begin their exploration of it before heading into the large stone structure while Eku waited outside.