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SAMCRO’s trials within the Hecate gate

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So over the past five month’s I have been taking part in the latest of the All Scars annual narrative campaigns – The Hecate Gate.

Basically our forces have been sucked into a demi-plane by Tzeentch and Khorne and are being forced to battle to prove ourselves worthy of facing the final guardian (Magnus) and escape via the Gate.

We formed teams amongst ourselves and I was in team WAAC (Win At All Costs, because its entirely the opposite of how we play). My goal for this campaign was to face as many people that I hadn’t played before as possible or failing that opponents I have a good laugh with.

Game 1 was against David’s Blood Angels, now in 7th edition I had a good track record against the Sanguin Sons however this did not prove so against the brutality of David’s assault.

Game 2 was another imperial force, Crimson Fists run by Adam. This was one of the most fun, relaxed and enjoyable games of 40k I’ve played in ages, and the sneaking a win by 2 points  made it even better.

Game 3 was another first, facing the Ultrasmurfs of Matthew, bouyed by my success against Adam I was brought rapidly down to earth as Matthew’s helblaster entrenched forces ripped me a new orifice. Great fun though.

Game 4 was Blood Angels once again, this time my annual throwdown with Patrick. He brought a Blood Angel and Lamenters force while I fielded my Black Legion with a Thousand Son allied battallion. It was exceedingly close and Patrick thought he’d just managed to secure a draw when I destroyed his leviathon in close combat and reminded him of the Objective card I’d held since the first round to score a point for destroying a unit in assault – sneaky 1 point win to me.

Game 5 was yesterday and was against another of my favourite people to play Dave C, usually I face his Ultrasmurf’s but this time I faced his Thousand Sons. Chaos on Chaos! It was a brutal, fun-filled game with both of us having equal amounts of amazing and dire dice rolls in good measure. Dave came back hard in closing round but the mission conditions granted me just enough points for a 7-5 win.

Another of the fun parts of this campaign was the fact that its the first one I’ve not been involved in running myself, so all I had to do was play my games and enjoy. Huge thanks to all my opponents and Andrew for organising a great campaign – thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Photos from yesterdays match

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My army list for yesterday.

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Chaos – Questor Traitoris) [23 PL, 488pts] ++

+ Lord of War +

Renegade Knight [23 PL, 488pts]: Meltagun, Reaper chainsword, Stormspear Rocket Pod, Thermal cannon

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [128 PL, 2399pts] ++

+ Flyer +

Heldrake [10 PL, 185pts]: Baleflamer, Heldrake claws, Mark of Tzeentch

+ No Force Org Slot +

Gametype: Matched

Legion: Black Legion

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Land Raider [19 PL, 367pts]: Havoc launcher, Mark of Tzeentch, Twin heavy bolter, 2x Twin lascannon

+ HQ +

Abaddon the Despoiler [12 PL, 240pts]: Warlord

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour [8 PL, 139pts]: Combi-flamer, Force stave, Infernal Gaze, Mark of Tzeentch, Weaver of Fates

Chaos Hellwright [8 PL, 142pts]: Flamer, Infernal axe, Mark of Tzeentch, Soulburner pistol, The Eye of Night, Voidcutter

+ Elites +

Helbrute [7 PL, 145pts]: Helbrute plasma cannon, Mark of Tzeentch, Power scourge

Chaos Terminators [14 PL, 297pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Chaos Terminator Champion: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Chainfist, Reaper autocannon

Rubric Marines [14 PL, 273pts]: Icon of Flame
. Aspiring Sorcerer: Force axe, Warpflame Pistol
. 4x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 4x Inferno boltgun
. Rubric Marine w/ Soulreaper cannon: Soulreaper cannon
. 4x Rubric Marine w/ Warpflamer: 4x Warpflamer

+ Fast Attack +

Chaos Bikers [9 PL, 169pts]: Icon of Wrath, Mark of Khorne
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Meltagun
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Meltagun
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Combi-bolter
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Combi-bolter
. Chaos Biker Champion: Combi-bolter, Power sword

+ Troops +

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 167pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. 7x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ heavy weapon: Autocannon
. Marine w/ special weapon: Plasma gun
. Aspiring Champion: Bolt pistol, Power sword

Chaos Cultists [9 PL, 108pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. 12x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun
. 12x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Shotgun

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 167pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Aspiring Champion: Bolt pistol, Power sword
. 7x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ heavy weapon: Autocannon
. Marine w/ special weapon: Plasma gun

++ Fortification Network (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [6 PL, 110pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Legion: Black Legion

+ Fortification +

Skyshield Landing Pad [6 PL, 110pts]

++ Total: [157 PL, 2997pts] ++


D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – update on the teams progress

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Despite my best intentions I found that I have been exceedingly lax in keeping these updated on my two tables progress through the Tomb of Annihilation, so here is an update on how the teams are getting along.

Team Zorbo

The team was greatly motivated to help the Order of the Gauntlet at Camp Vengeance, while those with healing power tended the sick the others were tasked with recovering the fishing nets. Unfortunately the laden nets had gathered the attention of a giant crocodile also and there was an altercation which resulted in the dino-shaped druid being dragged along in the reptiles mouth as it sought deeper waters. Eventually it decided to seek out less violent meals and released her.

Leaving Vengeance they decided to look for Vorn (having been given information from Wakanga in Port Nyanzaru) and found the immobile Guardian in the jungle. following a trail they discovered Yellyark but activated the launch feature. They then spent a couple of days trying to track the mobile village (unsuccessfully as the goblins felt threatened and kept on the move) before deciding to get back “on mission” and headed to Mbala.

The druid in the meantime had been visited by one of the sewn sisters and is now slowly losing health due to the nightmares. They sought information from Nanny Pupu who agreed to tell them what she knew in return for them dealing with some pesky pterafolk on the cliff edge of Mbala. Despite losing their tortle companion due to falling the 1600 feet to the floor below the rest of the party were able to defeat the pterafolk and drive off the remainders and Nanny told them that the most direct way to stop the nightmares was to kill the hag causing it.

The party then headed towards Oralunga in search of the sage rumoured to be there (and because the crazy guy in Port Nyanzaru had told them to seek out the sage), during this trek they came across a curious clearing. a single fir-tree grew in a shaded glade covered in snow (though it wasnt cold) and it had several red baubles on it. Approaching they found a Chwinga and made friends with it by giving it mayonnaise (from the Alchemy Jug), in return it allowed them to take one bauble each (a Potion of Healing from my Level Up DM Quest reward).

They found Oralunga and despite a little squeamishness gained entrance to the top of the ziggurat and the sage, getting some answers to their questions and a suggestion that there may be something to the south that could speed their journey.

They eagerly set out that way and reach Ataaz Kahakla, cautious about the large skeletons in the gorge they eventually find a way across (travelling a little out of their way to do so) and eventually coming across the wreck of the Star Goddess and Captain Amelia Smollet (I played her as the captain from Treasure Planet and being a Tabaxi), helping the stranded crew to cobble together a smaller craft capable of making it to the coast in return for a lift.

Departing from the sky sailors they follow Musharib’s directions to find Hrakhamar and set about completing their promise to aid the albino dwarf liberate his home from the fire newts. And that is where they currently are.

Team Chwinga

Despite a slow start Team Chwinga have made much progress in the intervening sessions. They overcame the trials and traps of Camp Righteous, visited Camp Vengeance where having several members of the order amongst them put them in good stead and they were told there was a missing patrol that had headed towards Mbala in search of the wise-woman there. The Dragonborn Swashbuckler also received a visit from a sewn sister and had begun losing health when he slept.

Reaching Mbala they found that there was some form of barrier preventing their guide, Eku, from entering the village so she made a meagre camp while they explored the ruins. Here they found a trio of figures gardening beside a hut and discovered them to be zombies of the missing Order patrol. After destroying them they met Nanny Pupu who calmly told them she made them from corpses she found, probably killed by the nearby pterafolk, she invited them in to share her stew while they talked. The half-orc barbarian was happy to accept but most of the party chose not to partake. That night when the swashbuckler was on watch back at their camp he saw a foggy mist cover the ruins and in the swirls could see ghostly forms of the former inhabitants going about their daily business. He chose to sneak back towards Nanny’s hut could see no sign of Nanny.

However the garden was all disturbed and just as he realised the earth had been moved from underneath he saw a hand out of the corner of his eye reaching for him – a very, very big hand! He ran back to the camp and roused his companions. They faced the creature, a flesh golem created from the amalgamation of the remaining patrol corpses and were eventually able to defeat it, and decided that as Eku had said, Nanny was not a creature of goodness. They returned to the hut but she was not to be found. Behind the hut they found a short set of rough stairs leading to a chamber with a large black iron cauldron of bubbling green liquid (despite having no heat source below it). They tipped it over, flooding the floor with the acidic fluid which reacted with the stone floor to give off noxious gas but thankfully they got out mostly unaffected. Here they saw Nanny before them just laughing at them, they tried to attack her but something else was attacking them, something unseen. Once they were able to land a blow on the laughing Nanny they discovered that it was an illusion.

Finally the monk managed to get his blanket over the invisible assailant which allowed the rest of the party to target it easier and they finally killed Nanny Pupu. This was able to then release the ghosts of Mbala and Eku was also able to finally enter the village. As they had done as she had asked she agreed that she would now lead them to Omu for free as agreed.

They began to make good pace as they continued south, encountering some zombie girallons on the way but being able to overcome them. They also found what looked to be an abandoned stone shrine, mostly intact, and chose to use it for an overnight camp. Examining the pictographs with Eku’s help they were able to see they told the story of Ubtao and the Nine Trickster gods, the dragonborn chose to beseech these gods/spirits of Chult saying that he was devoted to stopping the death curse and aid the people of Chult just as they had done in the past but he couldn’t do so if he succumbed to the death curse himself because of the hags draining his life. Amazingly, come morning he appeared to be free of the draining effect and the nightmares.

Continuing south they begin to reach the rising ground and the jungle teems with danger.


All Scars Damnation narrative campaign – rounds 2 and 3 so far

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60030102012_BlackLegionENG01Well a lot has happened since our initial landings in the city of Vogen, especially within our own alliance.

Our Night Lord allies have turned on us, ambushing the Orks as they passed through his territory to attack the Dark Angels and also sending a strike force to “assist” an eldar attack also against the Orks in Snipers Alley. The Orks lost both those games and were forced to retreat to the palace.

The Demon-kin located a gate to the Damnation cache and attempted to enact a ritual to open it but were thwarted by the Eldar, while also taking a few more sectors in the west of the city and engaging the alliance known as the Cavalry (more imperial lapdogs).

My own forces haven’t fared well since our impressive start to the campaign. In a retaliatory strike the Tau (now in an alliance with Eldar) struck into the western gardens and fought my troops off (riptide variants, warp hunters and other shenanigans – I don’t think anything actually got out of my deployment zone!).

While I sent other troops to capture the railhead areas, which were then intercepted by Imperial Guard of the Cavalry and Inquisition troops of the Allies of Inconvenience. We played a fun mission with random deployments and randomly generated turn order. I had Typhus leading a force of zombie cultists backed up with a warpsmith led force of defilers and a character helbrute. With the zombies able to respawn on a 4+ I caused many headaches for the two Imperial forces but at the end of the day the Guard won out, securing both parts of the Railhead for their alliance.

The following round of orders saw us gain reinforcements in the form of new KDK player Matt. I was attacked once again in the Palace Gardens, eastern section this time, by both the Dark angels and Inquisition of the Allies of Inconvenience.

We agreed to go large, 4k for me and 2k for each of them as they were allies. They let me choose the mission and despite setting myself an improbable task i went for the “Kill em All” mission form the Black Legion book. No objectives (primary or secondary) I have to wipe the enemy out or lose. We agreed no Super heavy/LOWs, and no Forge World. The mission also meant that I would recycle units once they were completely destroyed – reminiscent of the old Meat Grinder missions myself and Gary (running the Dark Angels) liked from years ago.

I decided to take another Black Crusade detachment. Terminator Lord with squad of termies, 3 squads of CSM, squad of havocs, large squad of Raptors joined by a Sinistrum Sorcerer, 3 warpsmiths leading units of mutilators and oblitorators, another smith leading the defiler-helbrute combo, and a pair of heldrakes.

It was a hard-fought game but once my foes decided to not wipe units out if they could help it, it became an uphill struggle. After four intense rounds we called it (time was pressing, we could have squeezed a fifth but we honestly agreed that I wouldn’t kill enough to do the job in one last round), so I lost the other side of the Gardens too.

Both of these games were so paced and intense that I don’t have pictures I’m afraid.

I still have one more battle to play this round, also against Gary’s Dark Angels, as I struck out to capture Building 235 from Imperial Hands. We’ll see how that goes.

Away from the table things are still heating up, with the revelation that the “opposing” imperial alliances have struck some sort of non-aggression pact. The Orks don’t care what happens to the city as long as “dem gitz don’t get it” so are rumoured to have been proposing a “us v them” policy to all non-imperials.

All we can be sure of is that in the Grim Dark of Vogen’s future – there is only War!

All Scars Damnation narrative campaign – Planetfall

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The All Scars are kicking off this years narrative campaign with a bang!60030102012_BlackLegionENG01

We will be playing an updated version of the Cityfight campaign based upon the siege of Vogen. Myself and Gary have played this campaign a few times in the past and it’s always been a blast, with plenty of the locations offering up highly narrative elements in addition to those that the players might introduce themselves anyway.

Rules and information can be found on our newly made wiki site, which all players can access and update for themselves as the campaign progresses.

My SAMCRO Black Legion have joined an alliance with fellow dark lords, Jon, with his Night Lords, Edd, with his Khorne Demonkin, and Simon, with his Orks. We all seemed to get reasonably close on the random deployments (though my Legion did receive a cryptic message to divert due to hostiles being in my original flight path). Once planetside everyone was able to make a round of orders, the Forces of Damnation (our alliance’s name) decided to strike hard.

The Orks attacked nearby Eldar, the Night Lords struck out to capture the Spaceport and engaged Dark Angels, while myself and the Demonkin tag-teamed a pair of Tau cadres holed up in the nearby Palace.

The campaign also allows for random events too, Edd was able to topple an Imperial statue and uncover a relic blade (which he gave Jon to use in return for utilising Jon’s Feel No Pain upgrade from holding a specific location), while I had an interesting risk reward option – in my upcoming battle any unit entering via deep strike could take straight armour saves, failure meant death regardless of number of wounds, but success meant they could assault on the turn they arrived.

We were going to play a 2 v 2 game, 1000 points each, no LoW’s/Super heavies. The others didn’t want to fight a cityfight mission so taking my optional rule into account I suggested the Speartip Assault mission from the Black Legion supplement.


I really wanted to try out some of the new (before Traitor’s Hate was released) formations, and worked out a list using the Black Legion Warband but I didn’t think it fit thematically. Then Simon suggested taking terminators and I looked at the other formations before finally deciding on this:-


+ Abaddon’s Speartip (991pts) +

The Bringers of Despair (420pts)
··Abaddon the Despoiler (265pts) [Warlord]
··Chaos Terminators (155pts) [Bringers of Despair, Mark of Nurgle (18pts), Veterans of the Long War (9pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Terminator Champion (50pts) [Combi-melta (7pts), Power Fist (10pts)]

The Chosen of Abaddon (571pts)
··Chaos Terminators (137pts) [Veterans of the Long War (9pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Terminator Champion (50pts) [Combi-melta (7pts), Power Fist (10pts)]
··Chaos Terminators (137pts) [Veterans of the Long War (9pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Chaos Terminator (39pts) [Combi-melta (5pts), Lightning Claw (3pts)]
····Terminator Champion (50pts) [Combi-melta (7pts), Power Fist (10pts)]
··Sorcerer (160pts) [Additional Mastery Level (25pts), Burning Brand of Skalanthrax (30pts), Force Stave, Spell familiar (15pts), Terminator Armour (25pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)]
··Sorcerer (137pts) [Additional Mastery Level (25pts), Combi-melta (7pts), Force Stave, Spell familiar (15pts), Terminator Armour (25pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)]

I selected to have everything deepstrike on turn 1 (as per the mission special rules) and when Edd rolled and seized the initiative it looked grim for the Tau.

With the force split into 3 parts (character and termies in each) I placed where I would like them and to the Tau’s horror none of them scattered. Rolling for their armour saves (from my random bonus rule) I lost 2 terminators from Abaddon’s group.

With the only psykers on the board we had free rein, and I used psychic scream to destroy the enemy ghostkeel. The Shooting and Assault phase saw my units decimate the Tau ranks, taking the heads of both of their warlords in the first round and securing 17 VP’s. It was not looking great for the greater good. With my forces either locked in combat or drawing the tau fire, Edd’s demonkin were reasonably clear to advance, but to be honest most of the fight had gone out of the Tau.

After five rounds of battle the final result was 24-11 to the Chaos forces, and the Tau forced out of the Palace as it was their only territory.

It could have all gone horribly wrong as my 12 man army was worth a massive 15 vp all on its own to them, but only gave away 7 in the end. While they remembered the Palace bonus of giving them 3 buildings/ruins with upgraded saves, they totally forgot their own bonus rule allowing them to deploy a number of Sentry towers with automated multi-lasers.

I didn’t remind them of this until after the game, and also waited till then to remind Lee that he’d totally forgotten about a unit of infantry he’d deployed in front of a building (where he couldn’t see them from where he stood) and hadn’t used them all game. Ooops!

With the next round of orders and battles imminent I expect our alliance shall come under heavy fire as we have quite a swathe of occupied territory across the middle of the campaign map and enemy factions on all sides.

Since we have all been requested not to post these reports until the closing date for the Planetfall round, the Traitors Hate supplement has dropped, and I can’t wait to try some of these formations out in upcoming games.


Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 2 – Firesweep v Eldar

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BLThis past weekend saw the Leicester All Scars assemble once again at Tabletop Tyrants for our narrative campaign – the Punic Wars.

This was stage 2 and we would be fighting a Cities of Death battle using the Firesweep mission and the special Tactical Objective cards given for them. My Black Legion forces would be attacking an Eldar craftworld under the command of Alastair, and we had agreed on 1500 points with no Lords of War (but anything else was ok).

Knowing I was to be playing a cityfight style game I thought it best to have “boots on the ground” and so thought I’d take the Thousand Son’s contingent of my force.

Hathor, a level 3 sorcerer of Tzeentch with the added bonus of the Eye of Yuranthos (to make him level 4) would lead 3 5-man units of Thousand Sons, each with an aspiring sorcerer and an Icon of Flame (4+ inv save, ap3 bolters with soulblaze, whats not to love). These would be backed up by 2 10-man squads of Chaos marines with the mark of Nurgle, each led by an aspiring champion (power sword and melta bombs), and containing a flamer and an autocannon.

Now I know what your thinking, there’s no “heavy hitters”, well my Heavy Support choice was a Land Raider Proteus, complete with the ark of unnameable horror, warpflame gargoyles, pintle multi-melta and the Mealstrom Raider legacy to grant it Outflank.


I won the roll off and chose to deploy and go first, unfortunately Alastair seized the initiative and his first turn proved deadly – taking out not only my warlord but the unit of thousand sons he stood with too! The other pair of Sons units also came under heavy fire but some survived.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a brutal 7 round battle all I had remaining was the proteus on 1 hull point, while the eldar still had their farseer, dark reapers, a few jetbikes and a wave serpent. Final score was 16-4 to the eldar. A well planned and executed plan by Alastair (those spears with ap3 attacks are marine killers!) led to a well deserved win.

Chaos may be falling behind in the war for the system but thankfully the Imperial forces in general have also taken a severe kicking.

Stage 3 wont be until the New Year but already the banter between players is starting, especially with the opportunity to “call out” opponents. I’m hoping to face our Ultramarine player, Dave, as I’ve only had the opportunity to  play against him in either small skirmish/kill team, and we both have a reputation for being the unluckiest dice rollers in the club.

All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 3

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BLToday was stage 3 of the Leicester All Scars campaign, the Vordrast Incursion, and I was facing off against the Ulthwe Eldar of Dave Dolman.

Throughout the campaign so far we have all been adding to the narrative, this round being no exception and so Dave and myself came up with added consequences for the loser.

If Eldar lost they would be cut off from their wraith units for the next battle.

If Chaos lost they would be cut off from their psykers for the next battle.

My list selection for this battle focused upon the use of soul blaze even more than usual to tie in with our narrative.

++ Chaos Space Marines: Supplement – Black Legion (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1991pts) ++

+ HQ (470pts) +

Kalek, voice of the Protean – Dark Apostle (130pts) [Bolt Pistol, Gift of mutation, Mark of Tzeentch, Power Maul, Sigil of Corruption, Veterans of the Long War]
··Rules: Beseech of the Dark Gods, Champion of Chaos, Demagogue, Independent Character, Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War, Zealot

Vobeskhan – Daemon Prince (340pts) [Close Combat Weapon, Last Memory of Yuranthos, 3x Mastery Level (become Psyker), Power Armour, Spell familiar, Tzeentch, Wings]
As my warlord he got the Eye of the Gods, for his psychic powers he had Force, Firestorm of Tzeentch (Primaris), Doombolt, Warp Speed, Smite, Sunburst (from the Last Memory)

+ Troops (450pts) +

Bullhorns – Chaos Space Marines (225pts) [Heavy Bolter, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, Meltagun]
··Rules: Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War
··Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Melta Bombs]
····Rules: Champion of Chaos
····Power Weapon [Power Maul]
··9x Chaos Space Marine [9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Boltgun]

Skulltop – Chaos Space Marines (225pts) [Heavy Bolter, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, Meltagun]
··Rules: Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War
··Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Melta Bombs]
····Rules: Champion of Chaos
····Power Weapon [Power Maul]
··9x Chaos Space Marine [9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Boltgun]

+ Fast Attack (379pts) +

Heldrake (170pts) [Baleflamer]
··Rules: Daemon, Daemonforge, It Will Not Die, Meteroric Descent

SAMCRO – Chaos Bikers (209pts) [5x Chaos Biker, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, 2x Meltagun]
··Rules: Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War
··Tiggs – Chaos Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs]
····Rules: Champion of Chaos
····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

+ Heavy Support (692pts) +

[FW] Chaos Fire Raptor Gunship (275pts) [Armoured Ceramite, Dirge Caster, Hellfire Missiles, Hull-mounted twin-linked Avenger bolt cannon, Warpflame Gargoyles]
··Rules: Deep Strike, Independent Turret Fire, Infernal Relic, Strafing Run
··Reaper Autocannon Batteries [Maelific Ammunition]

Chaos Predator (172pts) [Dirge caster, Extra Armour, Havoc Launcher, Lascannons, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Warpflame gargoyles]

Defiler (245pts) [Daemonic possession, Power Scourge, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Warpflame gargoyles]
··Rules: Daemon, Daemonforge, Fleet, It Will Not Die

We both agreed on no night-fighting, the roll for planetary instability gave us severe lightning storms (though aside from almost wounding a wraithguard this did little else). I won the roll for deployment and chose to deploy second.

Dave set up across the board with his wraithknight on my left flank, so when I set up everything went to the right flank and to add insult to injury I proceeded to seize the initiative too.

My first round started well, predator taking out the falcon and forcing his firedragons to begin walking, and a well placed cannon shell taking out some of his guardians, setting the survivors ablaze and pinning them scoring me 2 early vps (first blood and psychological warfare). Dave’s response wasnt as brutal, taking out one of my bikes and reducing the pred to 1 hp but the cards were nice to him and he leapt to a 4-2 lead.

Round 2 saw my fire raptor scream down into the centre of the battlefield and begin chewing up more guardians and taking out the wraithguards wave serpent. My DP used his powers to inflict more soulblaze the guardians much to Dave’s chagrin. My bikers were eager to get in on the action and following jinking last turn their shooting at the fire dragons wasnt effective, so assault was next. The dragons took another one out with overwatch but my hammer of wrath took their exarch (though this then denied my issuing my challenge to score a vp with Hungry for glory), the remaining dragons failed to wound the bikers and champion Tiggs unsheathed his power sword and took their heads.

Dave’s forces decided that was enough and started on me in earnest, his wraithguard decimating Kalek and squad Skulltop before the wraithknight finished them off. His swooping hawks dropped in behind my defiler hoping to catch it off guard but its power scourge put a spanner in the works and only a lone hawk limped away from the combat while the undamaged defiler picked feathers out of its claws. With dice luck abandoning him it was only fair that the cards were on his side as he pulled further ahead to an 8-2 lead!

Round 3 and my heldrake still didn’t show up, but I had the fire raptor zoom off into ongoing reserves. My DP continued to spread soul blaze goodness around but did suffer a wound from Perils in the process. The bikers swooped around the rear of Dave’s warlock (all that remained of one guardian unit) and riddled him with bolter fire. The defiler, having had no luck so far damaging the wraithknight decided to drop a cannon shell on its smaller brethren, obliterating them. Finally the cards had been nice to me and I got one for the objective I was camped on.

Dave had Eldrad, Asurmen and a squad of Avengers disembark and along with his remaining 3 guardians they tried to shoot my DP down. At the end of the shooting phase they had reduced him to 1 wound but he passed his grounding check and grinned evilly at them. The score remained at 8-2.

Round 4 and my heldrake and raptor turned back up, drake failed to wound as he vector struck the knight, but then both bore down on Eldrad’s unit. The bikers risked driving into the trenches to secure another objective (but lost another member to a dangerous terrain test). The DP positioned himself for good effect, catching several members of Dave’s infantry in his sunburst (and again inflicting soulblaze on the survivors). The aptly named avenger bolter cannon thinned the ranks of the dire avengers and the baleflamer took out the rest, leaving Eldrad, Asurmen and a lone guardian. The Raptor also used one of its turrets to take out the last wave serpent too. At this point all the eldar had left was the his trio of infantry and the knight, but that could still be enough.

Dave’s round finished off the pred but little else, though with the knight holding an objective as well this gained him another 3 vps. Score stood at 10-9.

Round 5 and as no other target would present itself the heldrake vector struck the last guardian as it zoomed off the table for another pass. The raptor switched to hover mode and swung around to a better firing position. The DP flew towards objective 5 in the hopes of landing next turn and claiming it. Psychic phase saw Eldrad getting fried. Shooting saw the raptor shredding Asurmen with high velocity slugs and finally wounding the knight. It was getting too close to call on the points and I wanted that knight dead.

Dave finally shot my DP down, taking him to 12-9. If the game ended now it would be light side win, he rolled…….and we continued to round 6!

Well the heldrake continued its lack of ability to scratch the wraithknight, as did the defiler, so it was all down to the raptor. Its missiles depleted, it was avenger bolter cannon and reaper turret batteries only, but with the eldar behemoth on 1 hp it would be close. The barrels whirred to life, throwing metal slugs with wild abandon….. and finally the knight fell! With the raptor in hover mode it could claim the objective I had 2 cards for and my bikers claimed linebreaker bringing me to 12 vps – thankfully with no eldar left on the board it counts as a darkside win though.

This was one of the closest games I have played and Dave is a brilliant guy to play against, my soul blaze shenanigans once again proving his undoing.

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Crusaders of Light and Dark – Rnd 3

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BLThis weekend saw the third round of our Crusaders of Light and Darkness 40K campaign down at Tabletop Tyrants. The missions this time was The Scouring and I was facing another new opponent, Joe, with his Guardians of the Covenant space marine army, and we had agreed on 2000 points.

I actually made two possible army lists for this game as another of the dark side players had a model for me and I wasnt sure whether to include it or not – though after seeing the model I knew I had to include it. So this was the list I took:

1997 pts Black Legion Roster (Primary Detachment)

HQ (393pts)
Daemon Prince (230pts) Daemon, Fearless, Veterans of the Long War, Close Combat Weapon, Gift of mutation (10pts), Power Armour (20pts), Tzeentch (15pts), Wings (40pts)
Warpsmith (163pts) Champion of Chaos, Independent Character, Master of Mechanisms, Shatter Defences, Aura of dark glory (15pts), Combi-bolter (3pts), Power Axe, The Spineshiver Blade (30pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)

Elites (465pts)
Helbrute (110pts) Crazed, Multi-melta, Power scourge (10pts)
Possessed (355pts)
Daemon, Fearless, Fleet, Vessels of Chaos,  Icon of excess (35pts) Chaos Rhino (57pts) Repair, Combi-bolter, Dirge caster (5pts), Havoc Launcher (12pts), Searchlight, Smoke launchers, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
9x Possessed (261pts) 9x Mark of Slaanesh (27pts) Possessed Champion (2pts) Champion of Chaos, Veterans of the Long War (2pts)

Troops (594pts)
Chaos Space Marines (248pts)
9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Meltagun (10pts), Meltagun (10pts), 9x Take a CCW (18pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts) Aspiring Champion (38pts) Champion of Chaos Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Weapon (15pts)
Chaos Rhino (45pts) Repair, Combi-bolter, Dirge caster (5pts), Searchlight, Smoke launchers, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Chaos Space Marines (173pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts)
Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chaos Space Marines (173pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts)
Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)

Fast Attack (170pts)
Heldrake (170pts) Daemon, Daemonforge, It Will Not Die, Meteroric Descent, Baleflamer

Heavy Support (375pts)
Chaos Predator (160pts) Dirge Caster (5pts), Extra armor (10pts), Lascannons (40pts), Twin-Linked Lascannon (25pts), Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Havocs (215pts)
2x Flak Missiles (20pts), 6x Havoc (78pts), 2x Lascannon (40pts), Mark of Tzeentch (14pts), 2x Missile Launcher
(30pts), Veteran of the long war (7pts)
Aspiring Champion (26pts) Bolt Pistol, Combi-bolter (3pts)

(My alternative list swapped the Deamon Prince for a Dark Apostle, and added a second Hellbrute).

We shuffled the scenery around until we were happy with it, rolled for deployment and got the diagonal setup. I won the roll for deployment and chose to go second. Rolling for my Deamon Prince’s gift of mutation I got a 26 giving him +1 BS, woo hoo what a great bonus for someone who can’t take ranged weaponry. Then to add insult to injury I rolled for my Warlord trait for him and got Unholy Fortitude giving him the It Will Not Die special rule – oh wait, HE’S A DEAMON and already has this. At this point I should have realised that my dice had it in for me.

CAM00688 CAM00689I held the Helldrake and DP in reserve, and deployed the 2 rhino’s high on my left. The havoc’s started in a convenient aegis line and everyone else started behind and around it.


Joe’s warlord was an Inquisitor lord who, along with his retinue of terminators had a scout move which followed by a 6 on a their first turn run move managed to get them in to combat with my predator and nearby troop unit very quickly.  The Inquisitor challenged my champion who readily accepted, reducing the imperial lackey to a single wound. Unfortunately the rest of the combat and a thunder hammer strike tore through the predator causing it to explode. The resulting explosion took out any survivors of my troop unit, including the champion, but also took the Inquisitors final wound too giving me Slay the Warlord.

CAM00690One of Joe’s flyers arrived from reserve and in conjunction with fire from the combat squads in a rhino destroyed both of my rhino transports.

Thankfully the 2nd rhino was destroyed close to one of the objectives which happened to be a Skyfire Nexus, allowing my now transportless troop unit to target the flyer with their meltaguns and bringing it crashing down upon the possessed unit ahead of them, but the insane warriors of chaos suffered no casualties from the burning wreck.

CAM00692Having suffered the attentions of the imperial quad gun the Hellbrute and warpsmith circle back behind the Aegis emplacement and the Hellbrute charges the terminators but the mighty thunder hammers tear it up.

The imperial terminators turn their attention to the remaining members of the Havoc squad, the fight is brutally one-sided and the terminators take up residence in the Aegis (and close on another objective).

CAM00693My heldrake descended, its vector strike not being particularly effective but its baleflamer lit up a combat squad of marines, reducing them to a single figure that ran screaming as it continued to burn before succumbing to the demonic flames too.

The demon aircraft didn’t much else as it became vector locked from quad gun fire and then shredded by the assault cannon fire of Joe’s 2nd flyers arrival.

1781982_10202125541354409_1454031589_nThe warpsmith targeted the terminators with his mechatendril’s flamer and meltagun but the weapons failed to wound their targets. Calling upon the deamon inside his Spineshiver Blade he was disappointed when the demonic essence fed upon him instead, yet he had committed himself to the charge and fought on against the elite imperial troops. He failed to hit them before they tore into him with lightning claws and thunder hammers. He needed to make 4 saves of 2+ (grey dice) and 2 saves of 5+ (white dice) with his fleshmetal and aura of dark glory – as you can see by this time the dice gods had truly abandoned me and my opponent could only watch in disbelief.

My Deamon Prince finally arrived from reserve, scoring a kill on a combat unit as he passed over them. Sadly the imperial scouts moved forward uncovering another Skyfire Nexus in the ruins and used it to target the flying warlord. But he survived, the snipers reducing him to a single wound. He passed his grounding test, avoiding an ignominious death. Unfortunately Joe’s remaining flyer was nicely positioned behind him and reduced him to a cloud of red mist that briefly hung in the air before falling like rain to the battlefield below.

By this point I was down to a single troop unit that was rapidly dwindling in numbers. These managed to last a round more before being utterly destroyed and Joe was able to claim all of the objectives uncontested.

Final result 19-2 to the Guardians of the Covenant (I got my second point due to downing the flyer thanks to the Scouring mission).

I had been annihilated but once again thoroughly enjoyed the game. My streak of losses continues but hey, so what. I have fun playing the game and as long as I continue to do so the results are secondary to me.

Overall the forces of Darkness managed to squeak a win (on VP’s) for the round, meaning round 4 will be the Blood of Martyrs mission with Darkness capitalizing on their success to attempt to wipe the forces of Light from the battlefield. I’m due to play another new opponent, Pete, with either his Blood Angels or Tau (gods I hope it’s not Tau).

Before that though, the All Scars have the doubles “Mentoring” event, featuring teams of less-experienced players teaming up with senior members for a day of battle and mayhem. I shall be joining Liam with his newly acquired Chaos marine army.