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All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2017 – April

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April, the time of Spring, so obviously the time of horrid wet weather – though thankfully its not been too bad so far and the few days we’ve had of glorious sunshine have even ecouraged me to get this months pledge done (I hate painting under artificial light).

So this months pledge was just a single model but one I really quite like – from the Dark Vengeance boxed set chosen squad, officially known as Draznicht of the Crimson Slaughter. I use him as a Dark Apostle in my Black Legion as I really like his pose and the power maul and am not a massive fan of the “official” model.

As always I started with a black primer, but as with a few of my recent models decided to take a leaf out of GW Duncan’s book (after re-watching how he did his Black Legion power armour) and drybrushed Leadbelcher over all but the cape. The cape got several thin coats of Calador Sky, with a Ceramite White on the trim before finally getting Bad Moon Yellow over that. Details on the backpack were picked out in Screaming Bell, the face and helmet horns had a basecoat of Rakarth Flesh, and then I picked the armour out with Abaddon Black. The head of the power maul I saw as more a badge of office than just a weapon so gave it a coat of Retributor Armour, as well as using it to pick out a couple of details on the body.

The base was simply Astrogranite as per my standard trooper bases.

The head and horns were given an Agrax Earthshade wash, then the head had a light drybrush of Cadian Fleshtone over that. The rest of the model had a Nuln Oil wash, the base rim tidied with Abaddon Black and job done.

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Some of us are about to start a Path to Glory “Call of Chaos” mini-campaign (16 players – where were all of these Chaos players previously?)  so next month I might need to paint a unit up for use in my warband for that.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2017 – March

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So this month for the Survivor Series, rather than go with something I would be needing for the annual All Scars Tournament I went with something just because I liked the models – that and the fact that I’m not taking part in the tournament this year (won’t go into it here, maybe in a later post).

So I had recently acquired some Cataphractii terminators from fellow club members Jon and Alastair and had built them up as members of my Black Legion force (hey these guys have been around since the Heresy and deserve the armour more than the loyalist Spesh Maureen’s do).

Having built enough for two squads, and used them in a couple of my Damnation battles I wanted to get a unit painted.

I kept the scheme pretty much to my normal – Black with silver trim, with one silver pad – but wanted to paint the cloth strips and one pad to represent their mark allegience. In this instance blue for Tzeentch. I had every intention of putting the ourobos decal on the blue pad and my custom made (thank you so much Mark) warband decal on the silver as normal, unfortunately both were just that little too wide to fit without looking odd.

I also did the bases in a style to match my bikes, mainly because their that much bigger than the normal 25mm infantry ones and looked a bit bare.

One note, I was over halfway through when I realised that I had done 6 men instead of 5. I will most likely repaint one with green accents for the Nurgle squad when I paint them up (maybe next month, haven’t decided yet).

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Jon has also given me a box of sprues full of spares from his other Calth sets, which I’m combining with various chaos spares for more heretical goodness.

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So that’s another month done, and even finished early. I really enjoyed painting the Cataphractii, just wish Chaos got the proper rules for them same as Loyalists do.

SAMCRO Black Legion year in review

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SAMCRO-legionAs 2016 draws to a close it’s time for the annual reflection on how my SAMCRO warband have grown and the progress they have made.

Games wise its been a slower year, only managing 20 actual games, with 7 victories, 1 draw and 12 losses. If I had to pick one that stands out it would be the opening battle of the Damnation Campaign against the Tau – they were totally unprepared for the speartip assault we unleashed against them.

Painting wise, the Survivor Series Painting Challenge was another success this year, I managed to complete all 12 of my pledges, resulting in fielding a fully painted tournament force for the majority of our annual tournament (didn’t make the results any better, finishing dead last), as well as finally completing some of my long-planned conversions and getting them painted up.

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Not a bad result for the year, bringing the tally of models for the legion as follows (I have included the cultists and their associated Guard vehicles which will eventually become an allied force of Renegade Guard, which aren’t included in last years figures in brackets):

  • Assembly Needed – 1 (5)
  • Unpainted – 174 (125)
  • Need Stripping – 3 (5)
  • Base sprayed – 145 (96)
  • Painted – 119 (74)
  • Total models – 442 (305)

The Black Legion itself has had a few improvements this year too, with a new soft cover supplement book containing new formations and tactical objectives, the Tratitors Hate book with more formations, vehicle squadron rules and alternative detachment and objectives, and then the biggest release, the Traitor Legions softback, which pretty much combined the other two into a handy single volume but now with added bonus rules including the Speartip Detachment (which I put to good use in my final game of the year against the Blood Angels).

With the Gathering Storm:Fall of Cadia coming in January 2017, you can be sure there will be a Chaos counterpart hot on its heels – hopefully 2017 will see Chaos back in its rightful place as the galaxy’s biggest threat instead of its laughing boys, though to do so we still need to get that long overdue updated codex – the new formations, detachments and Legion updates are a step in the right direction but the underlying issues of the outdated codex remain.

What are my plans for SAMCRO in 2017? Well, I want to continue getting the outstanding units painted up, I’m also planning on upgrading some of my old school (ie small metal) terminators using some of the Betrayal at Calth Cataphractii plastics. Wether that results in better gaming results remains to be seen, but if Abaddon’s boys could wait ten millenia I too can have patience.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – December

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survivor seriesWell we’ve reached the end of another year of the All Scars Survivor Series Painting Challenge and as usual its a Showcase month.

With that in mind I wanted to do something a little special for my SAMCRO Black Legion, especially since we also received the new Traitor Legions supplement this month too.

So I decided to paint the head honcho of the Black Legion himself, Abaddon the Despoiler. However, I still feel the existing metal miniature is too small compared to the newer plastic models (terminators in particular), so I decided it was time to do a conversion I’d been planning for a while.

Combining the plastic Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour kit with parts from the finecast version of Abaddon would give him the size to be comparable. Plus having used him (albeit the old metal one) in a highly succesful speartip assault against Tau (see the Damnation Planetfall) I wanted to include some tau trophies on his base. Thankfully a fellow All Scar (Hi Graham!) let me loot some pieces from his bits and pieces.

The original plan was to paint the Tau parts in the same colour scheme as my opponents of the game, but most of them were unpainted, and the scheme one of them had begun was mainly black. As I didn’t want it the same as the main model (too much black can be a bad thing I guess) I went with the standard sandy beige colour instead.

As with the rest of my Black Legion most of the details on the armour for Abaddon are picked out in silver rather than gold, it’s just my preference.

So here he is….

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All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – November

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survivor seriesAs another month closes I have scraped in my completed pledge for the All Scars Survivor Series Painting Challenge.

This month started well but then I kind of lost momentum, but managed to finish today with a couple of days spare.

I chose to paint my converted Helbrute, mainly because I really like the conversion but also because he’s seen more table time recently with the release of the formations in Traitors Hate.

Indeed, the extra pieces on his base are due to a cinematic outing in one of our recent campaign games where he merrily mulched through Imperial Guardsmen, oblivious to their krak grenades, so I included a few of their remains scattered around his feet as he looks for his next victims.

The conversion itself isn’t a major one but it reflects the weapon load out I usually give him. The base model is the Dark Vengeance one in its moderately dynamic pose (but more than one together they begin to look like they’re performing some bizarre dance routine). Using some spare parts from the bits box I swapped the multi-melta for the maw of an ectoplasma cannon so that it can be used as a plasma cannon (yes I know not as effective as the melta and it could self harm with Gets Hot), while I adapted the power claw to a power scourge using the flail ends from a defiler.

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I’m happy with him overall but honestly feel I put more effort into his base and conversion than the rest of him. A shame but it is what it is.

Next month is the finale of our challenge and another showcase month, my plan is to paint my newly converted Abaddon model, lets hope the enthusiasm holds so I can do it justice.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – October

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survivor series

Well October already, where has the year gone? Originally I was going to pledge a unit of my Thousand Son’s marines (following a colour scheme test during last month), but while attending a game session I spotted a Facebook 14407831_1211321462273593_223900966_opost on the Starbase Leicester page about a case of miniatures that were on sale in a local charity shop at a reasonable price. Myself and Jon hot-footed round there but were five minutes too late, they had closed for the day. Not to be put off I made sure I was there for when they opened for business the next morning and viola! A chunky GW carry case in decent condition, foam included (not in particularly good condition) and the models inside.

Now most are apparently from the Blackreach set of Blood Angels and of no real interest to me, but there was a Land Raider and a Predator which I quite liked the look of.

The Land Raider had been given hull mounted assault cannons, but I could just use them as count as Heavy Bolters. However the sponsons were the issue, one was a Heavy Flamer while the other was Hurricane Bolters, WTF? Thankfully another of my fellow All Scars, Jack, had a spare set of Lascannon sponsons that he said I could have so they were replaceable.

I took the opportunity to test a stripping method on some of the other Blood Angels, and satisfied in its results I’m planning on going ahead and using it on several of the Chaos models I want to strip for repainting.

These are the pictures I took whn I first opened the case.

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I also managed to swap the predators turret with Jon for a twin lascannon one, and following a session of cleaning up and adding various spare Defiler armour plates I “Chaosed” the pair up and got them primed. Then I decided to change my pledge and get the Land Raider painted up (as it would also give me a chance to use more of the excellent custom decals Mark had made for me).

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So there we have it, another months pledge completed. I’ll probably take the opportunity to add decals to another squad of my existing units like I did last month, as well as updating their bases to match the newer models.



All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – September

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survivor seriesWell September is our third Showcase month in the All Scars Survivor Series painting challenge, and with my mojo back on track after last month I decided it was time to paint one of my older models – my metal Deamon Prince, Vobeskhan himself.

I’d built him a while back and added a few bits to his base before using him in games long gone by (mainly in an old Cityfight campaign fought at home with Gary and a few others), but as the club is gearing up to start the Damnation Campaign and it is being fought in and around the same city, Vogen, I wanted to bring the big fella back into the action (also there are some nice new formations I can take him in too).

I decided to strip the base and remake it to fit in more with my current bikers and the one I did last month for the Warpsmith. So used more of the cork tile, to this I added the sandbags and spade that had previously been on his base and then using parts of zombie figures built the remains of a guardsman that hasn’t quite realised he’s dead, still reaching for his lasgun as Vobeskhan begins to stride past him, already looking for his next victim. I also couldn’t resist having his shoe (with foot still in it) discard on there too.

The Deamon prince model itself, I had already modified when I built it to have wings. Now originally the metal version didn’t come with wings, so I used some off of an old Grenadier models Nightmare Dragon. However these needed a little TLC and greenstuff to blend back into the form of the model.

I already knew he’d be in his Black Legion armour but wanted to have something other than the usual red skin tone for his hands, face and wings, so chose to do them in blue (fits nicely with the common use of Tzeentch marks within my force).

Overall I’m happy with the final result (though my wife says that the way they’re positioned with the guardsman’s mouth being open it looks “a bit wrong”, but hey, why should Slaanesh have all the fun!”.  Maybe I’ll finally get around to painting some Possessed now to join him on the blood soaked streets of Vogen to spread the mayhem and madness.

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