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Dungeon Father Gaming – Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh session 2

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This afternoon saw five brave souls facing the the next session of our Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.

The players:

  • Jon A and his triton barbarian
  • David M and his human storm cleric
  • Sarah E and her tabaxi warlock
  • Jack S and his wood elf ranger
  • Lee O and his tabaxi rogue

The heroes search the barrack room once more, finally finding a hidden door leading to natural tunnels and caverns leading down through the cliff towards the shore below.

One of the first chambers they entered had some dripping green goo which dripped onto the cleric and burned hm with acid, causing him to go unconscious. The rest of the party were able to burn it away with a lit torch while the warlock dealt with another patch on the ceiling with a blast of cold magic. While they waited for the cleric to revive the rogue snuck around the tunnels.

Once the cleric was able the stealthy (or so they thought until the warlock stumbled noisily) members advanced into the next chamber only to find some smugglers awaiting them. The fight was breif and brutal and the party were victorious.

Continuing onwards they come to a side chamber with bolts of silk and casks lining the walls, hiding behind and amongst these were 3 humans and a hobgoblin. One of the humans was a mage and quickly dropped the warlock with a viscious scorching ray. If the previous batlle had been brutally brief this one proved to be an absolute bloodbath, with the rogue, barbarian and cleric all going unconscious at one point. However as the fight continued and the ranger finally got a lucky shot off at the wizard and killed him the remaining humans surrendered. They agreed to spill the beans in return for being let go unharmed and so the heroes discovered that they were smugglers, working with unknown accomplices that left the goods in the vicinity of the manor above and then they would bring them below and take them out to a waiting ship every so often.

The heroes loaded the silks and cask into the smugglers rowboat and took it all back to Saltmarsh. receiving a reward including a weeks worth of lodging.

A few days later as they rested at the tavern a messenger enters inviting them to an audience with the town council, so they agree to go and follow him to the council chamber. Despite the lead councilman Primewater being against the idea the rest of the council offer the heroes a substantial reward to seek out the put an end to the smugglers as the towns scouts believe they have found their ship off the coast. With a little haggling they agree and their friend Mr Welldeck offers the use of one his fishing vessels and its crew to get them out to it.

After gathering a few more supplies in town the head out on the small boat, using their fishing activities as a cover. The triton decides to swim solo ahead to scout but unfortunately draws the attention of a swarm of quippers! The ferocious fish overcome the submariner but his magical armour causes his unconscious form to float to the surface where his eagle eyed companions spot him and rush to his aid, thankfully driving off the minute predators before they cause his death.

The heroes then decide to wait, take a long rest and assault the ship under cover of darkness shortly before dawn and approach from seaward.

The assault on the ship starts off very stealthily with the two tabaxi climbing on baord and securing a rope for their allies, spying a pair of crewmen standing at the opposite ship rail watching the shore. They decide to rush them and attempt to tip them overboard but these salty seadogs have their sea legs and withstand the attempt, and combat begins!

We managed the first round of combat before time once again beat us. So we shall be returning to this adventure at a later event, however just as a note the players today bought 8 charity rerolls! (most of those to survive bad death save rolls).

Looking to next month’s event, we shall be playing an adventure set in the Critical Role campaign setting of Tal’Dorei, with a Strangeness at Stillben.


Dungeon Father Gaming – Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh session 1

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This afternoon saw our inaugral session of Dungeon Father Gaming with a party starting to play the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh set on the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms.

The players:

  • Jack G playing Ned Burningmourn, a human rogue
  • Jon A playing Naxhelus, a triton barbarian
  • David M playing Ted, a human tempest cleric
  • Vincenzo M playing Wayne, a high elf wizard
  • Sarah E playing Kimiko, a tabaxi warlock

After waking up in cells for being in a drunken brawl that none of them remembered, their bail was posted by a local businessman and his butler had come to invite them to a meeting with him to discuss an “opportunity”.

The meeting was at a local manor house over a sumptuous breakfast and the businessman introduced himself as Anson Welldeck, owner of a small fleet of fishing vessels here in Saltmarsh. He explained that he wanted to help bring the town into the “modern age” and become a member of the Lords Alliance but several of the “old guard” within the town wanted to maintain the current status quo, led by the Primewater family who owned a larger fishing fleet. To aid his cause he wanted the heroes to investigate the old haunted house outside of town in the hopes of showing everyone that he was capable of “getting things done”.

Our heroes readily agreed, and with a purse of gold decided to grab a quick potion of healing (just in case) from the local quartermasters. The store was run by strangely dressed red tiefling woman, her oufit reminiscent of a pirate, who offered to sell them a potion for 75 gold pieces. Unable to bargain her lower and unwilling to pay her price the party left her and decided to try the local temple of Chauntea. The priest there was much more helpful and sold them a potion of healing and two vials of holy water for 65 gold pieces. Feeling more prepared they set off along the cliff path to the house.

From the outside it looked abandoned and dilapidated, the garden overgrown and the outerwall crumbling. They spied an old well and headed for it to check if it still worked. As the rogue wound the winch the party were attacked by a pair of large poisonous snakes. The party made hardwork of the fight and had to take a rest afterwards, during which the rogue finished raising the bucket and retrieved some coins from the well. Meanwhile the wizard walked a circuit of the house while Detecting Magic, discovering three instances on the ground floor.

Refreshed the party entered the house spying a discarded blanket in the room with a trapdoor that had tripped the magic detecton. The blanket proved to be just a normal blanket but after unsuccessfully trying lift the trapdoor with a fishing rod the barbarian just pulled it open releasing an otherwordly voice screaming “Welcome fools, to your deaths! Bwah ha ha!” Undeterred the heroes follow the stairs to the cellar below.

The long cellar had a table set for a meal, some of the food still steaming hot, several beds each with a footlocker, a cooking fire/fireplace and two doors (one of which was barred and had the word DANGER written across it). The heroes opened the other door to find a comfortably appointed bedroom. Going through the desk, wardrobe etc they uncovered some interesting books, candles and piece of parchment with some sort of code upon it. While they searched the room they heard movement back in the larger room (which had been empty?). A leather clad figure appeared in the door and was quickly despatched, the rogue then moved to check if anymore were waiting only to be downed by a bowshot. The triton summoned a sea fog to obfuscate the archer but there remained another swordsman. The heroes quickly dealt with him and prepared to face the archer as the triton dismissed the mist, but the archer was nowhere to be seen.

Bringing their thieving friend back to action they turned their attention to the Danger Door, unbarring it and looking inside. The room was littered with bones that began to coallesce into humanoid shapes. They party all agreed that they wanted none of that, pulled the door shut and re-barred it quickly. Leaving with with scrabbling noises behind them and heading back upstairs.

Keeping an eye out for the missing archer they began to investigate the rest of the ground floor chambers, beginning with the former study. Here they found a bottle holding two portions of a potion of healing (its not like they’ll need this, right?). Another room was the former library, most of the shelves were empty but someone had stacked several books near the fireplace. Some of them caught the wizards eye, being treatise on magical propertie and components by notable mages.

As the heroes entered the main hall they heard a bump from somewhere above and decided to head up to investigate – carefully!

They went past two doors to the one they thought the noise had come from, there was a key on the floor in front of the door. Carefully the picked the key up and tried it in the door, it unlocked, and they pushed the door open. A human man in his undergarments was bound and gagged on the far side of the otherwise empty room. The warlock strode forward to check if he was alright and had to rely on her cat-like reflexes to leap backwards as part of the floor gave way having rotted away. Now aware of what to look for they made their way around the edge. The man appeared to be unmoving but when they suggested stabbing it to make sure his eyes flicked open and he tried to speak through his gag. The heroes removed the gag and discerned why he was there, apparently he’d taken shelter during a recent storm but was jumped by “guys in leather with swords” and left here. The heroes freed him, lending him one of the swords they had taken from the bodies in the cellar.

They began working their way back to the landing above the hall, checking the next door. they noticed the tell tale signs of rotted floor and as they saw nothing else of interest moved on to the next door. This ones floor looked more solid, with several cobwebs and the glint of something in the fireplace. The warlock moved to investigate, instantly regretting the choice as hundreds of tny spiders descended upon her. She rapidly exited the room as her allies killed off the spiders crawling over her and blocked the bottom of the door with the corpse of the snake the barbarian had brought with him from the garden.

Crossng the landing they investigated further, finding what looked like the former master bedroom and its wardrobe, containing some useable boots and a cloak with an ivy-like pattern on it. They passed these to the guy they rescued (finding out his name was Ned) who happily put them on, only to suddenly go stiff as a board and fall over dead!

Carefully checking the body they found a mustard coloured fungus inside the robe taht seemed to have caused the death, they wisely decided to leave it alone and moved on to the next door down the corridor. This looked to be a guest bedroom, with the bed still mostly intact but nothing else of interest.

Heading to the side wing of the house they another bedroom with some mouldy paperwork that they let alone and a storage room with some spoiled laundry and a pile of clean and undamaged clothes (they deducted they were Ned’s). Further north along the corridor was a landing with a rickety looking staircase going back downstairs and a broken stair to the attic. The barbarian easily jumped up and used a rope to help the others up, a search of the attic uncovered an old porcelain doll with jade eyes, maybe still worth something. Not wanting to risk the other stairs they returned to the main hall and descended the stairs there before neading into the ground floor north wing.

The first room they opened looked like a drawing room but at the sght of all the cobwebs they just pulled the door closed and left it alone. The door on the opposite side was apparently the dining room but long since ruined and of no interest to the heroes. At the end of the corridor they opened the door into the kitchen, the cooking fire still having iron cookware hanging above it beside the stone sink. As they explored the room the cleric heard movement under the floorboards and smashed his mighty hammer into the floor, easily cracking the boards open and squashing a large centipede beneath, unfortunately the other centipedes burst forth.

While the heroes despatched the insects with relative ease, one of them did get a bite on the cleric who at first shrugged off the bite then suddenly went a sickly shade and fell to the floor unmoving. Once they had dealt with  centipedes they used one of their healing potions to revive the cleric but he still felt unwell.

Cautiosly they opened the next door to the scullery, site of the third “ping” of the wizards earlier detect magic. The magic seemed to be coming from the stairs which led down into another part of the cellar. Gathering their courage and led by the barbarian they descended the stairs, getting about a third of the way down before a spectral figure appeared below, skin pulled taught across the face as if floated arms outstretched and lurching at the party screaming maniacally as it passed through each of them. Their nerve held and as it reache dthe top of the stairs it disappeared.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs they found what looked like a wine cellar, unfortunately the bottles were all broken and the floor covered in their broken remains, they could see a door leading south which they worked out led to the chamber they had faced the swordsmen in (but they hadnt seen any corresponding door when they were in there). There was also a human male in plate armour laying motionless on the floor with a shield and sword alongside.

Examining the body it looked to have been dead a few weeks and as the cleric began to strip the armour off, maggots crawled out of the corpse and began burrowing into his shield arm! As more maggots began crawling slowly towards the heroes they smushed them to paste and realised they needed to burn the maggots out. The rogue pushed his torch into the clerics arm and dealt with the threat. Unperturbed the cleric continued to remove the armour and swap it with his own.

Time defeated us and this is where we had to call it for the session, wow, those insects etc were more dangerous than the couple of guys in the basement. the party had to keep stopping to wait for members to regain consciousness (at least three times). Level one characters are super squishy heehee.

Some of the players did make use of our chrity re-roll option, earning some extra funds towards our charity pot too.

Back from the hiatus

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Hey folks, sorry its been a while, especially for D&D related posts but I’m hoping that will be changing soon.

I’ve decided to take a plunge back into the murky waters of “Paid Dming” but this time in-person games rather than online.

With the increase in interest in D&D recently I’d noticed that 2 new gaming cafes had opened here in Leicester, offering gaming sessions (not just D&D, but that’s all I’m concerning myself with) and even had a meeting with one of them to discuss the possibilty. However as they are still in their start up stage they only want volunteer DMs.

Having given it a lot of thought, and chatted with my friend who runs pay-to-play games over at Chimera, I discussed my proposal with my boss, the owner of Tabletop Tyrants and so came up with a workable plan.

And so Dungeon Father Gaming was born, a monthly pay-to-play D&D Facebook page, where I’ll mostly be running games at Tabletop Tyrants here in Leicester but with prior arrangement considering other venues and schedules.

It won’t make me a millionaire and that’s not the intention, but it will make some money for charity and let me bring more folks to the joy of D&D.

Our first event went live and has already been provisionally booked up, I’m going to be running the first adventure from Ghosts of Saltmarsh adapted to the be in the Forgotten Realms.

So hopefully I shall be able to keep up to date with progress of the sessions.

I’m still here, just about

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Wow, I hadn’t actually realised just how long its been since I last posted on here – August! Cripes!

So what’s been happening that’s kept me too busy to post? Well, we had the preparation and planning for the new season of Adventurers League which is going immensely strong still. Out of the 9 tables we’re currently running at the store I’m Dming 4 of them. We’re running (mostly) the Waterdeep Dragon Heist adventure, and though with the changes to Adventurers League a couple of the tables have dropped to “normal” play theres still a good strong AL presence.


As I’m running 4 tables I decided to use of the villians for each table. The games have been running since mid-September and going really well, but I haven’t blogged the stories as it could still contain too many unintentional spoilers for my other tables.

We also ran another charity D&D event in December in aid of Dementia UK, this time we had permission to run one of the interactive multi-table Epics, which tied in to the Waterdeep story arc too. It was a blast with 4 tables vying for fame (or infamy) in the streets of Waterdeep while helping or hindering (mostly hindering) the other tables.

We raised £140 this year which means over the last two years we’ve just nudged over the £1000 point. We’re hoping to do some more in 2019, possibly picking a different charity this time around.

I was also happy to have had the opportunity to do some more playtesting towards the end of the year along with several of my local players, testing out a specific level of Undermountain for the (now available) Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

But, I’m hoping to be posting a little more regularly now that life has settled down. While it wont be campaign log posts I’m hoping there will still be some D&D content, along with some 40K content as I plan on getting a few more games in this year.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – falling by the wayside

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So I have fallen way behind in my posting of our gaming sessions, partly because not wanting to spoil things for the other tables playing through it at the store and partly due to being more excited for the coming story arc – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

We have about 2 sessions for each of my tables left so I will try and post a summary once we finish.

Both Team Zorbo and Team Chwinga are currently in the Tomb itself and both are facing the challenges head on. WIll they succeed and defeat the Death Curse, who knows.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Its good to be King

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Apologies once again for the lack of updates, I have been extremely busy arranging, preparing and organising not only our fortnightly AL games but also the Rrakkma event day game too. So here is a brief catch up of the adventures of Teams Zorbo and Chwinga.

Team Zorbo

Using the AL rules for between session spellcasting services they were able to un-petrify the barbarian and went back into the shrine only for the cleric to succumb to the petrification! Thankfully they were able to find a cure in the session but the cost of which was making a deal a powerful npc that may or may not come back to bite them in the future.

The hero’s continued their search of Omu and the Shrines and also had a run in with the King of Feathers which resulted in one of them being devoured by the massive beasty before it moved off to digest its meal.

While they really wanted to hunt the King down they knew they had a mission at hand and focused on recovering the puzzle cubes. They also had another encounter with the insane tabaxi Bag of Nails and this time thanks to quick spellcraft were able to kill the  crazy cat man.

They soon realised that at least one of the cubes was in the hands of the yuan to and so headed up towards the entrance to the snake mens lair beneath the former palace of Omu.

Team Chwinga

The hero’s continued to search Omu and encountered the froghemoth at Kubazan’s shrine. They also ran afoul of a visit from the King of Feathers to which their ranger companion fell and was devoured.

They came across what seemed to be a ruined camp belonging to the Red Wizards but decide to leave the remains alone and search onwards.

They were victim to an ambush from Bag of Nails and chasing after the cat followed his tracks, narrowly avoiding a concealed pit trap but then the paladin failed to jump across and fell into it anyway. Continuing to follow the cat tracks they came across a greenhouse, while the cleric collected some fruit the swashbuckler decided to start destroying the vines, only for a pair of assassin vines to take exception to this and attack. Having taken a bit if a beating they decide to leave the cat alone and get back to looking for the cubes.

Unfortunately the wizard’s hackles were up and when he realised a pair of yuan ti were watching he chased them through the back streets until he caught up with them as they entered a wide clearing between buildings and a dozen of their allies! However one of them held up his hand to forestall hostilities and announced that Ras Nsi wanted an audience with them. The hero’s warily agreed.

In the meeting they find that Ras had the missing cubes and wanted the hero’s to enter the tomb and destroy the soulmonger as he too was suffering the curse. If they did so he would guarantee their safe exit from Omu afterwards.

D&D AL – Rrakkma – multi-table event day adventure

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This weekend saw us running the Rrakkma adventure from Adventurers League in our FLGS Tabletop Tyrant. We had four tables of 6 players each for this 6-8 hour adventure.

Having organised this I must admit I was exceedingly nervous about it all going off smoothly, but I’m happy to say that aside from a few hiccups the day went better than I could have hoped.

Since the adventure showcased new monsters from the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes I didn’t have any minis or tokens for them but was able to sort suitable ones to use from my 4e collection.

One of my players took pictures throughout the adventure so I’ll reshare those here rather than go into the ins and outs of the adventure itself (also to avoid too many spoilers).

What I will say is that many of the encounters/monster combinations have a fantastic synergy – especially in the final encounter. Being able to attack one of its underlings secure in the knowledge that rather than hurt it, it will pass that damage on to all the player characters around it was hilarious. Especially when I rolled an attack against the prone cleric with advantage and got a double Crit! BOOYAH!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a brilliant days gaming with fantastic people. A massive thank you to all who took part especially my fellow volunteer DM’s (Jim, Matt and Patrick) and our hosts, Tabletop Tyrants.


Now, where shall our adventures lead us next?