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All Scars Glory Hogs – late start but taking off at a sprint

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So I’ve been a bit lax in getting my opening games played in our Path to Glory mini-campaign but this weekend saw my first two battles.

Battle 1 – playing the Pillage mission against Jon’s Khorne warband.

Jon’s warband is a beauty to behold. His models are all converted to be bestial, his maulerfiend is a converted AoS beast, and his rhinos are a gorka trukk and a taurox – added to this they are immaculately painted too – it’s almost enough to make you not want to destroy him …….. almost.

Pillage is a strange mission where you score your points at the end of your opponents turn rather than your own so takes a bit of strategic planning to hold on to those Loot objectives.

Jon took an early lead of 5-2 after the first few rounds but then my heldrake came on, and in a surprise move after its initial arrival, dropped into hover mode and moved back to sit on an objective bravely weathering a meltagun troopers fire to bring me back to a 6-6 draw.

The following round proved decisive though with many of my units finishing off his last few and his Jugger-lord failing to finish off my rhino to bring the final score to a 10-7 victory for the Rising Sons.

The Sons earned 2 Favour points and added Darhma the Azure, a terminator armoured level 2 Sorcerer to their ranks. Burdon the Warplord gained the Soulscream ability, causing fear to his enemies!

Battle 2 – modified tactical objective game (3 objectives, non-mysterious) against Mark’s Khorne warband.

Wow, this looked like it was going to be an uphill struggle as Mark had 2 land raiders, a defiler, termies, Lord, Chosen and a spawn.

Mark took the lead with lucky card pulls in the first round, and my only point coming from first blood as his Spawn succumbed to soulblaze (caused from a hit from my rhino’s havoc launcher)! 2-1 to Khorne.

Round 2 and Mark’s luck with the cards fails him but my heldrake arrives and I manage to pull a point back. 2-2.

Round 3, Mark’s termies wreck my rhino and have reduced my bikes to just the lord and aspiring champion, both our defilers are immobilised but his has also lost its scourge and I still have my warpsmith. One of his landraiders vaporises Darhma with lascannon fire but thankfully my Aspiring Sorcerer manifests a single power and gets me Harness the Warp for a point. 3-2 to Tzeentch!

Round 4 and it all starts to go wrong for Mark. His Lords raider is destroyed, his chosen are chopped liver and his lord charges into mine. Despite him taking out my aspiring champ my own lord then introduces his rectum to a power sword enema. The heldrake once again takes a cheeky hover mode and skims behind a building to not only claim a secure objective card but also “behind enemy lines” too. With Slay the Warlord this brings it to 6-3 to Tzeentch.

We did begin round 5 with Mark having his immobilised defiler shoot my remaining thousand sons but only got rid of about half, his landraider tried to shoot down my lord but his Tzeentch blessed Sigil saves him from all harm and so Mark concedes it there. My own defiler had also regenerated its HP (IWND) and had its immobilization repaired (on the second attempt) by the warpsmith.

Rolling for favour and the dice gods were truly with me – 3 Favour points!

Burdon gained a Lesser Reward in the form of an Arcane Vessel, wow, being able to heal d3 wounds if he successfully denies the witch (on top of his IWND from his Immovable Object warlord trait)!

And as this was my second battle in the same week, using our campaign house rules, rather than another new unit I got to upgrade an existing one, so the thousand son unit gained the Adepts of the Hidden Path – a once per battle teleport for a unit with ap3 bolters, 4+ invulnerable and fearless, thank you very much 🙂


D&D online campaign – Domains of Dread episode 1

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RavenloftLogoWith the release of the current D&D hardback adventure “Curse of Strahd” conversations within our group turned inevitably towards the history of Ravenloft. With it being one of my favourites I was able to supply much information including the fact that there were so many more dark domains than just Barovia, each with its own Darklord, some of which were possibly even worse than Strahd!

I offered to run a campaign for several of my friends using the latest version of the rules (5e) but running converted versions of my collection of 2e Ravenloft materials. We knew if would be difficult to get everyone together at our local store (where we play Encounters and Expeditions) with our various schedules and I also wanted to make sure that the guys that usually have to man the shop had the opportunity to play too. So we decided to run it over the brilliant Roll20 virtual tabletop and then to live stream it from one of the players points of view.

It took me about a month of preparation due to other projects but once I had things in place we were able to sort a date out to run and we were set. Despite the preparations we still had a few teething problems getting to grips with the technology (one of the players being unable to access the tabletop and audio from his tablet, resulting in his character not really taking part in the first session). Hopefully we’ll be able to sort these out in time for the next session.

We also agreed that we would run an open game rather than the Adventurers League rules version that we play for Encounters and Expeditions, this meant that not only were all player options available, but players had the option to roll their stats (roll 4d6 drop the lowest, 6 times and assign as you wish, roll three sets and pick the one you need). The only restriction being exercising my DM option to deny multi-classing. All begin at 1st level but I’m reasonably certain they’ll reach a level up quickly.

So who do we have in our ragtag bunch of misfits and miscreants?

  • Aran Swiftshout, human Ranger – Liam
  • Goragal, half-orc Barbarian – Jon
  • Odin Ironbeard, mountain dwarf Tempest Cleric – Lee (once he gets his technology sorted)
  • Odion, human Monk – Alastair
  • Solun Ryka, aasimar Bard – Tim
  • Talios Eversong, high elf Mage – Jack
  • Sun ‘o’ War, half-orc Druid – Emily


I would pre-warn you that the video/live stream will contain adult language etc so may not be suitable for everyone or for viewing in public.


We have been discussing dates for the next installment and currently have it pencilled in for Saturday 13th August 7pm (UK time), when it will once again be streamed live at so feel free to watch our continuing shenanigans.

All Scars 2016 Tournament – round 1 v Eldar

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May saw the beginning of the All Scars annual 40K tournament, with our back to basics rules set.

Tourny List v 2

13282685_10101103112281554_1296021248_oWith the newly released version of the Black Legion supplement in hand I would as usual be bringing the SAMCRO Black Legion to the battlefield, unfortunately with the tournament rule set I wouldn’t be fielding some of the cool new formations.

The random draw for round 1 was made and I was to face Andrew’s Eldar. Oh joy, the current 2-time winner of the event and so far undefeated, what could possibly go wrong?


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After losing all but 2 of my bikes to d-weapons in turn 1 (including my sorcerer) I knew I was in trouble but was determined to take as many of the pointy eared freaks with me.

The Proteus and its Chosen cargo came on turn 2 as did the heldrake which helped considerably in drawing enemy fire while setting several eldar ablaze.

The melta armed Chosen were able to finally take out the d-weapon warp hunters but unfortunately the Proteus was reduced to a hulk of scrap.

The game ran a full 6 turns and I surprisingly still had units still in play (the bastion and the squad of chaos space marines stationed within it) – final score was 18-5 to the Eldar.

The draw for the next round has been made (using the swiss system) and I shall be facing the Ultramarines of Dave C, oh this will be fun bwah ha ha.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – May

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survivor seriesThis months pledge is part of my list for the annual All Scars 40K Tournament, once again I’m taking my Black Legion chaos marines.

I wanted to field a unit of tooled up Chosen and thanks to some donated parts from my friend Jon I had several parts from the Raptor kits which included a nice selection of meltaguns. So digging through the boxes I salvaged/repurposed a handful of bodies, including a former Space Wolf which now serves as Aspiring Champion Acredo sporting his Lunar Wolf chest plate proudly.

Where I usually try to keep models within a unit to have the same helmet type (makes it easy for identification purposes) I decided to mix the Chosen up (I can then field them amongst other units as special weapon troopers of the same helmet type in other games if I like).

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The plan is to have a fully painted tournament force in time for the third round, and with this month completed it leaves my bastion and the Land Raider Proteus.

The Proteus is already primed and will most likely be my pledge for next month’s Showcase, while the bastion was bare grey plastic. However, after watching a YouTube clip my fellow chaos player Mark shared, I decided to modify it with some nurgle-like infections.

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I’ve gotten as far as a brush on coat of home-made black gesso (care of my daughter’s cosplay supplies – thank you Sophie) so might even get this done by months end.

No-one at the club as yet has noted (or commented on) Acredo’s name, I thought it appropriate for the leader of a squad of Chosen men 😉

Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 2 – Firesweep v Eldar

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BLThis past weekend saw the Leicester All Scars assemble once again at Tabletop Tyrants for our narrative campaign – the Punic Wars.

This was stage 2 and we would be fighting a Cities of Death battle using the Firesweep mission and the special Tactical Objective cards given for them. My Black Legion forces would be attacking an Eldar craftworld under the command of Alastair, and we had agreed on 1500 points with no Lords of War (but anything else was ok).

Knowing I was to be playing a cityfight style game I thought it best to have “boots on the ground” and so thought I’d take the Thousand Son’s contingent of my force.

Hathor, a level 3 sorcerer of Tzeentch with the added bonus of the Eye of Yuranthos (to make him level 4) would lead 3 5-man units of Thousand Sons, each with an aspiring sorcerer and an Icon of Flame (4+ inv save, ap3 bolters with soulblaze, whats not to love). These would be backed up by 2 10-man squads of Chaos marines with the mark of Nurgle, each led by an aspiring champion (power sword and melta bombs), and containing a flamer and an autocannon.

Now I know what your thinking, there’s no “heavy hitters”, well my Heavy Support choice was a Land Raider Proteus, complete with the ark of unnameable horror, warpflame gargoyles, pintle multi-melta and the Mealstrom Raider legacy to grant it Outflank.


I won the roll off and chose to deploy and go first, unfortunately Alastair seized the initiative and his first turn proved deadly – taking out not only my warlord but the unit of thousand sons he stood with too! The other pair of Sons units also came under heavy fire but some survived.

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After a brutal 7 round battle all I had remaining was the proteus on 1 hull point, while the eldar still had their farseer, dark reapers, a few jetbikes and a wave serpent. Final score was 16-4 to the eldar. A well planned and executed plan by Alastair (those spears with ap3 attacks are marine killers!) led to a well deserved win.

Chaos may be falling behind in the war for the system but thankfully the Imperial forces in general have also taken a severe kicking.

Stage 3 wont be until the New Year but already the banter between players is starting, especially with the opportunity to “call out” opponents. I’m hoping to face our Ultramarine player, Dave, as I’ve only had the opportunity to  play against him in either small skirmish/kill team, and we both have a reputation for being the unluckiest dice rollers in the club.

Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 1 – Planetfall v Eldar

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BLToday saw the beginning of the Leicester All Scars Punic Wars narrative campaign event. The mission was Planetfall (from the Planet Strike supplement that was in the Sanctus Reach expansion) used in conjunction with the mealstrom Tactical Cards, and I was to be the attacker against the Eldar defending the planet of Leptis Magna – a hot and acrid planet whose atmosphere causes plasma misfires more often.

I suspected that my opponent would expect me to take my usual bikes, Lord, sorceror and heldrake combination; but with the special rules the mission allowed I decided to take an entirely deep striking force led by none other than Abaddon himself!

punic 1 v 2 – my army list.

The eldar deployed along with their bastion and aegis line (with quad-autocannon) , fully expecting the roar of bike engines. But after resolving my firestorm attacks (each of which aided by ground observers and bolstered by doomfire shells to give them all soulblaze) they were surprised to see my entire force (apart from the Tzeentch terminators) deep strike on turn one – and aside from the raptors, all arrived bang on target!.

Farseer Syndra had already lost her jetbike bodyguards to the firestorm attacks and then she suffered blindness from the warptalons arrival.

Abaddon and his Bringers of Despair unloaded their weapons into the nearby wraithguard, the combined reaper autocannon and combi-melta fire utterly destroying the eldar constructs and leaving Abaddon close enough to claim the objective they had been camping on.

The fire raptor has landed on the corpses of a few of the fire dragons, opening up with avenger bolt cannon, balefire missiles and reaper batteries at the nearby eldar.

Eventually the warptalons were unleashed, and their champion screamed his challenge to the blind farseer. She responded by trying to impale him on her weapon but his demon infused armour saved him. In retaliation his lightning claws shredded the eldar leader.

The surprise assault had taken a toll on the eldar forces, but they quickly rallied. Their rage focused on the Despoiler and his retinue with four entire units bringing their weapons to bear and many unleashing D-damage on them. Even the enscorcelled armour of Abaddon couldn’t protect him from it all and he fell.

The raptors then became a target of one of the wraithlords and were quickly reduced to smoking corpses.

Next round saw my remaining unit arrive by deep strike – again bang on target (had the chaos gods blessed my scatter dice?). The raptors advanced to claim an objective and score me some points while the fire raptor banked and targeted another jetbike squad as well as the eldar flyer, wiping out the jetbikes but the flyer survived. the obliterators stood still and continued to fire at the wraithguard while they contested another objective.

The Eldar response saw the newly arrived terminators ranks thinned though a scattering D shot also took out one of their own wraithlords at the same time. The wraithguard manage to take out two of the three obliterators while the rangers wound the remaining one.

The fire raptor decides to zoom off so as to return next round. The last obliterator moves forward, blasting away at the wraithguard and then charging into them, reducing them to a single warrior.

The raptors jumpack towards the swooping hawks shooting at them and then weathering a hail of overwatch to assault them – wiping the unit out before the champion even warmed his lightning claws up.

The tzeentch terminators assaulted into the remaining wraithlord, chainfist and powerfists eventually ripping the construct to pieces and leaving the terminators close to the remaining heavy weapons battery.

As the turn ended the objective close to the obliterator and wraithguard exploded, and the shrapnel manages to find gaps in the fleshmetal and dropping the last obliterator.

The eldar flyer swooped over the board unleashing its psychic assault on the raptors and causing the remaining members to begin fleeing, the rest of the eldar forces target the remaining terminators, reducing them down to just the champion who managed to stoically pass his leadership (obviously buoyed by the heavy weapon platforms D-cannon shot scattering back onto itself and destroying itself before him).

The fire raptor returned, taking out the last wraithguard with one of its reaper batteries, then firing its other weapons at the rangers, avenger bolter cannon and reaper battery shells shred most of the eldar scouts and a balefire missile takes another one, but the massive barrage left them suffering from soulblaze which manages to finish the unit off (they pop like popcorn, just ask Dave D).

The last terminator strode forward and commandeer the quad autocannon to take a cheeky shot at the eldar flyer, taking a hull point from it.

The trio of raptors manage to rally, ready to make themselves a nuisance next turn.

The eldar wave serpents and the remaining unit of dire avengers join the last remaining two fire dragons in burying the terminator in a wave of firepower while the flyer swoops around trying to again affect the raptors with its psychic shenanigans but this time fails.

The recovered raptors jump pack up to the rangers former vantage point and try to shoot the flyer, but fail. The fire raptor takes a risk and drops into hover mode as the pilot enacts the Marked for Death stratagem and targets the dire avengers before opening up with the avenger bolt cannon and obliterating them (7 twin-linked shots, strength 6 ap 3 – there’s no such thing as overkill, just kill!), then pops one of the reaper batteries into the last two fire dragons and leaving them as smears on the floor.

The eldar flyer continues to fly around but has no target in range, but the wave serpents unload everything (including their serpent shields) into the hovering fire raptor, causing the wrecked flyer to crash (unfortunately not on top of them).

The game ended on the roll of a two and with the three raptors camping on an objective, they secured my the necessary three vp’s to tie the score.

Final Score 10-10.

An excellent result considering the carnage we had inflicted upon each other.

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Gotham gang warfare heats up.

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So a few more of my fellow All Scars have ventures into the darkened streets of Gotham recently. Edd with a Batman crew (and a developing Joker crew), Graham with a loaned Bane crew (but looking toward Ivy or Court of Owls), and this week Jack (with a Joker crew) and Jon (with another Batman crew) took to the mean streets.

First up was Jack. He was fielding Arkham Harley (renamed Haley) accompanied by a couple of Blackgate Prisoners (High Security and Mr Stikka); facing off against my latest League additions, Lady Shiva and her ninjarettes. 150 rep basic skirmish game.

Right off the bat I made a serious mistake splitting off the henchman with the loyalty tattoo from Lady Shiva (who she was meant to be protecting). This left Shiva open to attack from High Sec guy, which I know all too well is a slayer. Hayley made good use of her technique ability to knock ninjarettes to the floor – allowing Stikka to take advantage of the reduction in their defense to pound them. Before we even reached the final round I was down to just the ninjarette with a knife against all of Jack’s force and facing a 7-1 vp deficit. My first defeat in Gotham.

Jon was going to play against our friend Daniel at the same time but unfortunately Daniel was taken ill and had to head home. So while Jack went to play in the Warmachine release event Jon and I faced off.

Knowing that you don’t get much Bat for your buck, we upped the points to 300 rep.

Jon took the following.

Jons Bat Crew

He also took an extra ammo clip for both Batman and Gordon, unaware that they can only be given to henchmen. I did say he could reallocate but he chose to just drop them as none of his officers had firearms.

He would be facing

Mik LoS crew

High Security guy took the Loyalty Tattoo so he could bodyguard Ras and Shiva. Turk took an ammo clip and night vision goggles (not particularly useful in hindsight as his guns were both short range (20cm) and basic vision reaches 30cm.

Using Ras mastermind skill I added an extra Take the Lead token to the bag, but we still managed to draw all of Jon’s in the first 3 rounds.

Opening gambits netted me a titan dose for Stikk, and Ras solving a riddle for 3vps.

I think Jon had a fear of High Sec guy as his taser armed cop and Batman knocked him out and then arrested him. Though this then cost them as Shiva and Ras began tag-teaming on cops and Batsy. Even Gordon sprang forward to help the dark knight but in true villain fashion I switched my attacks to the weaker target and hospitalised the commissioner.

While all this was happening, Turk had sneaked up the other side of the block, knocking out another cop with gunfire before advancing on Alfred who was guarding my titan objective. I had a choice, split fire and target Alfred with one gun and the downed cop the other, or focus on a single target. I decided to take the Brit down. Unfortunately I only knocked him out but this allowed me to claim the Titan – for now.

As we began the final round I had 2 henchmen arrested (High Sec and Mr Stikk) and Jon had Gordon as a casualties with another cop and Alfred KO’d. I KO’d another cop and Jon was preparing to go down swinging with Batman but I suggested rather than hit either Shiva or Ras as he was very unlikely to take them out (due to losing willpower from damage and my enervating sword) perhaps he should use his abilities to skip out and claim the undefended titan counter – which he did, securing vps.

A little overkill but Ras took out another officer and we entered the recovery phase. Jon’s luck held and both his cops and Alfred recovered, denying my KO vps and contesting the titan objective to deny me more.

Final score was 6 vp to Jon (2 arrested henchmen, titan objective) to my 11 vp (2 henchmen casualties, sidekick casualty, 3 point riddle).


Wow, a brutal game. Even if he doesn’t have Liam Neeson Ras’ insta-kill ability, Arkham Ras is a monster. Spend 1SC to activate Precise Blow, coupled with Weapon Master with his sword and outnumber with his allies and you’re going to hit most targets on a 2+, then wound on 3+ (with Sharp giving rerolls) to cause 2 blood damage each hit and then steal a willpower point.

Scarecrow Talia

I’ve now purchased Talia and DKR Scarecrow for my League options so will have even more choices going in to future games, and have been toying with some crew list combo’s already – all I’ll say for now is that it’s going to get bloody!