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D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Cold Cold on the Range

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nSo I’ve let these recaps slide a little so this one will catch us up to where the heroes are.

Having arrived in Bryn Shander they awoke to find the town besieged by a dozen frost giants. Heading to the main gates with the crowds they heard the giants leader demanding the town turn over someone named Artus Cimber. No-one appeared to know who that was but the giants were adamant that they had magically tracked his blood to the town. It was then that one of the acolytes from the temple revealed that Artus was his father, but had no idea why the giants would be looking for him as he hadn’t seen his father in years.

After some persuasion by the heroes the acolyte agreed that for the good of the town he would submit to the giants and surrendered to them. As they giants dragged him into the wilderness Jack commanded Gobby to turn invisible and follow them.

Sorting supplies while the giants got a head start they set out after them. With their invisible spy feeding them directions and Lee’s goliath tracking the giants the heroes marched into the wilds of Icewind Dale.

Every so often Jack would check with Gobby as to what he could see, though the responses were “snow, giants” and occasionally “trees” so not overly helpful.

The heroes were attacked by a young remorhaz and after a shaky start were able to pull it together and defeat the beast. As they caught their breath Gobby contacted Jack to tell him that the acolyte had broken free of the giants and was making a run for it. Though he didn’t get far as the giants were carrying heavy nets.

By this time they realised that they were no where close to their quarry but did spy off in the distance a pair of frost giants heading westward and began following them. They also noticed that a bulge in the snow was also following the giants but couldn’t tell what it was – that is, until it decided to turn back and leap out of the snow at the party!


A massive yeti burst from the snow and caught Liam’s paladin off guard with its icy glare, leaving the dragonborn stunned. The beasts claws tore into the party, shredding clothing and flesh. The heroes bravely fought back but then the beast unleashed its icy breath at the stricken paladin and also caught Morgan’s halfling bar in the blast. The paladin was frozen into unconsciousness but the plucky bard was doomed!

Thankfully through judicious use of his pixie dust Jack had made himself and Jon fly and were strafing the beast with their eldritch blasts. Eventually wounding it enough for it to decide to seek prey elsewhere (that didn’t put up as much of a fight). Regrouping they took Morgan’s remains back to Bryn Shander in the hopes of getting her raised.

Arriving back in town they realised they were severely lacking in funds but Jon used his disguise abilities to pretend to be the acolyte, blagging the priests to lower the cost as thanks for the heroic rescue. Following some truly epic persuasion rolls (and equally atrocious wisdom saves from the priest) the bargain was struck, but the party was still a little short. Once again Jon used his deceitful shenanigans to visit the harper-beggar in the market who gave him some money on condition that the party deliver a letter to a colleague in Hundlestone for her.

So with Morgan back in the land of the living and having a good reason to get out of town sooner rather than later (before their ruse was discovered, as well as to deliver the letter), that was where we left it.

D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Diplomacy and Delivery

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nAs Zephyros continued to guide his flying tower northward the heroes settled into a routine. The halfling rogue happily sharing her food with the griffon she had befriended. It was while visiting the griffon that she spotted a figure flying towards the tower at speed and raised a warning to her companions (though chose to remain in the aerie – just in case).

As it neared, the remaining heroes could see it was a silver dragon carrying half a dozen armed and armoured dwarves in its claws. The heroes moved out of the tower to the cloud to intercept the incoming visitors.

While the dragon dropped the dwarves off, it continued to circle the tower (Zephyros having brough it to a halt in the meantime). The dwarves stated they were sent by Queen Dagnabbit of Mithril Hall under the auspices of the Lords Alliance to commandeer the tower.

Thankfully the heroes were able to talk the dwarves down and convince them that Zephyros posed no threat to the people’s of the Sword Coast. Satisifed, the dragon picked the dwarves back up and they were on their way once again.

Aside from a fly by from a small group of aaracockra the rest of the journey northward passed uneventfully. Zephyros lowered the tower outside of Bryn Shander and once again made a stairway of cloud matter wishing the heroes good luck before taking his leave.

It was now that the heroes realised they hadn’t brought any cold weather gear, so entering the city they made their way to the market to procure some. On the way they spoke to the Sherrif’s right-hand dwarf and got a brief run down on the lay of the land and directions to a few of the relevant places. After securing warming clothing they went and visited Sherrif Southwell, delivering the belongings and news of his now deceased kin.

The Sherrif told them if they were likely to remain in the area for a while they could earn coin hunting some of the marauding giants that had been attacking caravans and some of the other towns of the Dale. The heroes decided to go and find lodgings and ask around about the caravan raids.

They secured rooms at the Northlook, and after asking around got themselves places with a caravan of scrimshaw traders heading back to Lonelywood next day.

With the heroes spending the rest of the day and night at the Northlook that was where we left it.


D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Goblins & Gods, and Up, Up, Away!

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nApologies first of all, as I’m so late writing the previous session up its here with the latest one.


It was looking grim for the heroes, a rampaging ogre and several goblins still active while just about the only person on their side still standing was Gobby the quasit/bear. Thankfully reinforcements arrived in the form of a pair of extra players, one of which was the cleric.

A goblin from the back of the cave gave some sort of signal and the archers lowered their bows, waiting to see what the party would do, the ogre however waded in. Thankfully though the cleric was able to bring a couple of the others back into play and the heavily wounded brute was dealt with. Reviving the rest of the party they were intrigued as to why the goblin had halted the attack. Turns out she wasnt happy with being made to hunt excessively to feed the ogres which kept the goblin boss in power. She offered the party a deal, kill the boss (so she could take his place) and they could take the prisoners and the goblins would go home too.

The heroes had taken a pretty bad beating so were ready to agree to this (hopefully) simpler solution. They headed into the cave the boss used and found him with his two burly guards. The guards were easily dispatched and the boss beaten to within an inch of his life when he surrendered, offering the party the location of a glowy sword if they let him live. They agreed, and he told them it was at the bottom of a pool in a nearby cave. When they asked why he hadn’t retrieved it he looked embarrassed and admitted “can’t swim”. The cleric then decided to use his magic to brand his holy symbol into the boss’s forehead and “anoint” him as an acolyte.

Leading the creature back into the main cave the female goblin wasnt happy to see the boss, the party said that she was now in charge, she replied “not quite” and promptly shot the boss with her bow. “Now I am!”. She gathered the rest of the goblins and they set off down one of the deeper tunnels further into the darkness.

The heroes went to investigate this glowy sword. Following the tunnel they came to a chamber with a stalagmite with lots of holes in it. The goliath thrust his axe handle down a couple but nothing happened. Continuing on they came to the end of the tunnel and a chamber with a small waterfall emptying into a pool. Clearly visible in the pool was a sword, untarnished by being submerged. The tiefling warlock went into the water to retrieve it, but while he did so a large black oozing creature attacked from the tunnel they had come through.

The Goliath threw handaxes at it with no apparent effect, but eventually through their combined assaults they drove it back towards the chamber with the stalagmite and conquered it.

Realising that they were in no shape to tackle much else they recovered the remaining villagers and began leading them back to Nightstone.

En route they spied a trio of large grey skinned humanoids dismantling an abandoned cottage and wisely made an extensive detour so as not to attract their attention.

Arriving back at Nightstone they found it a hive of activity with guards patrolling the walls and workmen busily rebuilding the damaged sections. As they cautiously entered they were greeted by the leader of the Seven Snakes once more.  Despite the heroes previous misgivings he announced that all he wanted to do was help, and the villagers “elected” the Innkeeper as their new spokesperson with Lady Nandar being dead.

The heroes were given a room for the night and retired to recover and plan their next move. While they rested the Innkeeper approached them and asked for a favour. He had the belongings of some of those who had fallen and wanted them delivering to the next of kin in each case. Would the heroes kindly take one such task as he had volunteers that could do the others. After hearing the choices of destination, the heroes agreed to travel to Bryn Shander (way up in Icewind Dale) and deliver the package to Markham Southwell there.

While resting the tiefling gave the sword to the goliath, who discovered it was a magical sword that would glow if goblins or orcs were near.

That was the end of that session, we then missed a session as many of us had prior commitments, but we resumed this week….

The heroes were awoken by a commotion outside, the tiefling sent Gobby out to see what was happening, apparently a stone tower on a cloud had descended over the town and steps made of cloud were forming to lead up to it. Gobby flew up and around the tower but could see no-one. Eventually the heroes roused themselves from bed and investigated, though a few found the stairs hard going.

Entering the tower they found a single large chamber, well-lit, with an oversized tabel and chair, a pair of statues and hole in the ceiling some hundred feet above them. Descending form the hole came a cloud giant who introduced himself as Zephyros. He had been communing with other-worldly beings about the current situation and they had instructed him to seek heroes here in Nightstone and assist them.

He readily agreed to transport them to Bryn Shander in his flying tower, cutting their expected journey down to less than three ten days. The party gathered any provisions they thought they would need and they were off.

Zephyros explained that the god of the giants had broken the Ordnung, the caste system that organised giant society and thus many giants were amok. He wasnt sure why their king, King Hekaton, wasnt trying to maintain order. He lived alone in his tower aside from a group of griffons that nested in the aerie at the top of the tower.

The goliath, halfling and sorcerer asked if they could see the griffons so he took them up to see them. The goliath was satisfied so quickly returned to the “ground” but the sorcerer and halfling decided to remain and watch the creatures. The halfling even tried to feed one some of her rations, which led the creature to allow her to pet it.

The first couple of days passed uneventfully, but on the morning of the third day before the tower began travelling onwards a group of birds were seen approaching, as they got nearer they could be seen to have riders.

Four giant vultures carrying riders in pale blue/white attire landed on the cloud outside the tower. Zephyros was busy preparing to move the tower so asked the heroes to see what they wanted.

The visitors turned out to be emissaries of Yan-C Bin, and had a gift for Zephyros in return for him considering to join their efforts to “return the world to its primordial order”. Zephyros asked the heroes their opinion before using his communion to decide not to accept their offer. Disappointed they left the bag they were carrying the gift in, mounted their vultures and flew away.

The pair of warlocks both used mage hand to hold and open the bag, retrieving a pouch of sparkly dust from within. One sprinkled a pinch of it over Gobby, finding it increased his flying speed somewhat.

They couldn’t investigate further though as the tiefling and goliath were suddenly attacked by thin air!

The ensuing combat was chaotic as the other warlock used his mage hand to “feel” for the foe which they assumed was using invisibility of some sort. The goliath was taking the brunt of its attacks and was quite relieved when they were finally able to overcome it as a group. Whatever it was still remained invisible, so they pushed its corpse over the edge of the cloud.

Returning into the tower they examined both the bag and the pouch, discovering that the bag was a Bag of Holding and that he pouch contained Pixie Dust. Zephyros had no wish to keep them but was happy for the heroes to do so if they wished.

And that was where we left it for this session, the fight with the Invisible Stalker had taken rather longer than I anticipated. I honestly thought one of them would have tried puling the curtain in the foyer down over it to reveal its location but alas no. We’ll find out how the continuing journey to Bryn Shander goes next session (in a fortnight’s time).

We also had a new member take part this week, so a hello to Morgan our halfling bard, we look forward further adventures with you.

D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Arrival in Nightstone

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nFinally escaping the mists of Barovia I find myself not only transported back the Forgotten Realms but also back into the DM’s chair as we start the new story arc “Storm King’s Thunder” this week.

Down at Tabletop Tyrants we were planning on having 3 tables (2 for SKT while Jon’s table continued their adventures in Barovia), however after running a DM session 0 last week and a couple of players having to drop out due to work and other commitments we just have the 2 tables of SKT.

My table consists of:-

  • Jon – “dragonborn” warlock (his race is in question as he’s a master of disguise).
  • Liam – dragonborn paladin
  • Daniel – human fighter/cleric
  • Sarah – tiefling rogue
  • Jack – tiefling warlock
  • Lee – goliath fighter

Jon, Liam and Daniel all had DM rewards that meant their pc’s began higher than 1st level, while Jack brought an Adventurers League pc that was already level 2, the rest were level 1’s so a reasonable mix.

The heroes began a journey south from Waterdeep to Nightstone where they were looking to find work as guides/guards for the noble hunting parties that frequented the town. Travelling down the high road they reached the junction that would lead off to Nightstone they found the signpost damaged, even though they attempted to repair it they didn’t stop to investigate how it had been done and continued on to Nightstone.

Shortly after turning inland from the coast road they spotted a lone figure loping along on what seemed to be on a path that would intercept their own. Eventually they meet the individual who looks like some sort of woodsman, he introduces himself as Dendar, a ranger, and asks a favour of the party. He has an urgent meeting to get too but needs a package delivering to his friend Darthag who ran the Lionshield Trading Coster in Nightstone. The party is willing dependant upon what the package is so he opens it to show its a simple loaf of elven bread, so they agree and they each go on their way once more.

As they approach the town the church bell is ringing and the town appears abandoned. Entering over the drawbridge they find a pair of worgs in the town square and quickly despatch them. Daniel is eager to see why the bell is ringing but the majority want to deliver the package and hopefully get some answers at the Trading Coster. The place has been ransacked but they find a goblin within ramming things into a sack. Startled he attacks but stands little chance. With no sign of Darthag they head to the church with the fighter/cleric.

Most of the party simply relax on the wooden pews while the cleric, paladin and rogue advance into the rear of the church finding a pair of goblins playing on the bell rope. The first dies quickly but the second cowers in fear. When questioned he reveals that the goblins came to town to find it empty so were just helping themselves, when asked how many of them there were he said lots. The paladin thought they wouldn’t get anything more from the goblin so ran him through – but it didn’t kill the little beast and it gave out a wail, thankfully silenced by a blow by the cleric.

The party decide to head through the town to the keep in search of answers but as they walk down they divert to the windmill, curious as to why it’s still in apparent operation. As the cleric enters he sees the mill stone is still working, powered by  the vanes, but suddenly an arrow strikes from the darkened rafters above. Jon’s warlock makes himself look like the goblin from the church and convinces the pair of goblins within that the heroes will let them go if they just leave now (and since only their first lucky shot actually hit they are eager to agree). Once the goblins have descended to ground level they also convince them to go and tell the rest of their band to leave also, which they seem happy to do.

With the goblins trotting off the heroes turn once more toward the keep but the rogue spots something amiss in the pumpkin field. They investigate and find a pair of goblins wearing pumpkins on their heads (without cutting vision holes) playing hide and seek. However they both seem to have decided to hide with no-one seeking. The heroes again manage to convince them that it’s in their best interest to leave after gaining a little more information about where the goblins were from (caves to the north).

Reaching the bridge that leads to the keep they find it broken, a gap their reluctant to try leaping, but they recall seeing a couple of grappling hooks in the Trading Coster so head back there. As they come back out of the Coster all the remaining goblins seem to have found a little back bone and are waiting outside for them. However, Jon creates an illusion of a third dragonborn warrior rippling with muscles, which seems to tip the balance and the goblins scurry off. The heroes decide that it’s probably best to close the drawbridge once they’ve gone, just in case.

Returning to the bridge they use their ropes and grappling hooks to make a crude crossing and despite the tiefling warlock falling into the water below eventually all make it in to the keep. More signs of boulder damage await them as well as a quartet of town guards protecting the mortal remains of Lady Nandar. After talking to the guards they discover the town was attacked by giants in a floating castle that bombarded the town with the boulders before some of them descended and tore the Nightstone from the town square, taking back to their cloud castle and then going back to the east. The guards tell them that many of the villagers fled, probably to a series  of caves to the north, and that Lady Nandar was killed during the bombardment. The heroes agree to help the guards lay her remains to rest in the family crypt near the church.

While the guards try and mount some semblance of a watch the heroes retire to whats left of the inn, finding it damaged and a goblin with a bolt in its back. Investigating the rest of the inn they find a human woman named Kella that claims she was knocked out during the giant attack and woke to see the goblin so shot it then hid. The party seems to believe her.

Their rest is short-lived though as a guard rushes in to tell them a group of riders had approached the drawbridge. As the party investigate they see 7 riders, and their leader seems to have a winged snake on his shoulder. Many of the heroes recognise this as a symbol of the Zhentarim. They ask to be let in as they have come to offer the town their services in its defence and rebuilding. The paladin and cleric seem set against it but then decide to let them in (telling their companions they intend to lead them to the keep bridge if Jon’s warlock will use illusion to make it appear solid).

The Zhents come in and stable their horses, then head south with the party. But before they get to the bridge their leader calls a halt, tipped off by some sixth sense perhaps. The cleric in the meantime has stayed behind and has taken their horses from the stable and tried to hide them behind the small graveyard. the Zhent leader receives another of the flying snakes, which appears to have a note attached to it, telling him of the horse theft. And they begin heading back north.

The cleric meanwhile is struck by a crossbow bolt from the direction of the inn but can’t see who fired it. As the Zhents and the rest of the party arrive, he spots Kella running along the side of the inn and tries to rugby tackle her only to find as he dives at her that she was a mere illusion as the real Kella nimbly leaps down from the damaged upper floor of the inn.

The Zhents calmly agree that if the party don’t want them here then they’ll leave without further incident and are escorted back out of town and ride into the dark night.

The guards resume their watch and the heroes return to the inn.

Next morning the heroes awake. As they begin to move around they realise they can’t see any of the guards and begin to search for them in earnest. They finally find one laying on the north palisade, a broken arrow shaft sticking out of their neck. First thoughts are the Zhents but they remember that they were armed with crossbows, not bows, though the goblins did have bows…..

They don’t have the opportunity to ponder further as they notice 2 groups of figures approaching from the north at a running pace. Both groups appear to be almost a dozen orcs, while one is heading straight at the towns northern wall (where the heroes currently stand), the other is veering off and heading down the side of the town, perhaps towards the drawbridge area.

And that was where we left it for this week. Some excellent roleplaying from all involved and innovative ways to avoid combat situations so far. Though I wonder how effective those will remain to be once facing less weak-minded foes.