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Assembling the troops – the Legion revealed.

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BLOver the Christmas break I finally had the opportunity to go through my collection of Chaos Space Marines and create a basic check list of what I actually had available for when I make selections for army lists. It also gave me the chance to note where I had stored the models and the relevent painting status.

Having done so I posted to our gaming groups Facebook page and one of the other members asked for photos to show the collection, at the time I didn’t have the time or space to do so but a few days later with everyone else out I had the chance  and did so.

The timing proved fortuitous as our group organiser had just had the idea of showcasing members armies on our website.

CAM00603-1This picture shows the majority of the Legion – it’s only when I see them all out like this that I realise just how much painting I have to get through!

Currently the ranks stand at 323 models. 171 are unpainted, 60 need stripping, 53 are base coated, and a whole 35 are painted to my satisfaction.

CAM00609Part of the unpainted masses include these, still on sprue models.

Pretty much a set and a half of the chaos models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set.

This includes my third hellbrute which I intend to try modifying to have a power scourge rather than the power fist using a spare scourge from the defiler box.

CAM00604-1Speaking of defilers I have a trio of them also, thanks to an excellent trade with a fellow club member.

I really like the defiler model and find that when you place one of these on the battlefield your opponent tends to go all out to destroy it. Understandable as they can cause major destruction. The down side to this is that due to the size of the model itself it often has difficulty  finding cover from enemy fire.

CAM00605-1If your familiar with my earlier post about my army you’ll know I have an unhealthy obsession with chaos bikers. I just really like the idea that the Hell’s Angels of our time evolved into the frothing maniacs of the 41st millennium.

My scratch built Land Raider Spartan sits beside them, built off a WWI tadpole tank the beast comes in at a smidge under 13 inches long, and with the updated rules for it in Imperial Armour it can take a massive chunk out of your points allowance but the idea of it delivering up to 25 of your assault prepped troops right into the enemy’s front lines is a tempting one (or 12 terminators for added evil sauce).

CAM00608This little lot didn’t appear in the “group shot” but these are the majority of those requiring stripping in preparation of being repainted, and many need minor repairs with arms/guns missing.

It was only after I had reboxed everything and putting them back on the shelves that I realised that I left my Warpsmith on the shelf and not included him in the photos, oh well one more grey plastic model wont be missed!

Legion assembled is a pdf listing the legion as it currently stands, with their basic points cost (not including changes in weapon load outs/wargear etc) which puts the total at 8,447 pts though I’m sure that once I go through and actually set them into units recalculate everything (probably using the wonderful Battlescribe software) it will be significantly higher.

As we are now into 2014 I have resolved to get more of my models painted up and hope to achieve my first victory under the 6th edition rule set, though I believe you learn more in defeat as this makes you look at “where it went wrong” (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

With only two weeks until my next tabletop battle, I have already made an army list (though as usual I’ll probably make several between now and then before finally deciding on the first one) and once again have gone for something I havent tried before but hope that it comes together. I shall be facing the Tau forces of another of our newer club members and the lesson’s learned in my previous encounter with Tau (versus Jon in the fifth round of the tournament) will hopefully serve me well.

Warhammer 40K Club – Battle Royale

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I played in a  500pt multiplayer game event yesterday, three players drawn randomly for each of the three tables available.

Knowing I could be facing anything from Necrons to Orks and everything between, I chose to have a very basic Chaos Marine expeditionary force

  • a Sorcerer (Biomancy Smite power, no extra gear)
  • a 10 man squad of Marines (7 x Boltgun, 1 x Heavy Bolter, 1 x Flamer, 1 Asp Champ no extra gear – Veterans of the long war)
  • a 7 man Marine squad with no extra gear (veterans of long war still)
  • a 5 man Havoc squad (2 x Heavy Bolter, 2 x Missile Launchers (F&K), Asp Champ, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of long war).

My thinking was the commanders would not commit major forces to such a minor task as scouting the world below.

I was drawn on a table with a force of Angels of Redemption (Chaplain leading an Assault Squad with jump packs, tactical squad mounted in Rhino, and scouts with sniper rifles), and then the Grey Knights arrived – IN A LANDRAIDER!!!! Inquistitor Corteaz with his retinue (including 2 death cult assassins and a crusader) mounted inside the Flamer/multimelta/Twin-linked Assault Cannon armoured beast of a transport. Supported by a psyker unit.

I was going to be truly boned! I said my marines were actually equipped with paint bombs which they intended to plaster the Angels with so as to make the Inquisition believe they were also Black Legion – turns out I didn’t need to as once battle was joined we were both targeted.

Between us the only models on the board that could even scratch the Landraider were the missile launchers (on lucky 6′s) or the Chaplain with his melta bombs.

Needless to say the Inquisition made mincemeat of us, though to be fair when my sorcerer actually charged and challenged Corteaz (after my heavy bolters reduced his retinue to a single man) it was down to a psychic power granted reroll of his save to prevent my force weapon devouring his soul – right before he smashed my skull in with his thunder hammer.

While the event organiser hadn’t specified any restriction on what you could or couldn’t take for the event most of the other players were surprised that someone had actually brought a Landraider.

It must be the RPG player in me that just enjoys making a more fluff orientated force for my games rather than a hyper-competitive “win at all costs” tournament-style force.

As time was still available some of us chose to play a second game and I was sandwiched between Imperial Salamanders and Dark Eldar. Unfortunately the result was very similar as I quickly found myself getting pounded from both sides and couldn’t compete with the high initiative of the DE Archon and his retinue of witches ripped through my squad before I knew what hit me.

Dont get me wrong I had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed my day, I was just a little surprised at how competitive the world of 40k tabletop gaming had become in my several years absence from regular play.

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2 old gits and a new rulebook

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This past Thursday afternoon saw me return to the battlefields of the 41st millennium with my Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. My foe of old, Gary (Imperial) Walker, faced me with his Dark Angels Space Marine force and only one of us would be victorious.

We had already agreed on 2000 points and to play the Purge the Alien mission from the main Warhammer 40K rulebook.


My army assembles in anticipation.

We rolled off for first to deploy which Gary won and set about deploying his army, 3 squads of Ravenwing bikes with Land Speeder support, 2 tactical squads, a Vindicator, a Devastator squad, an Inquisitor Chaplain, and their leader a Librarian brother. He also had a drop-pod containing another tactical squad and a squad of Deathwing terminators in reserve.


These were to be faced by my forces of a 15 man marine squad, a 10 man assault squad mounted in a Rhino, a hellbrute, a squad of Nurgle bikers, a Landraider, a chaos sorcerer, a squad of Havocs, a predator and a Chaos Lord of Khorne with a squad of chaos terminators.

After determining psychic powers and warlord traits Gary was to go first, so I attempted to seize the initiative – and failed. And so with a cry of “For the Emperor!” the Dark Angels surged forward and the battle began.

Turn 1


The drop-pod landed right in front of my lines, disgorging its melta & multi-melta armed squad way too close to my Landraider for comfort, but failed to damage the vehicle. The Vindicator was more accurate, taking out a pair of Havocs, my sorcerer, and the ‘raiders Havoc Launcher in one shot. In response my bikers surged forward into the first tactical unit even as my Rhino flung wide its doors and my assault marines disembarked ready to rumble. My shooting proved reasonably ineffective as the ravenwing bikes and speeders jinked their way to safety. The Chaos Lord and his entourage tore into the drop pod unit in brutal close assault.

Turn 2.


My marine units came under attack from more of the ravenwing, the assault unit breaking and running after being reduced to 3 men. The Havocs look on nervously as the Deathwing teleport in using the other ravenwing’s homer as a target. Dark Angel shooting proves a little more accurate this time, as chaos marines begin to fall and both the landraider and predator lose the use of a sponson weapon each and their crews become shaken.The Hellbrute attempts to charge the ravenwing but fails to reach. The Chaos Lords unit turn their attention to the newly arrived Deathwing but the false emperors grace is with them and they pass all their saves.

Turn 3 onwards.


The Inquisitor Chaplain joins the melee with the chaos bikers as a land speeder moves into a more advantageous position.


Having chased down the remainder of a chaos squad, a trio of Ravenwing now face the coming onslaught of the Hellbrute. It tears into them with its power scourge and leaves nothing but twisted bike parts and gore in its wake. The Landraider finally finds its mark taking its misery out on the devastator squad with its lascannons, until the zigzagging speeders finally get in position and destroy it with multi-melta blasts.


The remaining member of 15 man squad “Tiggs” finally succumbs under the repeated assaults of the ravenwing. Their repeated hit and run attacks having whittled them down to nothing on the exposed left flank.


As the last of the Nurgle-blessed bikers attempts to flee, the Inquisitor Chaplain has one more question for him. He obviously doesn’t like the answer as he then proceeds to smash the defenceless biker with his crozious. The immobilized predator takes careful aim with its turret mounted twin-linked lascannon and remaining sponson lascannon, and manages to finish the landraiders job of taking out the devastators and the librarian before the vindicator returns the favour and reduces the tank to a pile of scrap.


The Chaos Lord and his men battle fiercely with the Deathwing, eventually it comes down to the Lord and 2 remaining loyalist terminators, but as I roll for another turn at the end of our fifth round the fickle dice gods deny me once more and the sole survivor of my Chaos army, its defeated leader, leaves the field of battle having suffered only a single wound himself but the bitter taste of defeat mingle in his mouth with the blood of imperial scum as he licked the blades of his lightning claws clean.

Final result was 11-6 to Gary’s Dark Angels, it was a hard battle and one that started out going my way until the dice gods abandoned me and the Dark Angels seemed to make each and every saving throw that was asked of them.

Still, it was great fun and it gave Gary and myself our first taste of the new 6th edition rules in readiness for the big multi-player battles later this month that he has organised.

A big thank you has to be given to John, Dustin and Jack who were on hand to clarify the rules and changes neither of us were sure of.

In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have bothered with the landraider or rhino, and the Lord and his unit should have focused on something other than the Deathwing (something without 2+ saves preferably). I can’t say how useful the psychic powers are as yet as my sorcerer had barely seen the light of day before being obliterated.

Well, lessons learned and I’m looking forward to putting some of them in to practice against more opponents soon. The good thing about the forces of Chaos, there’s always more of them waiting to fight another day!