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Crusaders of Light and Dark – Rnd 1

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BLThis weekend saw the first round of the All Scars narrative campaign, the Crusaders of Light and Dark, down at our FLGS Tabletop Tyrants. The battle lines had been drawn and I was to lead my Black Legion chaos space marines against the armoured might of Lee’s Imperial Guard (with Grey Knight allies). We had agreed on 3000 pts and after looking at some Forge World rules I asked if he would be willing to let me try the rules for the Dreadclaw Drop Pods. Being the gentleman he is, he agreed and so I set about putting my army list together.

I toyed with a few options, even considered having Abaddon himself lead the assault but decided in the end on the following list.

2998 pts Chaos Space Marines 6th Ed (Black Legion) Roster (Primary Detachment)

HQ (350pts)
Chaos Lord Morrow (220pts) Champion of Chaos, Fearless, Independent Character
Aura of dark glory (15pts), Bike (20pts), Mark of Nurgle (15pts), Skull of Kerngar (40pts), The Hand of Darkness (50pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts), Power Armour (10pts), Bolt Pistol, Combi-melta (10pts)
Warpsmith Otto (130pts)
Champion of Chaos, Independent Character, Master of Mechanisms, Shatter Defences
Aura of dark glory (15pts), Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, Veterans of the Long War (5pts),

Elites (321pts)
Chaos Terminators Men of Mayhem (321pts) Deep Strike, Veteran of the Long War (24pts)
1 x Heavy Flamer (10pts), 6 x Combi-melta (5pts)
Terminator Champion Opie (40pts) Combi-melta

Troops (1514pts)
Chaos Space Marines (313pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 19x Chaos Space Marine (247pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (20pts)
Aspiring Champion Tiggs (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chaos Space Marines (313pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 19x Chaos Space Marine (247pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (20pts)
Aspiring Champion Happi (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chaos Space Marines (313pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 19x Chaos Space Marine (247pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (20pts)
Aspiring Champion Chibbs (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chosen (Troops) (245pts)
5x Chosen (90pts), DreadClaw Assault Drop Pod (65pts) (Deploying the Dreadclaw, Difficult Ground, DreadClaw
Assault), Meltagun (10pts), 4x Replace boltgun w/ Meltagun (40pts), Veterans of the Long War (12pts)
Chosen Champion Ortiz (28pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-melta (10pts)
Chosen (Troops) (245pts)
5x Chosen (90pts), DreadClaw Assault Drop Pod (65pts) (Deploying the Dreadclaw, Difficult Ground, DreadClaw
Assault), Meltagun (10pts), 4x Replace boltgun w/ Meltagun (40pts), Veterans of the Long War (12pts)
Chosen Champion Rhatt (28pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-melta (10pts)

Fast Attack (305pts)
Chaos Bikers (305pts)
9x Chaos Biker (180pts), Mark of Nurgle (60pts), 2x Meltagun (20pts), Veteran of the Long War (10pts)
Chaos Biker Champion Jax (35pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, CCW, Melta Bombs (5pts)

Heavy Support (508pts)
Chaos Land Raider Spartan (330pts) Armoured Ceramite (20pts), Combi-bolter (5pts), Dirge caster (5pts), Extra Armour (10pts), Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Havocs (178pts)
3x Flak Missiles (30pts), 4x Havoc (52pts), Lascannon (20pts), 3x Missile Launcher (45pts), Veteran of the long war
Aspiring Champion Boh-B (26pts) Bolt Pistol, Combi-bolter (3pts)

Aegis Defence Line (85pts) Icarus Lascannon

CAM00590 CAM00591With others also taking up the battle, Lee and I rolled to determine deployment and got Vanguard Strike, we shuffled the scenery a little and then rolled off for who would go first and I won the choice.  With Warpsmith Otto joining Rhatt’s squad of Chosen in their drop pod, and Chibb’s squad of marines loaded in the Spartan, I deployed the remaining 2 squads of marines within reach of cover and the Havocs in  the Aegis Defence Line allowing Boh-B to man the Icarus Cannon. Lord Morrow took up position on my left flank with his favoured unit of bikers and the loaded Spartan took the right flank.

Facing me were Lee’s forces of Catachan guardsmen, with a trio of Leman Russ, a Manticore, a Chimera (loaded with a demolition team), a Sentinel, a Vindicare assassin, a squad of Grey Knights and the behemoth of a Nemesis Dreadknight. Lee’s warlord trait meant that his Dreadknight could count as a controlling unit for the game, while mine gained the ability to re-roll any Chaos Boons I might gain. We rolled the dice to determine Night Fighting and found that we were indeed using the cover of darkness – maybe my black armour would be harder for Lee’s troops to spot in the night?

We took turns placing the objectives, drafting Jon to place the final one impartially as he had popped in to say happy Xmas to us all. Lee rolled to seize the initiative but failed, so with a friendly handshake we began.

CAM00592Everything other than my Havocs advanced, with squad Happi uncovering an objective (revealed to be Nothing of Note), and Ortiz’s Chosen landing by drop-pod (albeit a little off-course).

The Chosen were eager to begin the slaughter and they unleashed their meltas at the nearby Sentinel – reducing it to a pile of molten slag. First Blood to the Legion!

The crew of the Spartan had spied the Chimera in the shadow of  a ruin and fired one of its quad-lascannons at the imperial transport. The Chimeras camo-netting protected it from one shot but the other  struck true, rocking the tank on its tracks and leaving the occupants shaken.

Lee’s first turn had his troops seeking revenge and wiping out squad Ortiz and damaging their Dreadclaw. The Leman Russ tanks rumbled forwards and killed a small handful of marines and his Grey Knight allies begin to advance. (It was only after ending his turn that he remembered that he hadn’t used his assassin).

CAM00595My 2nd turn began with reserve rolls, the 2nd dreadclaw was ready to descend but the Men of Mayhem terminators were still in the bar. With a bang on target scatter roll (much to Lee’s chagrin) Warpsmith Otto and his back-up piled out behind enemy lines followed Ortiz’s example, firing their melta’s at the nearest imperial battle tank and destroying it.

CAM00594The damaged dreadclaw took to the air and came down close to the Spartan, opening the way for Lord Morrow and his escort to rip their throttles and surge towards the dreadnight. The roar of the engines was soon replaced with that of weapons fire as the unit let loose with bolters and melta, damaging but by no means destroying the behemoth.  The Spartan tried to maneuver around the dreadclaw and managed to beach itself on a kerb (note to self, when rolling difficult terrain test DO NOT SAY “ANYTHING BUT A 1!”), but was still in a position to blast a quad-lascannon at the Chimera again (and, again shaking the vehicle and occupants).

CAM00598Lord Morrow and the bikers assaulted the dreadknight even though its might blade was practically as long as one of their rides and both sides scored telling blows.

Lee’s response was to blow up the retreating Dreadclaw though it thankfully was an off target shot at the Spartan. His guardsman took a dislike to my warpsmith and fired mercilessly at him and his unit. Thankfully his mechatendrils were able to pull “volunteers” from the Chosen to use as human shields, leaving him alone behind the enemy lines. Also the first wave of his air support had arrived.

The Grey Knights swarmed into the combat between the dreadknight and the bikers, leaving only Lord Morrow mounted but bloodied.

My turn three and I rolled to see if the Men of Mayhem were finished drinking, they were but due to a mishap with the teleport targeting system (it tried to land them on a Leman Russ) so while the tech’s on board checked the wiring, the terminator clad warriors had one more for the road.

With their ride immobilised squad Chibb’s disembarked and made for the fortifications ahead of them, taking a snap shot at the  Valkyrie as they did so. The now empty Spartan fired once again at the Chimera, this time causing it to enough damage to be unusable and causing its occupants to disembark .

This gave Otto a choice of targets, either to continue forward and tCAM00599ackle another of the imperial tanks alone or to turn and terrorise the demolitionists.  Mechatendrils whirring he spun around and fired the built-in flamer and melta, relishing the smell of burning flesh as guardsmen fell charred. Before the corpses had begun to cool he charged into the remaining troops issuing a challenge to their commander, who accepted as he stepped forth to face Otto. The commander was only a human though and the enhanced traitor marine tore him asunder with his power axe.

Meanwhile Lord Morrow continued battling the leader of the Grey Knights, with the imperial warriors blessed armour saving him from the devilish wounds of the Hand of Darkness. Unfortunately Lord Morrow’s own defences weren’t so lucky as the nemesis force hammer tore through his Aura of Dark Glory and knocked him  bodily from his beloved bike. Lee had scored Slay the Warlord.

CAM00601Lee’s third turn saw his Avenger arrive screaming across the skies above the battle between the warpsmith and remaining demolitionists. His remaining Leman’s repositioned to get better shot s at my forces, finally taking out my Spartan (along with a couple of the marines that were stood too close) and his aircraft and manticore used their devastating arsenals to good effect, reducing all three of my marine squads in size.

It was around this time that we started to hear results from some of the other battles, and it appeared that things were very close all over (apart from Patrick and Dave’s battle which saw Patrick’s Black Legion score an overwhelming 11-0 victory) and it was fast becoming clear that the outcome of our battle could be the deciding factor.  As it stood we both controlled 1 objective each and had both scored a secondary with First Blood and Slay the Warlord respectively.

CAM00602Turn four began with my terminators finally putting an appearance in and tearing guardsmen apart with bolter fire while Chibb’s led his men deeper into the fortifications to secure a 2nd objective. The squad members with the melta and autocannon took opportunistic shots at the Avenger as it passed overhead, the melta managing to knock the craft out of the sky – right on top of Chibb’s unit! Luckily no one was harmed.

Lee’s forces were able to take down warpsmith Otto, eventually freeing up the remainder of the units there and the Grey Knight forces advanced across the battlefield. Concentrated fire was able to decimate my late arriving terminators before they could make any more mischief amongst his ranks.

As we prepared to begin turn 5 we heard the last of the other results, it was a 3-2 win for the forces of light so far – the hopes of the dark forces rested solely upon the our outcome now, which considering my track record was a worrying prospect. Not only that but time was beginning to run out for us too so the pressure was truly on.

Squad Tigg’s let loose with everything they had left at the Grey Knights but once again the blessings on their terminator armour saved all of them, but one! The Havocs tried to take down the remaining air support but the Valkyrie proved resilient. Squad Chibb’s turned their fire upon the approaching dreadknight, well aware that the massive machine could take their objective away from them, and the cheers went up when lucky bolter shells finally felled the monstrosity.

Lee’s forces consolidated their hold on their objective as the Grey Knights advanced on squad Chibbs, storm bolters blazing and cutting my marines down. The lemans and manticore continued to barrage my other units, severely reducing their numbers too. By now only my Havocs were unharmed. Then the Grey Knights charged into the remaining members of squad Chibb’s, with their numbers lacking they fell before the nemesis weapons of the loyalist terminators and lost the objective to them.

As the dust settled (and time was rapidly running out) we called it rather than roll to see if the game would continue. The final tally was 1 objective and First Blood for me – 4 vps, 2 objectives and Slay the Warlord for Lee – 7 vps. Making the overall campaign result a 4-2 win for the forces of light. (I realised after the tallying the other results that had I kept that 2nd objective the result would have been 7-4 to me, thus making it 3-3 overall, and then coming down to total vp’s scored which would have been 33-30 in favour of the dark forces, aaargh! So close).

Both Lee and myself agreed that it had been a great game with it being very close throughout, yes my streak continues but not through want of trying.

In hindsight I should have put the warpsmith in the Spartan with squad Chibbs rather than the 2nd dreadclaw, which although allowing 2 more units to deep strike proved not to be that much use after that as although they come at almost twice the cost of an imperial drop pod they have none of the others weaponry. Had the ‘smith been in the Spartan he could have attempted to fix it after immobilising itself.

I think the use of the larger squads worked well for me, apart from clumping them too closely together once in cover, allowing the big blast templates that are part and parcel of an Imperial Guard armies repertoire to take their toll – repeatedly.

If I had to choose a “man of the match” from my army it would have to be the warpsmith, aside from the stupid power axe (which you can’t swap out in the equipment options) his bag of tricks make him very nasty. Extra attacks in close combat, the ability to fire a flamer and melta or either in combination with any other ranged weapon he has, the shatter defences ability (reducing an enemies cover save in one piece of terrain) and the chance to curse enemy machines or repair your own are a definite no brainer I think.  His only main downside being that the model is finecast and an absolute shit to put together, and even worse to transport safely (one of my mechatendrils has come adrift already!).

The draw for the next round has been done, and I am to face the greater good of Ross J McCart. My previous encounter against Tau wasnt a good one but lessons have been learned and I look forward to trying them out in the “Big Guns Never Tire” mission we are due to play (January 18th 2014).

Warhammer 40K Club – Black Legion v Tau

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So the final round of our inaugural club tournament has arrived and I’m facing the Tau of my fellow blogger Jon. With the release of the new Space Marine Codex and Black Legion Supplements the powers that be decided that list could be rewritten if players wished and so, in keeping with the changes for Black Legion I did so, and Jon took the advantage to tweak his list to try out a few ideas he had too.

This final round would also be held at our new home too, Tabletop Tyrants, our familiar FLGS had graciously offered their newly created for hire gaming rooms at a good deal. Not only was the room rental competitive with the previous venue but it had the advantage that we can store our scenery collection there between sessions and have access to purchase more goodies from the store at the same time (though don’t tell our other halves that bit).

Ever eager, I was first to arrive, shortly before Gary and Jon and we brought the boxes of club scenery up to its new abode. Jon and I claimed a table near the window which totally coincidentally was nearest the heater too, and helped out with distributing the scenery amongst the tables.

Once we were happy with the amount of scenery on our table we began unpacking our armies. Jon’s force looked truly impressive in their camo paint job and the riptide looked massive compared to “normal” sized mini’s. This was when I realised that not only was I missing a base for one of the raptor/talons but I had also forgot to swap one of the rhino’s for the predator tank I had chosen – aargh! Thankfully our move to the store proved fortuitous and I was able to get a pack of bases (I knew I needed some more for some cultists awaiting assembly at home too) and Jon was gracious enough to let me play the rhino as the predator.

I managed to win the roll off for first deployment off we went. Jon failed to seize the initiative and battle commenced.

CAM00552Piney, my defiler, scuttled out of cover and took a bead on the hammerhead, opening up with its battlecannon. Now through all my previous games the scatter dice has uncannily never let me down (leaving that to the rest of the dice) but they must have finally got to him as they shot flew wide and missed everything. Even the snapshots with the reaper and havoc failed to make an impression.

Sadly the defiler would not get another chance to redeem itself as on Jon’s first turn the hammerhead shot the demonic-crap out of it. I swear you could hear the crew high-fiving from across the battlefield. The only bright light in this round was the riptide attempting to Nova charge and wounding itself in the process.


CAM00553On round 2 my Lord led his bike unit further round the edge of the battlefield hoping to get closer to the riptide and tear chunks out of him with the Hand of Darkness (or as Jon dubbed it, the Donkey Punch of Doom) but the Tau had other ideas. Targeting the roaring bikes with multiple units, despite jinking like mad and Lord Morrow’s Sigil of Corruption my dice rolling eventually let me down (as usual) and the bikers of the SAMCRO detachment were taken out.

On the other end of the battlefield my Havok Aspirant, Rhatt, lined up the quad gun and joined his fellow havoks in salvoing the hammerhead – now in conjunction with a pair of missile launchers and a lascannon you’d expect some carnage, but no. Net result was the loss of a single glancing hull point.

One of my Chosen squads had advanced into a ruined building and fired upon a nearby Tetra, the bolters failing to score any meaningful hits but the plasma gunners weapon malfunctioned and as he checked to see if the barrel was blocked it took his face off (Got hot, failed armour save).

CAM00554Round 3 began to look up as my sorcerer and the warp talons arrived from reserve and the scatter dice redeemed itself by landing them bang on target – right behind the Ethereal. Their blazing arrival blinded the nearby fire warriors and ethereal but the broadsides had taken an upgrade to cope with the possible night fighting which also negated blinding. The talons have no ranged attacks but the sorcerer belched forth a Breath of Chaos and managed to wound the Ethereal. Unfortunately with the threat of the bikers removed, 2 squads of fire warriors (one blinded) and the broadsides blasted the talons back into the warp before they could slake their thirst for blood.

CAM00555Turn 4 and all I had remaining was a basic marine squad and a chosen squad. The marines moved out of the cover they had been in all game, Jon hadn’t realised they were still there, and attempted to volley into the stealth suit unit but as was to be expected by now, proved ineffectual. The Chosen squad used their remaining combi-plasma’s and plasma gun on the riptide, and true to form immolated one of their own in the process, but managed to wound the behemoth and leave it on a single wound remaining.

The Tau response was brutally precise and despite cover the Black Legion were slain to a man. The one point of redemption being my convincing Jon to risk another Nova charge on the riptide which failed and claimed his remaining wound making him the only casualty on the Tau side!

Final result when converted to the tournament rules was a 36-0 win for Jon which propelled him into third place overall with 123, I was last but one on 9 points with only Liam’s Blood Angels below me (the only player with less in-game experience than myself). Overall winner was Andrew on 180 with his Grey Knights having won every game with maximum available points. We also took a ballot vote for who we thought was most deserving of the sportsmanship award and this was won by Austin with 4 votes and his Dark Eldar army.

Despite losing all of my games (both in and out of the tournament) I’m enjoying getting back into the game and to grips with the 6th edition rules. Hopefully my luck with the dice shall change somewhere in the future , but even if it doesn’t I’ll have fun regardless with my themed army selection and gradual painting of my army.


You can have any colour, as long as it’s Black!

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BLRecently there have been several discussions within the Facebook group of our Warhammer 40K club regarding painted/unpainted armies. While the majority of the players already have their forces painted to an immaculate condition I must sadly admit that mine are not. While I have several units finished and more at least base coated the vast majority of my Black Legion Chaos Space Marines are still bare plastic/metal miniatures. I have recently purchased several new paints and a brush from Tabletop Tyrants and finally the opportunity and inclination to get more of my models painted occurred together and following a friends blog post, I thought I’d show my progress here.

Not wanting to over do it and put myself off further painting I started CAM00531with just four of my troopers, and spent a Sunday afternoon last weekend bringing them to a standard I was happy with. They might not be “Golden Demon” standard but I don’t intend to enter competitions with them. I chose 3-4 colours (including the basic black) and stick with them, I will probably use more on character models but for rank and file this is enough for me. Traditionally Black Legion have gold trim on their shoulder pads but I have gone for a silver one (my older mini’s used Chainmail, but I’m currently using Leadbelcher). The mini on the far left was one of my previously painted ones I was using for reference.


Not sure why but I tend to group my marines into units based upon their headgear and these four models were the only “bullhorn” ones that I had ready base sprayed.

CAM00544-1This week I chose another set of headgear to catch up with, the “skulltops”.

This time I had six models to do, five of them were of the fairly old release which didn’t have an awful lot of definition and wasnt helped by a rather over-enthusiastic application of base spray many moons ago.

The sixth model was of the slightly newer version (which I think stand a little taller, though that could just be by the pose) and has more detailing on the shoulder pads in particular.

Sunday afternoon seems to be becoming my painting time, as there really is nothing worth watching on TV, so with brush in hand I got under way.

CAM00547-1Rather than paint a single mini to completion at a time, I prefer to work on the small group as production line sort of thing, completing the use of one colour across all the mini’s before changing to the next colour. The bonus of doing this is that by the time I start using the next colour the first model is dry.

For those that want to know I’m using GW paints and a GW Standard brush, as and when I decide to get more involved in the painting side of the hobby I might begin  experimenting with things like drybrushing, shading and using inks etc, but for now I’m happy with just painting as I am.


Although my older “skulltops” had the horn-parts of their helmets painted in red I’m really liking the way Screaming Bell looks on the models so chose to continue using that just as I had last week on the “bullhorns”.

Once again the eye slots are picked out with Mephiston Red before a little tidying up with Abaddon Black.

CAM00549-1CAM00550-1The model on the left is equipped with a really old version of the Plasma Gun, on previous models I had painted the casing in Blood Red (yes that’s how old some of my paints were) but although you can’t really see it from this angle, I’ve kept with the Screaming Bell ridges and black cowling.

On the model on the right (which is the newer one I mentioned) I used a combination of Leadbelcher and Screaming Bell to pick out the motif on the shoulder pad.

This brings the total of my painted infantry to thirty-five models, with fifty-four base coated (mainly in black, though twenty are Khorne Berserkers in another colour) and another forty-nine remaining bare. That’s just the ones in my KR case and doesn’t include my terminators, raptors bikers, character models, vehicles etc, so plenty still to do but it will get there eventually.

Next week sees the fifth and final round of our clubs inaugral tournament, and I will be facing the Tau forces of fellow blogger Fenriryan. Since my return to the battlefields of the 41st millenium my dice gods have not been my friend and I’ve failed to win a game yet. Who knows, perhaps once I start fielding more painted forces the fickle powers of Chaos may begin to swing in my favour – either way I still intend to have fun regardless.

2 old gits and a new rulebook

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This past Thursday afternoon saw me return to the battlefields of the 41st millennium with my Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. My foe of old, Gary (Imperial) Walker, faced me with his Dark Angels Space Marine force and only one of us would be victorious.

We had already agreed on 2000 points and to play the Purge the Alien mission from the main Warhammer 40K rulebook.


My army assembles in anticipation.

We rolled off for first to deploy which Gary won and set about deploying his army, 3 squads of Ravenwing bikes with Land Speeder support, 2 tactical squads, a Vindicator, a Devastator squad, an Inquisitor Chaplain, and their leader a Librarian brother. He also had a drop-pod containing another tactical squad and a squad of Deathwing terminators in reserve.


These were to be faced by my forces of a 15 man marine squad, a 10 man assault squad mounted in a Rhino, a hellbrute, a squad of Nurgle bikers, a Landraider, a chaos sorcerer, a squad of Havocs, a predator and a Chaos Lord of Khorne with a squad of chaos terminators.

After determining psychic powers and warlord traits Gary was to go first, so I attempted to seize the initiative – and failed. And so with a cry of “For the Emperor!” the Dark Angels surged forward and the battle began.

Turn 1


The drop-pod landed right in front of my lines, disgorging its melta & multi-melta armed squad way too close to my Landraider for comfort, but failed to damage the vehicle. The Vindicator was more accurate, taking out a pair of Havocs, my sorcerer, and the ‘raiders Havoc Launcher in one shot. In response my bikers surged forward into the first tactical unit even as my Rhino flung wide its doors and my assault marines disembarked ready to rumble. My shooting proved reasonably ineffective as the ravenwing bikes and speeders jinked their way to safety. The Chaos Lord and his entourage tore into the drop pod unit in brutal close assault.

Turn 2.


My marine units came under attack from more of the ravenwing, the assault unit breaking and running after being reduced to 3 men. The Havocs look on nervously as the Deathwing teleport in using the other ravenwing’s homer as a target. Dark Angel shooting proves a little more accurate this time, as chaos marines begin to fall and both the landraider and predator lose the use of a sponson weapon each and their crews become shaken.The Hellbrute attempts to charge the ravenwing but fails to reach. The Chaos Lords unit turn their attention to the newly arrived Deathwing but the false emperors grace is with them and they pass all their saves.

Turn 3 onwards.


The Inquisitor Chaplain joins the melee with the chaos bikers as a land speeder moves into a more advantageous position.


Having chased down the remainder of a chaos squad, a trio of Ravenwing now face the coming onslaught of the Hellbrute. It tears into them with its power scourge and leaves nothing but twisted bike parts and gore in its wake. The Landraider finally finds its mark taking its misery out on the devastator squad with its lascannons, until the zigzagging speeders finally get in position and destroy it with multi-melta blasts.


The remaining member of 15 man squad “Tiggs” finally succumbs under the repeated assaults of the ravenwing. Their repeated hit and run attacks having whittled them down to nothing on the exposed left flank.


As the last of the Nurgle-blessed bikers attempts to flee, the Inquisitor Chaplain has one more question for him. He obviously doesn’t like the answer as he then proceeds to smash the defenceless biker with his crozious. The immobilized predator takes careful aim with its turret mounted twin-linked lascannon and remaining sponson lascannon, and manages to finish the landraiders job of taking out the devastators and the librarian before the vindicator returns the favour and reduces the tank to a pile of scrap.


The Chaos Lord and his men battle fiercely with the Deathwing, eventually it comes down to the Lord and 2 remaining loyalist terminators, but as I roll for another turn at the end of our fifth round the fickle dice gods deny me once more and the sole survivor of my Chaos army, its defeated leader, leaves the field of battle having suffered only a single wound himself but the bitter taste of defeat mingle in his mouth with the blood of imperial scum as he licked the blades of his lightning claws clean.

Final result was 11-6 to Gary’s Dark Angels, it was a hard battle and one that started out going my way until the dice gods abandoned me and the Dark Angels seemed to make each and every saving throw that was asked of them.

Still, it was great fun and it gave Gary and myself our first taste of the new 6th edition rules in readiness for the big multi-player battles later this month that he has organised.

A big thank you has to be given to John, Dustin and Jack who were on hand to clarify the rules and changes neither of us were sure of.

In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have bothered with the landraider or rhino, and the Lord and his unit should have focused on something other than the Deathwing (something without 2+ saves preferably). I can’t say how useful the psychic powers are as yet as my sorcerer had barely seen the light of day before being obliterated.

Well, lessons learned and I’m looking forward to putting some of them in to practice against more opponents soon. The good thing about the forces of Chaos, there’s always more of them waiting to fight another day!