Council of Spiders – DnDEncs Season 10 – Session 1

I ran a drow warpriestess in the early session but before we started we were already 2 players down, the party therefore consisted of me, a drow hunter and a dwarf fighter. We had also agreed to run 4th level and Robert our Dm had amended the monsters accordingly (though had to now make adjustments for only 3 pc’s). As I DM the late session we had already emailed individual players their house secret goals. The combat went quite well with the dwarf occupying the jelly while the hunter snipered the angler and I used fell-strike on the minions. the only “surprise” being when the angler dragged me off the higher path towards it and my spiderling took a quick munch on the dwarf to give me his surge as temporary hp, before smashing the cave lobster to bits. Encountering the Tlabbar drow (I havent received my copy of Menzoberranzan yet so didnt know the current pecking order of the drow houses) Thezz was a little haughty and so as a priestess of Lolth I backhanded him in the face, teaching him a little respect. After getting the information from them I bound their priestess’ wounds and we parted ways.

In the late session Robert and I swapped jobs, the party was also a man down as one of the players had been taken ill, leaving us with only 1 drow accompanied by a dragonborn warlock, vryloka blackguard, and short human sentinel (as not enoug people wanted to play drow and keep last seasons pc’s we let them). I had decided to try something I read in one of Chris Perkins’ articles, and as I had levelled the monsters up to relevant levels I denoted that the spawn minions would need 2 hits to kill (irrellevant of damage inflicted). The party handled the monsters relatively easily, though when the blackguard killed the angler (dropping the drow hunter to the floor in the process) he angered the drow who then used rapid shot and included the blackguard in the aoe (though missed his high AC). This caused some “fun” interaction between the two characters which could flare in later sessions, we’ll see.

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One Response to “Council of Spiders – DnDEncs Season 10 – Session 1”

  1. Excellent recap. Is it any surprise that I dropped the drow on her ass. You know how I feel about drow…

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