D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Big trouble in little Omu

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Team Zorbo

With almost half their party suddenly missing (unable to make the session) it was looking grim for the remaining heroes as the clay warriors continued their assault, but thanks to the barbarians adamantine weapon and the dwarven clerics Spirit Guardians they were finally able to overcome the guardians of Shagambi’s shrine and place the bronze spears in the statues hands to release the puzzle cube – though not before the paladin was slain by one of the guardians.

Tired, battered and bruised the heroes decided to take refuge within the shrine for the night, and as the ranger was keeping a careful watch he spied a lone figure staggering through the night towards them but unaware that it was being stalked by a dinonychus. Just as the predator was about to pounce a massive dino appeared as if from nowhere and ate the smaller one in a single powerful bite before disappearing just as suddenly.

The staggering figure approached the shrine and was revealed to be the lone survivor of a group of adventurers (our fallen paladins next surrogate, also a paladin). Thankfully the rest of their night was undisturbed and the next morning amidst torrential rain they continued to explore, heading northward along one of the main avenues towards another of the shrines Orvex had identified for them.

This one was dedicated to I’Jin and had an entrance tiled with animal designs. It took the heroes a little while to work out the puzzle of the tiles but they were eventually able to do so and recover another of the puzzle cubes without too much trouble.

Continuing north they spied an overturned cart with several floral tributes laid before it, as they watched a group of small humanoid plants brought fresh garlands and placed them reverently. After the strange plant men walked away to the east the heroes approached and investigated. After a few moments a chwinga appeared, despite offering it food as they had before it seemed to want more flowers. A quick search revealed a flowering plant in what remained of a nearby garden but as the barbarian and paladin approached to pluck a flower it released a cloud of spores and the barbarian began to attack the paladin. Even after the plant had been destroyed the barbarian continued to fight on for a few minutes until whatever strange effect wore off. Returning to the Chwinga with one of the flowers it scuttled under the cart and returned with a stone covered in markings. Orvex was excited to read it and after taking a rubbing was sure he could use it to assist him in translating further inscriptions they could come across.

Eager to get a further lay of the land they continued north to the large amphitheater they had previously seen from afar, arriving to find it a carrion house with discarded remains of several animals, dinosaurs and humanoids. While Salida and Orvex hid amongst the stone stepped seating the heroes delved into the tunnels cut into and below them. The smell was worse in here and from up ahead could be heard the sounds of animals sleeping in slumber.

Image result for sleeping raptor

Investigating the discovered a small group of dinonychus slumbering in a dogpile. The heroes didn’t hesitate and dispatched the sleeping dinos without respite or remorse. Continuing through the tunnels they found a larger one that looked like it had been broken into from outside the far corner and something large had excavated the interior to suit its needs. Thankfully whatever had done so wasn’t currently here so the heroes had a good nosey around, discovering some quite nice loot in the process. Deciding that it would best to face the rooms occupant when they were better rested they retreated back to the dinonychus’s room and had Orvex and Salida join them while they settled into an uneasy rest…….

Team Chwinga

The yuan-ti began firing their bows at the party, and the party were taking hits but with the barbarian charging into melee and the wizard blasting his arcane energies the three snakemen were dealt with. Investigating what they were guarding revealed a sloping tunnel ending in a massive double door with several large holes at the bottom. The heroes deduced that the snakemen could use these to travel through in snake form and the warlock took on a gaseous form to pass through and investigate further. Beyond the door he found more of the snakemen and a side tunnel. Heading down it he came to a room with a stone altar designed to collect the blood of sacrifices. Not wanting to be in the tunnels when his spell expired and he returned to his normal form the warlock returned to his companions.

Aware that they didn’t want to tackle more of those snakemen the party decided to head through the remains of the palace ruins to its southern side where the kobold had marked off another of the shrines on their map. As they did so they were attacked by another snakeman, this one was alone though and apparently a spell caster as he enabled himself to fly up out of reach of their melee weapons. Thankfully their ranged attacks and own spells were enough to bring him crashing back down.

Image result for mind whisperer

Continuing past the centre of the former palace they could see what remained of the central spire, some fifty feet or so across, as well as a massive dinosaur who’s tail was one side while its head was clearly visible on the other!

They rapidly agreed they did not want to tangle with so huge a beast and quickly tried to hide in the nearby ruins, but unfortunately their efforts the creature did spot (or hear) them and charged into them.

The wizard tried to run through its legs and get behind it, only to have its massive tail smash him into the ground and unconsciousness. The monk wisely decided to find a hole and hide in it. The barbarian charged up a broken staircase with a loop of rope, leaping off and hooking it over the beasts horned nose – and then it disappeared! In a puff of smoke it was gone, reappearing a short distance away and chomping down on the dwarf cleric, the holy warrior snapped up in the massive jaws.

It was then that a pair of figures came racing out of the ruins, a scruffy looking human holding what looked like a ball of ice, and what appeared to be either a lizardfolk or dragonborn but clearly neither wielding a wicked looking blade. The human blasted the dinosaur with the icy ball and the other slashed into it with its blade. The impacts causing it to drop the dwarf from its maw. It must have decided the meal wasn’t worth the trouble as it turned northward and quickly outdistanced the heroes, who were wise enough not to give chase.

Using potions and spells they brought those that fallen unconscious back to awareness and turned to the new arrivals ….

 Image result for dragonbait


D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – All reptiles great and small

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As I noted last time, Team Zorbo had their session pulled forward so this post is just an update on how Team Chwinga fared in their last session.

Team Chwinga

As our intrepid band exited the shrine of Wongo they spied an Ankylosaurus wandering up one of the streets of Omu, suddenly a larger dinosaur (bigger than anything they had previously seen) lurched out of a side street and lunged at the ankylosaur, taking a massive bite out of it. The smaller dino died instantly from the savage assault and the bigger beast then simply disappeared in a cloud of mist.

Understandably shocked by this the heroes chose to head east through the rain-soaked streets. As they cautiously made their way they spot what used to be some kind of bazaar and decide to check it for any left over goodies. As they search around they discover a crude crossbow trap. After disabling it they search more thoroughly and discover a hidden trapdoor leading to an old cellar below. Below they find a cluster of kobolds, despite the leader having some spell casting ability the heroes quickly overcome them but keep the leader alive or questioning. Having found nowhere else better suited they decide to spend the night in the kobolds cellar.

Next day the weather hasn’t improved but they information they got off the kobold leads them to another of the shrines in the flooded section of the city. As they approach they can see a number of crocodiles lounging around the entrance and after finally realising the water wasn’t as deep as they originally thought they engaged the reptilian guards, and that was when their momma turned up – a giant crocodile. A short but brutal fight ensued but the heroes weathered it and then entered the shrine of Papazotl. There was a statue with an inscription which the mage was able to read thanks to his comprehend languages ritual, and then they had some hilarity in finally working out the puzzle.

Image result for crocodile

Needless to say they were eventually able to recover another of the puzzle cubes and then they chose to push on south towards the wall encircled palace area. As they got nearer they could see a sloping tunnel entrance leading under the ruins of the palace, with dozens of snakes around it. The dragonborn swashbuckler tried to sneak forward to investigate but unfortunately a trio of the snakes were not actually snakes as they transformed into humanoids with snake-like features and snatched up the weaponry they had secreted nearby and engaged the heroes.

And that was where we left off as time had once again beaten us.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Flames, Snakes and lots of Ordeals

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Team Zorbo

After a surprisingly undisturbed rest the heroes worked their way to the chamber at the far end of the bridge, discovering that it was sealed by a double lock of dwarvish construction. After a few miss tries they realised they needed to reforge the keys required but thankfully Musharib and his kin had the means to do so. With the rest of the mine cleared up they even managed to find a few survivors of his clan that been taken captive by the firenewts.

Upon opening the chamber they were able to finally see what Musharib had been searching for, the Gauntlet of Moradin. His clan was happy to reward the heroes with some adamantine ingots which with a few addition gold for their services enabled the dwarves to adapt some of the party’s weapons with the precious metal.

While the weapons were being prepared scouts came back reporting that enemies were approaching in the valley. The heroes bravely strode out to be confronted by …. kobolds! The barbarian and the druid made very short work of the little group of kobolds only then did they hear a deep throaty voice from behind them, up the cliff face above the entrance. Turning, they saw the kobolds master, Tzindalor the red dragon!

The dragon strafed the heroes with flame, claw and teeth and despite their best efforts they were forced to retreat into the caves of Hrakhamar. The dragon didn’t pursue but did unleash a final blast of its fiery breath down the tunnel which killed the duergar cleric.

Image result for red dragon attack

The heroes were in no fit state to continue battling the beast and retreated deeper into Hrakhamar to recover.

The following day, now armed with their adamantine weapons they strode (cautiously) out of the cave but the dragon had moved on to parts unknown. Musharib continued to lead the party west through the valley of lost hope. As they travelled they saw a group of scaly skinned creatures watching from afar but they didn’t attack or seem inclined to interact with heroes, content to just watch them pass by. After a few days of wet and wearying travel the party reached the south-western edge of a massive rent in the ground and Musharib pointed out that the ruined city in the rent was Omu. He sadly informed the heroes that the city was forbidden by his clan and that he had fulfilled his agreement to lead them here. However, if they survived their continuing adventures and needed a guide back to Port Nyanzaru they knew where to find him, and he bid them farewell.

The heroes descended ancient stone stairs leading to a small plateaux with a ruined guard station. As they neared they saw it was full of snakes writhing around the floor. The reptiles paid little heed to the party as they moved through the ruin, seeing signs of recent campfires and finding a wall covered in graffiti.

With nothing else attracting their attention the descended the filthy rough switchbacks to the floor of the rift and the city proper. As they were looking about one of them spotted a curl of smoke coming from a stone-walled compound to the north and so they headed towards it. They found the remains of a battle with wild dogs fighting over scraps of bodies. They fought the dogs off and began to examine the bodies when a snake headed figure attacked from behind a wall, along with several companions. Two had human bodies but the heads of snakes, two more were human apart from their arms were writhing snakes, and a final one was human from the waist up but had serpentine coils below.

The fight was brutal as the snake men used poisoned weapons and fangs but the heroes eventually won out. Continuing their search they heard a tapping and uncovered a man buried under the rubble. He introduced himself has Orvex, a scribe and translator hired by a group in Port Nyanzaru and brought here. Apparently half his group had gone north to continue their searching while he and the others remained here and were attacked by more of the snake men including ones that could cast magic. Orvex told them about they were looking for puzzle cubes in the various shrines to the nine trickster gods as they were essential in gaining access to the main tomb. The party asked Orvex if he would be willing to accompany them and he happily agreed. He knew of two shrines nearby and marked them on their map.

The heroes decided to go to the nearest one, Kubazan’s shrine. Here they found the shrine defended by a monstrous amphibious beast which at one point swallowed the druid whole but luckily was killed before it could digest her. In the shrine itself the cleric-mage sent his owl familiar to collect the cube they could see on the opposite side but this triggered a gas trap and the poor owl died. He then decided to use his own magics to retrieve the cube and escape the further gas. Buoyed by their success they headed for the other shrine Orvex knew of, this being the one dedicated to Shagambi.

There was no obvious defender outside, but inside the barbarian, druid and cleric dropped through the iron grille to the chamber below and were assaulted by a quartet of red clay warriors.

And that was where we leave them until next time …..


Team Chwinga

With a new day dawning the heroes looked out over the city of Omu in the great rift below them, the cliffs edging the city lined with ancient stone statues perched at their edges looking inwards. Here Eku bid her farewell having completed her task of guiding them to the city, she also revealed her true nature to them and bid them good fortune in their quest to end the Death Curse before flying away.

The heroes decided to combine their ropes so that they could rapel down the cliff, unfortunately as they began to do so two of the nearest statues sprung to life, revealing themselves to be gargoyles and attacked the party. Despite a lack of magical weaponry they heroes were able to defeat the monsters and eventual all made their way down the cliff.

Taking a brief rest to catch their breath the dragonborn decided to explore one of the nearby buildings, find a trio of odd-looking creatures cowering within.

The mage used his magic to enable him to communicate with them and found them to be non-hostile and gathered a little information about the immediate area from them.

The heroes struck out eastward across the north section of the city and came to a large spherical building with five short tunnel entrances. The outer four all ended in dead ends with peep holes viewing the central tunnels end chamber. Herein lay a statue of a monkey like creature they recognised as a Su-monster, balancing on its tail with all four paws looking like they could hold something. The mage used his magic to read the inscription and through deduction they realised they needed to look at the statue via the peepholes to solve a riddle. During this process three of the four that looked through the peepholes were transformed into animals and heavy portcullis dropped down to seal all the tunnel entrances. The two of them that had remained in the central chamber fought a pair of su-monsters and their transformed allies changed back.

It took a little while for them discover how to bypass the portcullis but eventually they did so, and that was when they heard a mighty bestial roar from nearby. And that was where we left off …..


Due to holiday commitments we brought forward Team Zorbo’s next session which is why it sounds like they got much more done that Team Chwinga this time around, but Team Chwinga shall be having their session as normal this week coming.

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – Hot mines and icy receptions

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Our teams continue their search for a cure to the Death Curse in the steamy jungles of Chult.


Team Zorbo

Having entered the mines of Hrakhamar the party encountered a pair of cheeky smoke mephits, other than a few pranks they posed no threat so they left them alone and continued into the mine itself. Here they encountered their first group of firenewt guards which the barbarian saw off without difficulty. Moving onwards they found what was left of the dwarves armoury before encountering more Newt guards these were a little stronger but ultimately no threat. Moving into the third metalworking chamber they found more Newts this time with a robed one, the barbarian charged passed all the guards to engage the robed one and was quickly beset by all of them. It was a close fought battle but eventually the heroes won and barricaded themselves in to take a rest.

Nothing disturbed their slumber and in the morning they explored further finding yet more of the guards and robed newts, the dwarven clerics spiritual guardians proved to be useful in routing them and the party then crossed over the lava via one of the massive chains. They found a tunnel that led to another rough rock chamber where a group of guards and another robed newt were with an ugly statue, as the fight ensued they quickly realised that this robed figure wasnt the same as the previous ones, as it was using powerful magic against them. The guards were despatched and the heroes took a beating as they battled the robed newt then he suddenly disappeared. After a quick check to make sure he wasnt simply invisible they smashed the statue and retreated back to their secure room to lick their multiple wounds.

Image result for firenewt warlock of imixImage result for firenewt warlock of imix

Team Chwinga

The party continued south through the jungle, encountering what looked like another of the abandoned shrines, but this one had a quartet of zombies shambling around it. They dealt with them easily and discovered a set of stone stairs leading below. Eku chose not to enter but the heroes went below. As the half-orc barbarian got about three-quarters of the way across the chamber he stepped on a pressure plate with an omnous click and triggered a portculis to spring up and block the entrance. Neither the heroes or Eku could spot anything to release the portcullis so the heroes headed further in to look for something to help. They found a stone slab against the far wall which they realised was a door and opened it to reveal a smaller chamber lit by green flaming sconces. At the centre was a stone sarcophagus and lined up against the wall with the door were four statues of warriors. They entered and opened the sarcophagus which caused the four figures to attack. Three of them appeared to be simple zombies but the fourth was something else which seemed to focus upon the dragonborn swashbuckler, even risking attacks from the others just to get at him. Eventually they defeated the creature and found the empty sarcophagus had a false bottom concealing the release lever to the portcullis. They quickly decided to leave.

Their journey continued uphill over the rise in the jungle interior and after a few days they came upon a grove of wukka trees. As they approached a chultan man in orange robes stepped out of the trees and demanded to know their business. The swashbuckler tried to pass himself off as a fellow gardener but the robed man saw through the deception and told them to be on their way. Unfortunately the swashbuckler couldn’t resist a barbed insult which angered the man and he changed into a boar-headed beastman and attacked. Despite most of their attacks doing nothing to him they were eventually able to defeat him through the use of magic and silvered weaponry and entered his grove of wukka trees to see what he was guarding. As they searched through his camp a quartet of angry-looking little bears attacked, their claws scraping at the heroes armour as they fought. The heroes were able to overcome them and Eku identified them as Zorbo’s. They searched the mans camp and recovered anything of use before continuing on their journey.

Over the next few days of bad weather they crested the high ground and began their descent, the swashbuckler scouted ahead and spotted a group of undead heading their way. Hiding to let them pass so that he could ambush them between himself and his party. The undead spotted his allies and charged in, and that’s when the ghouls paralyzed the cleric, barbarian and paladin! Thankfully most were able to shrug off the paralysis quickly but during the fight the dragonborn had to use his fire breath against a group of them and couldn’t avoid catching the barbarian in the blast too. Once the cleric and paladin were free of the paralysis the battle soon went in the heroes favour.

Another day of better weather and the heroes pushed onwards, finally reaching the end of the jungle and making their camp as darkness fell within sight of their destination.

Image result for wet koala


Return to Gotham – Batman Miniatures Game 2e battle

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It’s been a loooong time since I last played a game of Batman Miniatures Game, so long in fact that not only was a new campaign book (Arkham Knight) released but a further revision and 2nd edition of the game released, now with added magic!

So not only do we have heroes, goons and speedsters but also magic wielding folks. I’ve heard several comments that the magic is currently too powerful and that several of the regular tournaments are blocking it for now.

However I managed to convince my regular foe, Dan, (it didn’t take a lot of convincing) to give the new rules a go in a classic match up between his beloved Team Arrow and my League of Assassins (formerly League of Shadows).

As we were both still awaiting some of the newer models to arrive in our store (Tabletop Tyrants), so we agreed to the use of proxy models.

Team Arrow consisted of:

  • TV Arrow
  • Diggle
  • John Constantine
  • Alpha Swat guy
  • Arkham Guard 2

While the League was represented by:

  • Arkham Knight Ras Al Ghul
  • Gorro with Ancient Weapon and Loyalty Tattoo
  • Lotus
  • Ichi
  • Yang
  • Ying
  • Ki with an Extra Acid Arrow and Grapple Gun

We started off simple and chose to play the first scenario, Arrival, for strategies Dan took Maps, Patrol and the Oliver Queen one. I took the League specific one, and Vandalism (though I totally forgot to use Ras’s ability to cancel one of the opponents one as I originally planned to deny his Maps extra lamps then vandalise one of his others, reducing it to only 5 lamps on the board).

Objectives wise, Dan took Loot, Ammo and a pair of Riddles. I decided to try some of the new ones and took Ammo, Medical Supplies and Contraband.


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So lessons learned, Constantine is fun and can dish out a fair bit of damage but needs to be protected. The new League big guy (Gorro) is a brute, and can take a pounding. The new AK version of Ras is as good if not better than the AC version (and I can’t wait for the awesome new sculpt). Ki’s acid arrow is fun but the lack of Good Aim is a pain in the arse. With regards the new objectives, the medical supplies I didn’t get a lot of use from but the 3vp for control was good, the contraband managed to damage myself twice with before finally getting 1vp out of it.

If Dan’s shooters had hot footed it from the start and camped at his Ammo I honestly thing it would have been a different story, not only getting him points per turn but them not running out of shots.

Alpha arresting Ras on the last turn probably saved his neck too though with Immortal it garnered no extra VP’s unfortunately.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoons gaming and hopefully the start of many more rumbles in the streets of Gotham/Star City etc (I know Dan is eager to play in the other locales, especially the daylight one).

SAMCRO’s trials within the Hecate gate

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So over the past five month’s I have been taking part in the latest of the All Scars annual narrative campaigns – The Hecate Gate.

Basically our forces have been sucked into a demi-plane by Tzeentch and Khorne and are being forced to battle to prove ourselves worthy of facing the final guardian (Magnus) and escape via the Gate.

We formed teams amongst ourselves and I was in team WAAC (Win At All Costs, because its entirely the opposite of how we play). My goal for this campaign was to face as many people that I hadn’t played before as possible or failing that opponents I have a good laugh with.

Game 1 was against David’s Blood Angels, now in 7th edition I had a good track record against the Sanguin Sons however this did not prove so against the brutality of David’s assault.

Game 2 was another imperial force, Crimson Fists run by Adam. This was one of the most fun, relaxed and enjoyable games of 40k I’ve played in ages, and the sneaking a win by 2 points  made it even better.

Game 3 was another first, facing the Ultrasmurfs of Matthew, bouyed by my success against Adam I was brought rapidly down to earth as Matthew’s helblaster entrenched forces ripped me a new orifice. Great fun though.

Game 4 was Blood Angels once again, this time my annual throwdown with Patrick. He brought a Blood Angel and Lamenters force while I fielded my Black Legion with a Thousand Son allied battallion. It was exceedingly close and Patrick thought he’d just managed to secure a draw when I destroyed his leviathon in close combat and reminded him of the Objective card I’d held since the first round to score a point for destroying a unit in assault – sneaky 1 point win to me.

Game 5 was yesterday and was against another of my favourite people to play Dave C, usually I face his Ultrasmurf’s but this time I faced his Thousand Sons. Chaos on Chaos! It was a brutal, fun-filled game with both of us having equal amounts of amazing and dire dice rolls in good measure. Dave came back hard in closing round but the mission conditions granted me just enough points for a 7-5 win.

Another of the fun parts of this campaign was the fact that its the first one I’ve not been involved in running myself, so all I had to do was play my games and enjoy. Huge thanks to all my opponents and Andrew for organising a great campaign – thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Photos from yesterdays match

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My army list for yesterday.

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Chaos – Questor Traitoris) [23 PL, 488pts] ++

+ Lord of War +

Renegade Knight [23 PL, 488pts]: Meltagun, Reaper chainsword, Stormspear Rocket Pod, Thermal cannon

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [128 PL, 2399pts] ++

+ Flyer +

Heldrake [10 PL, 185pts]: Baleflamer, Heldrake claws, Mark of Tzeentch

+ No Force Org Slot +

Gametype: Matched

Legion: Black Legion

+ Heavy Support +

Chaos Land Raider [19 PL, 367pts]: Havoc launcher, Mark of Tzeentch, Twin heavy bolter, 2x Twin lascannon

+ HQ +

Abaddon the Despoiler [12 PL, 240pts]: Warlord

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour [8 PL, 139pts]: Combi-flamer, Force stave, Infernal Gaze, Mark of Tzeentch, Weaver of Fates

Chaos Hellwright [8 PL, 142pts]: Flamer, Infernal axe, Mark of Tzeentch, Soulburner pistol, The Eye of Night, Voidcutter

+ Elites +

Helbrute [7 PL, 145pts]: Helbrute plasma cannon, Mark of Tzeentch, Power scourge

Chaos Terminators [14 PL, 297pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Chaos Terminator Champion: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator: Combi-melta, Lightning Claw
. Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Chainfist, Reaper autocannon

Rubric Marines [14 PL, 273pts]: Icon of Flame
. Aspiring Sorcerer: Force axe, Warpflame Pistol
. 4x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 4x Inferno boltgun
. Rubric Marine w/ Soulreaper cannon: Soulreaper cannon
. 4x Rubric Marine w/ Warpflamer: 4x Warpflamer

+ Fast Attack +

Chaos Bikers [9 PL, 169pts]: Icon of Wrath, Mark of Khorne
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Meltagun
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Meltagun
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Combi-bolter
. Chaos Biker: Chainsword, Combi-bolter
. Chaos Biker Champion: Combi-bolter, Power sword

+ Troops +

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 167pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. 7x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ heavy weapon: Autocannon
. Marine w/ special weapon: Plasma gun
. Aspiring Champion: Bolt pistol, Power sword

Chaos Cultists [9 PL, 108pts]: Mark of Tzeentch
. 12x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun
. 12x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Shotgun

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 167pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Aspiring Champion: Bolt pistol, Power sword
. 7x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ heavy weapon: Autocannon
. Marine w/ special weapon: Plasma gun

++ Fortification Network (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [6 PL, 110pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Legion: Black Legion

+ Fortification +

Skyshield Landing Pad [6 PL, 110pts]

++ Total: [157 PL, 2997pts] ++

D&D AL – Tomb of Annihilation – update on the teams progress

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Despite my best intentions I found that I have been exceedingly lax in keeping these updated on my two tables progress through the Tomb of Annihilation, so here is an update on how the teams are getting along.

Team Zorbo

The team was greatly motivated to help the Order of the Gauntlet at Camp Vengeance, while those with healing power tended the sick the others were tasked with recovering the fishing nets. Unfortunately the laden nets had gathered the attention of a giant crocodile also and there was an altercation which resulted in the dino-shaped druid being dragged along in the reptiles mouth as it sought deeper waters. Eventually it decided to seek out less violent meals and released her.

Leaving Vengeance they decided to look for Vorn (having been given information from Wakanga in Port Nyanzaru) and found the immobile Guardian in the jungle. following a trail they discovered Yellyark but activated the launch feature. They then spent a couple of days trying to track the mobile village (unsuccessfully as the goblins felt threatened and kept on the move) before deciding to get back “on mission” and headed to Mbala.

The druid in the meantime had been visited by one of the sewn sisters and is now slowly losing health due to the nightmares. They sought information from Nanny Pupu who agreed to tell them what she knew in return for them dealing with some pesky pterafolk on the cliff edge of Mbala. Despite losing their tortle companion due to falling the 1600 feet to the floor below the rest of the party were able to defeat the pterafolk and drive off the remainders and Nanny told them that the most direct way to stop the nightmares was to kill the hag causing it.

The party then headed towards Oralunga in search of the sage rumoured to be there (and because the crazy guy in Port Nyanzaru had told them to seek out the sage), during this trek they came across a curious clearing. a single fir-tree grew in a shaded glade covered in snow (though it wasnt cold) and it had several red baubles on it. Approaching they found a Chwinga and made friends with it by giving it mayonnaise (from the Alchemy Jug), in return it allowed them to take one bauble each (a Potion of Healing from my Level Up DM Quest reward).

They found Oralunga and despite a little squeamishness gained entrance to the top of the ziggurat and the sage, getting some answers to their questions and a suggestion that there may be something to the south that could speed their journey.

They eagerly set out that way and reach Ataaz Kahakla, cautious about the large skeletons in the gorge they eventually find a way across (travelling a little out of their way to do so) and eventually coming across the wreck of the Star Goddess and Captain Amelia Smollet (I played her as the captain from Treasure Planet and being a Tabaxi), helping the stranded crew to cobble together a smaller craft capable of making it to the coast in return for a lift.

Departing from the sky sailors they follow Musharib’s directions to find Hrakhamar and set about completing their promise to aid the albino dwarf liberate his home from the fire newts. And that is where they currently are.

Team Chwinga

Despite a slow start Team Chwinga have made much progress in the intervening sessions. They overcame the trials and traps of Camp Righteous, visited Camp Vengeance where having several members of the order amongst them put them in good stead and they were told there was a missing patrol that had headed towards Mbala in search of the wise-woman there. The Dragonborn Swashbuckler also received a visit from a sewn sister and had begun losing health when he slept.

Reaching Mbala they found that there was some form of barrier preventing their guide, Eku, from entering the village so she made a meagre camp while they explored the ruins. Here they found a trio of figures gardening beside a hut and discovered them to be zombies of the missing Order patrol. After destroying them they met Nanny Pupu who calmly told them she made them from corpses she found, probably killed by the nearby pterafolk, she invited them in to share her stew while they talked. The half-orc barbarian was happy to accept but most of the party chose not to partake. That night when the swashbuckler was on watch back at their camp he saw a foggy mist cover the ruins and in the swirls could see ghostly forms of the former inhabitants going about their daily business. He chose to sneak back towards Nanny’s hut could see no sign of Nanny.

However the garden was all disturbed and just as he realised the earth had been moved from underneath he saw a hand out of the corner of his eye reaching for him – a very, very big hand! He ran back to the camp and roused his companions. They faced the creature, a flesh golem created from the amalgamation of the remaining patrol corpses and were eventually able to defeat it, and decided that as Eku had said, Nanny was not a creature of goodness. They returned to the hut but she was not to be found. Behind the hut they found a short set of rough stairs leading to a chamber with a large black iron cauldron of bubbling green liquid (despite having no heat source below it). They tipped it over, flooding the floor with the acidic fluid which reacted with the stone floor to give off noxious gas but thankfully they got out mostly unaffected. Here they saw Nanny before them just laughing at them, they tried to attack her but something else was attacking them, something unseen. Once they were able to land a blow on the laughing Nanny they discovered that it was an illusion.

Finally the monk managed to get his blanket over the invisible assailant which allowed the rest of the party to target it easier and they finally killed Nanny Pupu. This was able to then release the ghosts of Mbala and Eku was also able to finally enter the village. As they had done as she had asked she agreed that she would now lead them to Omu for free as agreed.

They began to make good pace as they continued south, encountering some zombie girallons on the way but being able to overcome them. They also found what looked to be an abandoned stone shrine, mostly intact, and chose to use it for an overnight camp. Examining the pictographs with Eku’s help they were able to see they told the story of Ubtao and the Nine Trickster gods, the dragonborn chose to beseech these gods/spirits of Chult saying that he was devoted to stopping the death curse and aid the people of Chult just as they had done in the past but he couldn’t do so if he succumbed to the death curse himself because of the hags draining his life. Amazingly, come morning he appeared to be free of the draining effect and the nightmares.

Continuing south they begin to reach the rising ground and the jungle teems with danger.