D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 17-18

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DnD_PotAThe heroes rested in their makeshift lair (washroom) before deciding to venture once more through the monastery. The returned to the large chamber where they had defeated the cultists and Umber Hulk to find a solitary figure with its back to them, a big figure.

Clad in the familiar hooded robes of the cultists the figure was almost 8 feet tall but didnt appear to have noticed the heroes. Stuart’s wizard used an illusion to make a duplicate of himself appear behind a pillar the other side of the figure and with an inhuman bellow it lowered its head and charged at the apparent intruder. As it ran the heroes could see it had hoofed feet and as it passed through the illusion and connected with the pillar there was an almighty crack (the heroes weren’t sure if it came from the pillar of the creatures skull) which left it momentarily dazed.

The heroes recognised it as a minotaur and taking advantage of its state the heroes went at it, weapons and spells flying as once it recovered it fought back. The brutish man-beast gave as good as he got but unfortunately it fell to the superior numbers of the heroes. Taking a brief rest to tend to their wounds the decide to go out through the large double doors to the south. (At this point they noticed some writing on the door that spelled out “ALBUS”, the Potter fans will get the pun).

The corridor beyond was open to the sky above, like a courtyard, and had four ugly looking statues lining it. The heroes began examining the statues finding one to have dried blood on its claw and another to have a piece of cloth trapped under its base. Jason’s warlock fired an eldritch blast at the base to release the cloth, and they were able to identify it as similar to that used in the cultists robes but had a brownish stain on it – possibly old blood, maybe something else.

With a choice of four other exits they chose one to the east and opened it into another corridor. Gary’s druid in spider form scuttled around and made sure that the corridor was empty but had several more doors leading from it. The party chose one and found it led into what appeared to be a training room.

A padded mat took up the central part of the floor and four cultists appeared to be sparring with a fifth whose mask had no eye-holes. The heroes made out that they were new recruits and the leading cultist seemed to take their word and invited one of them to join the sparring. Jasons warlock casually strolled around to be beside a couple of the other cultists but as he began to cast one of his spells the blind cultist reacted first, spinning agilely she landed multiple bare handed blows on the warlock before he realised what was happening and left him stunned from the attack.

The rest of the party sprang into action, though Gary stayed in spider form and took to the ceiling hoping to stay out of melee. Unfortunately one of the cultists grabbed a long weapon from the racks around the room and was able to poke the druid repeatedly. Between the cultists and the blind girl the heroes were taking a fair beating but as they gradually began taking out her allies they were able to gang up on her and eventually take her down. Retrieving a key from her they decided to head back to their hideaway to recover, but as they passed through the courtyard area again they noticed that two of the statues were missing (not the one with bloody claws or the blasted base one). A shadow passed over them but other than giving them a slight scare nothing attacked.

The headed back through the temple room, noting that the minotaurs body was gone, but when they opened the door to leave they found one of the “statues” waiting for them as it burst into the room and attacked. Already bruised and battered they fought hard against the gargoyle (the warlock and priest identified it with arcana checks) especially as their non-magical attacks were not being as effective against the stone-skinned creature.

With the heroes limping back to relative safety we left it there for this time.

sacred stone player

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – July

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Batman-coverFollowing on from last month I pledged to get another pair of my League of Shadows miniatures done, however as I had a demonstration game planned that was due to be filmed for inclusion on our FLGS’s YouTube channel I needed them completed within the first 3 days of the month!

Thankfully the ninja figure really didnt take a lot of work, astrogranite the base, a base colour, wash and then pick out things like weapons and the eye slit in the hood.


Talia however was a little more involved. At first look she could be a plain model, mostly clad in black leather, bit of flesh, hair and sword. Unfortunately after a black priming and layer of abaddon black the leather still looked flat. It would do for the filming thankfully but I wanted to revisit it afterwards.


Revisiting Talia and using the advice of fellow all scars, I gave the leather a very light drybrush of eshin grey followed by a wash of nuln oil. I also gave the flesh areas a light drybrush of rakarth flesh to tone down the “essex tan”.

Pleased with how the ninja had gone I was eager to get the remaining ones done reasonably quickly using the same process as on the first.


So, pledged Talia and Yang; painted Talia, Yang, Ying, Lotus, Seeker and Shadow. I’m getting a better completion ratio on my Batman miniatures than with my Black Legion.

Plenty of time to decide on my pledge for next month, but i have a sneaking suspicion that it will be my Liam Neeson Ra’s al Ghul and probably DK Scarecrow.

D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 15-16

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Sorry for the delay getting this one posted up, been a hectic week.  Our adventures continue down at Tabletop Tyrants despite the insane heatwave we’re experiencing.

With a number of players heading home having finished Uni here in Leicester the available slots were filled by players we had waiting to join in.

This meant that my table had two higher level current characters being joined by three new first level ones. What could possibly go wrong?

We picked up where we left off, with Tim and Jack continuing the fight against the Earth priest and his guards but now our heroes were reinforced by a trio of fresh faced adventurers. It still took a good effort on the part of the heroes with the new druid and ranger getting knocked unconscious before the cultists were dealt with.

We had several comedic moments with Tim casting command on a guard and shouting “Kneel”, to which the guard replied “I’m Fred, Neal works Fridays!”, then failed his WIS save and fell to his knees mumbling “alright, I’m Neal, I’m sorry”.

Once they revived their comrades Jack decided to pull the brass lever on the altar, they all heard a grinding noise come from down the stairs and changing all but the first four steps into a slide. Jack tried the lever a couple of more times but nothing else appeared to be happening. They threw a torch down to see a reddish soil floor but little else, Jason’s warlock tied a rope to one of the pillars and dropped it down. Gary’s druid braved it, and was most of the way down when the poorly tied knot gave way and deposited him at the bottom.

The room at the bottom of the stairs looked more natural in construction aside from the iron bars and gate on one side, but before the druid could investigate further he was attacked by an umber hulk that the lever had released.

The rest of the party responded quickly but chose to attack from the top of the stairs, leaving the druid to face the ire of the massive insect alone. Once the druid had stopped twitching the hulk used its burrowing skills to carve its own stairway up and engaged the rest of the heroes. Blasting it with magic, blade and hammer eventually brought it down but all of the heroes were left in a sorry state.

Despite the obvious risk they returned back to the wash room and secured themselves once more inside, this time to take a long rest and recover (hopefully undisturbed).

sacred stone

That was where we left it for this session, a quick totaling up of xp meant that having survived their baptism of fire the three new characters would (assuming they survive the rest period) be second level when we next play.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – June

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Well this month for the All Scars Survivor Series painting challenge I decided to have a change from my 40K Black Legion army and do a pair of character models for my growing League of Shadows crew for the new Batman Miniatures Game – Arkham City Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter Nyssa.


Along with my reskinned Blackgate Prisoners (painted in Iron Heights uniforms) I had quite a reasonable crew.

CAM02842 CAM02843

But I was missing the iconic ninjas of the League, while waiting for the older miniatures to become available again I managed to get the newly released Lady Shiva and her trio of League Agents, even giving them a trial run against fellow All Scar Jack (who proceeded to handily trounce me).

This however just wasnt enough, and so the ranks were also joined by Ra’s other daughter, Talia, and Dr Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow (DK version).


But something was still missing. Then someone sent me a link to a Facebook trading group for the Batman Miniatures Game and lo and behold, there were the ninjas. What a great service from the seller too, ordered very late on Wednesday evening, posted on the Thursday, received on the Friday morning.  Assembled over the weekend, not too much flash (which sadly seems to be a curse on these models) and after a little green stuff applied…



Along with a donated DK Bane, and two of his mercenaries (Ted Hunter and Mohawk – whose head was swapped for Slade Wilson’s), I think I finally have all the models I want for now (though I might add a single member from the second Blackgate set – Prisoner 04 – as he begins with the Bodyguard trait).

For next months pledge I want to get Talia and Yang (one of the basic ninjas) completed, though I need them done by the 3rd for a game we are hoping to video for a store demo.

Will I make it in time? Tune in same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel, to find out (if you get that reference you’re probably as old as I am).

D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 13-14

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DnD_PotADown on numbers this week due to illness (hope you feel better soon Daniel) but excitement factor was up.

Having recovered in Red Larch (and Brandon retraining his character into a Wood Elf Ranger) our heroes head back out to Feathergale Spire, this time reaching it without incident.

The knights let them in and allow them to join their feast while they discuss the missing delegation and the cult activity the heroes have encountered. The meal is interrupted as one of the sentries bursts in to report the manticore has been spotted.

The leader of the knights invites the part to join the hunt and supplies hippogriff mounts as the hunt takes to the air. Luck is on the side of the heroes as they outshine the experienced knights and bring the beast down through massed firepower. Returning the severed head to join the knights trophies in their feast hall.

The leader rewards them which his gold ring and advises them to investigate the unsavoury residents of the Sacred Stone monastery nearby, supply directions to its hidden location. As the party have already encountered the golden masked monks they are eager to do so and after spending a evenings rest at the spire they bid the knights farewell and head deeper into the hills.

Following the directions they find the hidden defile that leads to the natural amphitheatre that holds the monastery. A quick scout reveals three possible entrances but they decide to try the direct approach, knocking on the main door and attempting to appear as supplicants. Unfortunately the doors guardians don’t fall for it and the heroes decide to try another approach.

Jack shoulders down a side door, breaking into a kitchen area and disturbing a quartet of monks who move to engage him as Brandon and Tim assist him. It’s a close call but they manage to overcome the monks and Brandon barrels down another door, leading into a larger dining hall, though he manages to fall on his backside in the process. The dining halls occupants, a pair of earth-armoured guards, are quick to respond (though Jack manages to force one to spend a round cowering behind an overturned table). These guys are able to deal out a pounding before the heroes are victorious and with aching muscles and bruised limbs they decide to dispose of the accumulated bodies by dumping them into the massive open ovens in the kitchen before retiring into the adjacent washroom and securing the door to take a short rest.

Once rested, they return to the dining hall and choose one of the door leading off, forcing it open to reveal a darkened corridor. With Tim being the only one without darkvision he brings up the rear, and Jack finds the corridor ends in another door behind which he can hear some voices (but can’t quite make out what they are saying).

Opening the door they enter a large chamber with four natural stone columns, a stone altar and a set of stairs descending to a lower level. There was also another pair of the earth-armoured warriors and a splint mailed gentleman holding a glaive.

The heroes tried their ploy once again of being supplicants, and the splint guy seemed happy to receive them, telling them to report below for indoctrination into the sect. The heroes though smelt a rat and noticed his hand hovering near a lever beside the altar and instead on complying tried to bluff their way through, unfortunately this did not go well and the splint guy responded by ordering his guards to attack.

We played two rounds of combat before time beat us, but by then Brandon was once again lying unconscious (he’d refused to use his hit dice at the short rest after being outvoted by his team mates on taking a long rest instead). Next session we’ll pick back up from the third round of combat –  a real cliffhanger!

Gotham gang warfare heats up.

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So a few more of my fellow All Scars have ventures into the darkened streets of Gotham recently. Edd with a Batman crew (and a developing Joker crew), Graham with a loaned Bane crew (but looking toward Ivy or Court of Owls), and this week Jack (with a Joker crew) and Jon (with another Batman crew) took to the mean streets.

First up was Jack. He was fielding Arkham Harley (renamed Haley) accompanied by a couple of Blackgate Prisoners (High Security and Mr Stikka); facing off against my latest League additions, Lady Shiva and her ninjarettes. 150 rep basic skirmish game.

Right off the bat I made a serious mistake splitting off the henchman with the loyalty tattoo from Lady Shiva (who she was meant to be protecting). This left Shiva open to attack from High Sec guy, which I know all too well is a slayer. Hayley made good use of her technique ability to knock ninjarettes to the floor – allowing Stikka to take advantage of the reduction in their defense to pound them. Before we even reached the final round I was down to just the ninjarette with a knife against all of Jack’s force and facing a 7-1 vp deficit. My first defeat in Gotham.

Jon was going to play against our friend Daniel at the same time but unfortunately Daniel was taken ill and had to head home. So while Jack went to play in the Warmachine release event Jon and I faced off.

Knowing that you don’t get much Bat for your buck, we upped the points to 300 rep.

Jon took the following.

Jons Bat Crew

He also took an extra ammo clip for both Batman and Gordon, unaware that they can only be given to henchmen. I did say he could reallocate but he chose to just drop them as none of his officers had firearms.

He would be facing

Mik LoS crew

High Security guy took the Loyalty Tattoo so he could bodyguard Ras and Shiva. Turk took an ammo clip and night vision goggles (not particularly useful in hindsight as his guns were both short range (20cm) and basic vision reaches 30cm.

Using Ras mastermind skill I added an extra Take the Lead token to the bag, but we still managed to draw all of Jon’s in the first 3 rounds.

Opening gambits netted me a titan dose for Stikk, and Ras solving a riddle for 3vps.

I think Jon had a fear of High Sec guy as his taser armed cop and Batman knocked him out and then arrested him. Though this then cost them as Shiva and Ras began tag-teaming on cops and Batsy. Even Gordon sprang forward to help the dark knight but in true villain fashion I switched my attacks to the weaker target and hospitalised the commissioner.

While all this was happening, Turk had sneaked up the other side of the block, knocking out another cop with gunfire before advancing on Alfred who was guarding my titan objective. I had a choice, split fire and target Alfred with one gun and the downed cop the other, or focus on a single target. I decided to take the Brit down. Unfortunately I only knocked him out but this allowed me to claim the Titan – for now.

As we began the final round I had 2 henchmen arrested (High Sec and Mr Stikk) and Jon had Gordon as a casualties with another cop and Alfred KO’d. I KO’d another cop and Jon was preparing to go down swinging with Batman but I suggested rather than hit either Shiva or Ras as he was very unlikely to take them out (due to losing willpower from damage and my enervating sword) perhaps he should use his abilities to skip out and claim the undefended titan counter – which he did, securing vps.

A little overkill but Ras took out another officer and we entered the recovery phase. Jon’s luck held and both his cops and Alfred recovered, denying my KO vps and contesting the titan objective to deny me more.

Final score was 6 vp to Jon (2 arrested henchmen, titan objective) to my 11 vp (2 henchmen casualties, sidekick casualty, 3 point riddle).


Wow, a brutal game. Even if he doesn’t have Liam Neeson Ras’ insta-kill ability, Arkham Ras is a monster. Spend 1SC to activate Precise Blow, coupled with Weapon Master with his sword and outnumber with his allies and you’re going to hit most targets on a 2+, then wound on 3+ (with Sharp giving rerolls) to cause 2 blood damage each hit and then steal a willpower point.

Scarecrow Talia

I’ve now purchased Talia and DKR Scarecrow for my League options so will have even more choices going in to future games, and have been toying with some crew list combo’s already – all I’ll say for now is that it’s going to get bloody!

D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 11-12

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DnD_PotAApologies for the late update on this post but to be honest there really wasn’t a lot to put.

The heroes continued heading back to Red Larch but were assaulted by Earth Cult marauders leaving all but Jack out of action. Jack bravely took his fallen comrades back to town and arranged their being raised by their respective factions.

Once they had sufficiently recovered and restocked their supplies they went to investigate the strange graves the shepherd in the Inn had told them of, uncovering the bodies within. They found a crude map which seemed to indicate Feathergale Spire as a locale of importance and set out towards it.

However they were then attacked by a group of men riding giant vultures. Despite dealing with them with relative ease, one of the heroes was still taken down. So it was a decision to either head back to Red Larch and recover, or head on to the Spire a man down. Wisely (I think) they trudged back to town.

The random encounters seem to be taking a lot of the time up, and while they supply needed xp, I think we may need to possibly get a move on and head to the “meat” of the adventure a little more.

The other reason for the lateness of this post is that I spent last weekend at UK Games Expo, DMing more 5e Adventurers League over 3 days. We had been given the premier of one of the season 2 Expeditions (DDEX2-10 Cloak & Shadows) and I was running it 5 times over the weekend.

I wont give any details as I hope you’ll all get the opportunity to play it yourselves when it gets released, but I will say its a well written, fast paced adventure that throws the heroes straight into the action with some very innovative twists included. I did ham up some of the npc’s involved and had an absolute blast each time I ran it as no group played through it the same.


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