D&D Encounters – Curse of Strahd – Abbey normal?

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Curse of Strahd CoverHaving secured the wine shipment for the town of Krezk and escorted it back to them we are finally admitted and are pleasantly surprised to see that the majority of the town consists of woodland though much less oppressive than the Svalich woods we’d been travelling through.

After a brief look around we decide to camp out at a poolside shrine, albeit under the watchful glare of a handful of town guards. Next morning we decide to investigate the abbey above and travel up the long switchback pathway. As we approach we can see the low wall and gated entrance. With no-one about I push the gate open, deliberately making it squeal as much as possible. My efforts are rewarded as a strange pair of figures approach to bar our entrance.

The first is a squatting humanoid, though I look more human than this strange creature. “His” face is a mix of human, wolf and donkey and his legs look to be from a large cat. His companion is mostly covered in a hooded robe but we get glimpses of both furred and scaled flesh when it moves and it speaks with a feminine voice.

They tell us we’re not welcome the Abbott sees no-one. We tell them we have brought the wine shipment but will not release it until we see the Abbott. The squat one becomes very agitated and growls at us, I reply with a throaty growl of my own. Eventually it heads inside the nearby building and returns shortly with a middle-aged man in monk’s attire.

As he talks to my companions there’s something about him I just don’t like, can’t put my finger on it but he’s just too nice. Eventually my companions agree to bring the wine up and we begin heading back down the path. Once out of sight of the Abbey I slip away and make my way back up and over the wall and into the Abbey grounds, heading towards the building the Abbott had come from (and returned too). Looking through a window I see him stood in what looks like a church type room with what seems to be a young red-haired woman (her back was to the window but I assume she’s young by her height, figure and the elegant dress she’s wearing). They disappear up stairs and I begin heading back around towards the gate using the available cover of the few trees as I hear my companions dragging the barrels upwards.

As they near the gates I see the pair of figures are awaiting them and decide to sneak up behind, however the squat one has the senses of a wolf also and turns with a snarl and moves as if to charge at me. I’m quicker. I throw one of my furballs, it transforms into a bristling boar and I command it to attack.  The fight is brutal and brief, my boar manages to knock the squat figure prone as I rush up to engage, blades drawn. I split my attacks between the pair of them and before my companions even clear the gateway I am victorious and stand cleaning my blades.

The paladin isn’t happy with me, but I assure it was self-defence and this seems to placate him. I quickly tell them about the Abbott and the woman, emphasising the fact that he’d told us it was only himself and the poor creatures like these in his charge. We agree to explore further as we catch a glimpse of guards further down the building.

As we approach we realise that they are actually mannequins of a sort, made to look like guardsmen. We open the large gate into an open courtyard between the two building of the Abbey. There are some shed/stable buildings with locked doors, a well, doors leading into the buildings on either side and a strange bat-winged creature chained to a post.

I take my boar and approach the bat-thing as our cleric investigates the well. That’s when a spider-frog monstrosity jumped out of the well at the dwarf, I take the distraction to command the boar to charge the bat-thing but the creature manages to fly up out of the pigs reach.

While my companions attack the spider-frog, the bat-thing swoops and picks up my boar, hoisting it aloft before dropping it. The boar hits the ground hard and bursts with cloud of purple mist. As my companions gain the upper hand with spider-frog, I stand on the chain restraining the bat-thing as it struggles to get away, and begin walking along the chain, slowly pulling it further and further down to the ground. Before it can land its struggles cause it pass out and it flops to the ground. The paladin doesn’t want me to hurt it while it’s no threat, ok, for now.

The battlerager goes off to check out the side of the abbey where I’d seen the Abbott and woman, while the rest of the party goes to the opposite side and the door from behind which the jumbled howls and yowls. They enter the building and I quickly hear the shouts of combat, but before I join them I thrust my rapier through the skull of the unconscious bat-thing. It gives out a shriek which causes the paladin at the doorway to look back “It was faking it and attacked me” I say, “had to defend myself”.  He looks at me a moment as if trying to decide whether to belive me or not, but his attention is quickly drawn inside.

The noises are louder, and coming from what appear to be cells at the far end of this building filled with more of these strange mixed breed creatures. However a tall muscular figure has engaged my companions, its skin a patchwork of different tones, stitched together with a surgeons precision. Golem!

I try and assist but my weapons have no effect on the beast and I wisely decide to keep out of its reach while those able to damage it do so. Eventually  it drops lifeless and I pick up a set of keys from its body. Starting with the nearest cell I begin opening the door, telling those imprisoned they are free and to leave. Most of them seem reluctant to do so, but the fourth door I open I’ve barely begun to speak when the occupants (more wolf-dog men) rush hungrily at me, jaws snapping.

I manage to back across the corridor allowing my companions to engage them also but I still have to resort to taking one of my stash of healing potions before deciding to unlock what I hope is the back door and escape out. Thankfully it does lead back outside and with other foes to face the dog men don’t follow. Pertinax manages to cow the few survivors back into their cell and I return in time to relock it securely.

We still haven’t seen our battlerager, I genuinely hope he hasn’t come to harm, he’s a good scrapper and less worried about morality than most of the party.


D&D online campaign – Domains of Dread episode 1

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RavenloftLogoWith the release of the current D&D hardback adventure “Curse of Strahd” conversations within our group turned inevitably towards the history of Ravenloft. With it being one of my favourites I was able to supply much information including the fact that there were so many more dark domains than just Barovia, each with its own Darklord, some of which were possibly even worse than Strahd!

I offered to run a campaign for several of my friends using the latest version of the rules (5e) but running converted versions of my collection of 2e Ravenloft materials. We knew if would be difficult to get everyone together at our local store (where we play Encounters and Expeditions) with our various schedules and I also wanted to make sure that the guys that usually have to man the shop had the opportunity to play too. So we decided to run it over the brilliant Roll20 virtual tabletop and then to live stream it from one of the players points of view.

It took me about a month of preparation due to other projects but once I had things in place we were able to sort a date out to run and we were set. Despite the preparations we still had a few teething problems getting to grips with the technology (one of the players being unable to access the tabletop and audio from his tablet, resulting in his character not really taking part in the first session). Hopefully we’ll be able to sort these out in time for the next session.

We also agreed that we would run an open game rather than the Adventurers League rules version that we play for Encounters and Expeditions, this meant that not only were all player options available, but players had the option to roll their stats (roll 4d6 drop the lowest, 6 times and assign as you wish, roll three sets and pick the one you need). The only restriction being exercising my DM option to deny multi-classing. All begin at 1st level but I’m reasonably certain they’ll reach a level up quickly.

So who do we have in our ragtag bunch of misfits and miscreants?

  • Aran Swiftshout, human Ranger – Liam
  • Goragal, half-orc Barbarian – Jon
  • Odin Ironbeard, mountain dwarf Tempest Cleric – Lee (once he gets his technology sorted)
  • Odion, human Monk – Alastair
  • Solun Ryka, aasimar Bard – Tim
  • Talios Eversong, high elf Mage – Jack
  • Sun ‘o’ War, half-orc Druid – Emily


I would pre-warn you that the video/live stream will contain adult language etc so may not be suitable for everyone or for viewing in public.


We have been discussing dates for the next installment and currently have it pencilled in for Saturday 13th August 7pm (UK time), when it will once again be streamed live at www.twitch.tv/everoth so feel free to watch our continuing shenanigans.

D&D Encounters – Curse of Strahd – Krezk w(h)ines

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Curse of Strahd CoverWith the guards watching warily from atop the wall we approached the gate to Krezk, they seemed even more isolationist than the previous villages we’d visited but they did bring their burgomeister to the gate to talk to us. His was Dmitri Krezkov and he was loath to let us in unless we could prove ourselves. We asked what proof he would need and were told that the town hadn’t received its usual delivery of wines from the local winery. After getting him to make its location on our map we agreed to go and investigate what had happened and if possible return with the towns wine. Despite this they still didn’t want to lt us in overnight so we set up a meagre camp beside their gate.

Pertinax spent some time examining his amulet before announcing that it was better suited to the abilities of either the paladin or priest and gave it to the paladin to use. Let us hope that we don’t have to test its effectiveness too soon.


Next day we set off for the trek to the winery, the journey wasnt overly taxing and we soon came upon a group of Vistani coming the other way leading wagons, one of which looked very familiar. While the rest of us waited in the nearby treeline one of the dwarfs stood in the road as they moved past. We could tell it was definitely the same group we had met beside the Luna river, but they made no threatening moves to the dwarf so we remained hidden while they passed.

Moving on we soon came across a bedraggled looking group, turns out they were the family that ran the winery. They told us that wild men (possibly druids) had taken over their place with an army of plant-men and had also stolen the magic gems that helped their vineyard flourish in this dismal land. We told them Krezk had sent us and said we would see what we could do.

We approached the winery, from the outside it looked deserted, so myself and Aris took point and investigated the loading bay where a wagon stood already loaded with casks of wine. As we reached the wagon our companions gave a call, a small force of twig-men had emerged from the vineyard and were closing in. The rest of the party fought a retreating action but I decided to climb the loading mechanism to the upper floor where I encountered a wild-looking human sitting atop the winch. Striking swiftly with my blades he darted off through a nearby door, rather than chase blindly I waited in readiness as my companions caught up and joined me (leaving the twig-men slowly closing in still).

Heading through the door we began investigating the winery, finding a kitchen/dining area and sleeping chambers. As we approached the farthest one we heard mumbling and rushed in to find the man I had previously encountered with a pair of the twig-men. With the dwarven berserker hot on my heels I charged in, smashing one of the twig men asunder before closing upon the man. The dwarf made short work (the best kind for dwarves I hear) of the other twig-man but the human tried to flee, diving from the window and dropping a strange-looking staff in the process. Not wanting to let him get away I dove after him, coming up in run with my blades ready. I later found out that my allies broke the staff he left behind, but I was glad of the effect it had on the twig-men outside – they all fell apart.


I caught up to the man as we reached the tree line and finally my blades brought him down. I quick search of his corpse revealed nothing of any use so i returned to the winery and my companions. We had another search around the premises and I found a lock box under a bed, it contained some coinage and ledgers and I was sure there was something hidden in the lid but couldn’t find a release for whatever it was. I put the box and its contents back, but later as we took a deserved rest I returned to try again and found the lid had a compartment containing a locket, a portrait and a number of gemstones. These were obviously of sentimental value so I replaced them as I had found them.

Several of my companions sampled the wines while we rested, then someone went to fetch the wine makers. They were very happy to have their home and business back and told us that the consignment on the cart was indeed for Krezk. They gave us a couple of small casks for ourselves and we agreed to accompany their delivery back to Krezk.

The journey was another uneventful one and we reached the town finally being allowed through the gates with the consignment of wines.

party map

D&D Encounters – Curse of Strahd – Luna passing

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Curse of Strahd CoverWe continue our adventures in Barovia.

The Vistani leader just happened to be the father of the young girl we rescued, earning us a comfortable nights rest in the safety of their camp. While they held a small revelry to celebrate the return of Arabel, I talked to a few of them to get some further information on the lands around us, specifically to match up any further clues from the card readings.

One of them was quite forthcoming about the “white tower in the mountains with golden knights”, suggesting that it may be the tower at Tsolenka Pass. Using the map we had they showed us its location and we could see two possible routes, a clear but winding road through the passes of Mount Ghakis or a rough trail along the Luna River. The Vistani were willing to let us have a cart and horses to aid us on the promise of setting them free to return (as they had been trained to do) when we had no further need of them. After a brief discussion we agreed to follow the river as it would allow us to keep fresh water supplies during the journey.

Another outlander was visiting with the Vistani and chose to accompany us onwards, a halfling by the name of Eldon, he seemed a capable fellow but time would tell. When dawn broke we prepared ourselves and departed.

We made good time with the horses and cart and as darkness approached we made a camp close by the river and took turns to keep watch during a thankfully uneventful night. As we prepared to break camp and continue, our ranger Luna (who had gone down to the river that shared her name to freshen up) let out a yell of alarm. Most of us rushed to her aid, Eldon clambered up a tree and began supplying covering bow-fire.

A sodden figure had arisen from the river and attacked the ranger, quickly knocking her off her feet. We couldn’t be sure of her condition until we had a chance to check  her but we were otherwise engaged. As I got there along side Pertinax the creature turned its baleful gaze upon me and I suddenly found myself unable to move a muscle, then it struck me with a fist as cold as the grave and the shock snapped me out of it. Thankfully my training allowed me to strike it and dance back out of reach before it could make further attacks at myself.

It took the combined efforts of the rest of the party to finally drive it off (it retreated into the deeper waters of the river where we couldn’t follow) and then we looked to our companion. Unfortunately it was too late for poor Luna, she had been mauled too viciously by whatever that creature was. Unsure of what her burial customs were we just rolled her remains into the river that bore her name and returned to our camp, packing our gear and moving on.

Despite the mornings loss the day was almost pleasant as we travelled along the riverside, as evening approached we spied a small vistani camp ahead and once we told them we were friendly with Lubash (Arabel’s father) they were happy to let us camp with them and as the path ahead would quickly become impassable for the cart, agreed to return the horses and cart to the larger camp. While we had some trust in these travellers we still felt it necessary to not divulge our destination, instead telling them we were heading up to Lake Luna. The night was cold but uneventful.

Next day the path did indeed become much steeper as we ascended the scree besides the river, it was slow going and late into the afternoon when we finally crested and rejoined the more well-travelled pass. Ahead we could see a pair of stone built gateways either end of an old stone bridge crossing over the river below. Atop the nearer of the gateways were what must have once been imposing statues of mounted knights but one had suffered much damage leaving it little more than a pile of rubble. Ever wary, myself and Eldon approached cautiously ahead of the main party but the guard posts were long abandoned and empty. The others caught up to us quickly and we began to cross the bridge.

As we did so we could see a black cloaked figure on horseback standing at the mid-point, it wasnt making any aggressive gestures but we weren’t going to risk anything. Having summoned a giant badger from my bag earlier in the morning I sent it scuttling  directly at the figure, it moved within reach and then passed straight through it! Some sort of illusion perhaps. Mostly satisfied that it posed no harm we walked past it, though weapons at the ready. Our caution was unnecessary though as it dissipated into smoke as we drew level with it. More than one of us let out a sigh of relief.

The gateway at the far end of the bridge was similar to the other one, though both statues were intact. Again, Eldon and myself checked ahead but all was abandoned. Beyond the gateway the pass continued to rise with a small tower of white stone beside it and a third gateway beyond. The gateway looked intact but the statues this time were of some demonic looking bird creatures facing out further up the pass and a strange green shimmer hung in the air between the gates.

We approached the tower, finding the door to be secured from inside. Neither Eldon nor myself had anything to open it with (aside from brute force) but there were others better suited to that task. Pertinax took a good run up and burst the door open. Inside was an empty hearth and a stone stairway leading up. We ascended to the upper floor to find another hearth (though this one had a dire wolf’s head mounted above it) and an iron ladder leading up to a trapdoor in the ceiling. Each wall of the octagonal tower had a window in it, affording a grand view but making the room very cold. While I examined the head and hearth for anything hidden Rorik began climbing the ladder, though it took several attempts as some of the rungs snapped under his weight before he managed to reach the top and open the trapdoor. The wind took it our of his hand and slammed it back against the roof, causing a few of us to jump in surprise.

The roof and its crenelations were decorated with statues of golden female warriors armed with lances facing outward, most of which were intact. A thin layer of snow-covered the roof but Rorik and the others cold just make out a pile of rags. When they checked them they found them to be the tattered remains of a skeleton in leather armour (beyond any practical use), Rorik poked the remains about with his weapon unable to find anything but Pertinax’s eagle eyes spotted a glint of something and just before the dwarf’s rough handling would have tossed it over the parapet, managed to grab the item.

It was an amulet on a chain, shaped to resemble the sun so rarely seen since we entered this cursed realm with a large red gem set in its centre. Both Eldon and I paid particular attention as the warrior put it about his neck and tucked it under his armour. The words “…a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. Go to the mountains. Climb the white tower guarded by golden knights” hung in my ears, surely such an item should be of better use to either our cleric Rorik or even the paladin rather than Pertinax, no matter how pious his actions had proven him to be. Maybe someone should reallocate it at some point.

A brief search of the tower revealed nothing else of value so we discussed our next step forward, consulting the map. The only remaining clues we had were either linked to Strahd himself, which we assumed meant his castle, or the werewolf holy site we had been informed about by the hunters in Vallaki. We decided to begin heading that way but would make a stop at the small village of Krezk (the only other settlement we hadn’t caused to hate or fear us so far), but this time my companions wanted to follow the mountain pass.

The four-day journey was mostly quiet, aside from a night-time disturbance of bats swarming down the pass, I was mostly protected by the bulk of the dire wolf I had summoned though the creature was destroyed in the process. It was at this time that Pertinax discovered that someone had indeed taken the amulet from him but despite being offered to search people’s packs he simply stated he hoped whoever had taken it would return it.

The day after the amulet had still not been returned and the normally jovial warrior had become quite sullen, could this be an effect of the amulet? This time he did search packs that were offered, finding it hidden away in Rorik’s, the clerics, pack. “Perhaps the amulet seeks a wielder more to its liking, I have heard of some magic items having a sentience of their own” I offered, but Pertinax simply reclaimed the amulet and put it back around his neck.

We reached the small hamlet of Krezk as evening began to descend once more, it may be the smallest of the settlements we’ve encountered but certainly the most secure. Surrounded by a twenty-foot high stone wall reinforced with buttresses it looked like it could withstand a small siege as we approached the gatehouse…..


Talia’s tale of the tape

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taliaSince my last look at the options for my League of Shadows BMG crew there haven’t been a lot of additions other than an expansion of Free Agents, which aren’t specifically League affiliated.

However there was one significant addition, an alternate Talia al Ghul (known as the Comic version). Now, I’m not a massive fan as it lacks the Elite Boss: Ninja that would seem a given being the daughter of Ras, and she swaps out her sword for a machine pistol (Mauser Gun).

Normally I wouldn’t post about it but having recently acquired a third version of Talia (the tournament card version) I thought I’d make a comparison of the three options.

So let’s look at the costs first:

Talia – Arkham Talia – Comic Talia – tournament
Rep $ Rep $ Rep $
71 0 75 250 62 100


Comic comes out the most expensive both in Rep and $’s but she has a trait which can mitigate that a little (especially when taken as crew Boss) which we’ll cover later.

The stats:

Talia – Arkham

Talia – Comic Talia – tournament
Willpower 6 Willpower 7 Willpower 6
Strength 5+ Strength 5+ Strength 4+
Movement 3 Movement 3 Movement 3
Attack 4 Attack 4 Attack 4
Defence 4 Defence 4 Defence 4
Endurance 6 Endurance 7 Endurance 6
Special 3 Special 3 Special 3


Comic again comes out top of both Willpower and Endurance, Tournament has slightly better Strength.


Talia Weapon Damage ROF Ammo
Arkham Katana 2 blood Handy/sharp
Comic Mauser Gun 2 blood 2 2 Firearm/M.range
Tournament Knife 1 blood Sharp
Hand Crossbow 2 blood 1 2 M.range/Mechanic


With the 4+ Strength I feel the Tournament version comes out top here, with a knife and a ranged weapon she covers both options while the other two versions only cover their respective options.


Talia – Arkham Talia – Comic Talia – tournament
Affinity – Batman
Scheming 1 Scheming 3
Acrobat Acrobat Acrobat
Elite Boss: Ninja Elite Boss: Ninja
Martial Artist Martial Artist
Sneak Attack
True Love – Batman True Love – Bruce Wayne
Master Marksman
Business Agent
Get ‘Em


So the only skill they all share is Acrobat, two of them have Scheming but I think I’ve only ever bothered using it the once and it’s not overly effective in my opinion. Two have Elite Boss: Ninja which is a must I feel as a League character. Comic is missing Martial Artist, not surprising as she has no melee weaponry, instead getting Master Marksman.

Interestingly Comic versions True Love specifies Bruce Wayne, so far we’ve only seen Bruce/Batman available – could we be getting a non-bat version (maybe around the same time we find out what else is in the enigmatic Lexcorp list). Business Agent brings an addition $300 funding which at first only nets you an increase of $50 due to her own cost, but taken as crew Boss makes her $0 and still adds the extra $’s.

Get ‘Em is dubious in its use. Yes, it allows numerous henchmen to immediately spend 1 AC, but this is only effective if they have any available and are adjacent to an enemy model.

Sneak Attack is a good skill but as Arkham version only has 5+ Strength its better used to finish a weakened opponent off.

The winner here I think is the Tournament version once again. With the three shared traits the addition of Confusion to mess with opponents, reducing their Attack and Defence stats while locking out their use of Specials – this would be very useful against opponent models with the Unpredictable skill. Especially as Tournament Talia has that as her final skill, even spending two Specials to use Confusion would let you then add a third to use as an extra attack with your Strength 4+ Sharp knife on the weakened defence enemy.

So, on the whole I think Tournament Talia comes out on top and I’m looking forward to converting a miniature up for use as her and trying her in a game.

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New places to conquer, deserve new ways to battle

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Here we go with the new missions from the Flash-Arrow book.

First up we look at the two missions designed to be played with the Gotham location rules (see earlier post).

Ambush in Gotham

A patrol finds itself trapped in another gang’s turf and must fight to escape with their lives.

Game Length: 6 rounds.

Special Deployment:

The two crews must be nominated Attacker (crew A) and Defender (crew B). Crew A will always be the crew with the highest number of models. If both crews have the same number of models, flip a coin or roll a die to decide which is which. The Attacker splits his crew into two equal-sized groups, and deploys one in each of his deployment zones. The Defender then places all of his models in the Defender Deployment Zone.


Crew B must place an objective marker in each of the enemy’s two deployment zones. All other objectives are placed as normal.

Bonus VP’s:

Bring me his head: 3 VP’s to any player if their opponent’s Boss is KO or Casualty when the game ends.

Hurry Up! Get over there!: If the Defender (Crew B) has their Boss in the runaway Zone and not KO when the game ends, they gain 4 extra VP’s. If not, the Attacker (Crew A) gains 3 VP’s.


Fight for Gotham

The criminals of Gotham are renowned for their savagery, and will fight anyone, at any time, if it means they can further their goals.

Game Length: 6 rounds.


Objective markers are placed as normal.

Bonus VP’s:

For every two enemy henchmen that you have made casualties, you gain 1 additional VP at the end of the game.

For each enemy Free Agent or Sidekick you have made a casualty, you gain 1 additional VP at the end of the game.

For each enemy Leader or Boss you have made a casualty, you gain 2 additional VP’s at the end of the game.


Star (or Starling) City missions.

Failed Exchange

Two crews meet to exchange a valuable package, but trigger fingers soon get twitchy, and something goes wrong…

Game Length: 6 rounds.


All objectives must be placed in the opponent’s deployment zone, no closer than 10cm to a board edge. This rule supercedes the usual rules for objective placement.

Bonus VP’s:

Take it Quickly: The first player to control two of their own objectives wins 4 extra VP’s. If both players meet this criteria in the same round, they both gain 2 extra VP’s.

You’ll Pay for This: If, at the end of the game, your opponent has less than half their starting number of models still in play, you gain 2 extra VP’s.


Hard Fight

The crews have laid claim to valuable resources, carving out their own territory in the crime-ridden streets of Star City. And neither will be moved without a fight…

Game Length: 6  rounds


Each player must place all of his objectives in their own objective zone (see map). This rule supercedes the usual rules for objective placement.

Bonus VP’s:

We’re the Best: the first player to control one of their own objectives gains 2 extra VP’s. If both players achieve this goal in the same round, no extra VP’s are gained.

Alpha Crew: At the end of the game, the player with the highest Reputation points worth of model in their own Objective Zone gains 2 extra VP’s.


Lian Yu missions.


A covert team infiltrates the island, determined to plant a vital GPS transponder in their opponent’s base of operations.

Game Length: 6 rounds.


Objective markers are placed as normal.

Bonus VP’s:

Each player places 2 GPS markers in the GPS zone (these markers should be about the size of a standard 30mm base). A GPS marker can be picked up with a Manipulate action, and moved by spending 1MC (like Loot). It can be dropped at any time as a free action, but must be able to fit in the new location within 5cm. A character cannot pick up or move more than one GPS marker at the same time.

If a model becomes KO or a Casualty, it automatically drops any GPS marker carried. The GPS marker can also be stolen as the target of a Thief special attack instead of a weapon.

At the end of the game, each player is awarded 4 VP’s for each GPS marker in their opponent’s deployment zone.


Jungle Fight

Two rival factions fight over a bitterly contested part of the island. Control over this vital strongpoint will mean control over supplies and resources for the foreseeable future.

Game Length: 6 rounds.


All objectives must be placed in the central zone. Movement within this central zone is impaired.

Bonus VP’s:

The more the better!: 4 VP’s are awarded to the first player to control two objectives at the same time. If both players achieve this goal in the same round , then no VP’s are awarded.

Behind enemy lines: At the end of the game, any player that has at least one character in the opponent’s deployment zone gains 2 extra VP’s.


Central City missions.


A faction has been disturbed in the middle of a heist or turf war, and must now fight its way across the city to safety.

Game Length: 6 rounds.


Objective markers are placed as normal.

Bonus VP’s:

This city will be mine: 2 extra VP’s are awarded for making the opponent’s Boss a casualty.

In the end, I always win: The player who controls the most objectives at the end of the final round gains 2 extra VP’s.


Defend the Goods

A crew has been caught out while awaiting a valuable resupply of goods, and must fight to protect its stash.

Game Length: 6 rounds.


Objective markers are placed as normal.

Special Deployment:

The two crews must be nominated Attacker (Crew A) and Defender (Crew B). Crew A will always be the crew with the highest number of models. If both crews have the same number of models, flip a coin or roll a dice to decide which is which. The Attacker splits his crew into two equal-sized groups, and deploys one in each of his deployment zones. The Defender then places all of their models in the central zone.

Bonus VP’s:

You can’t have that!: The first player to control an objective in a round in which the opponent doesn’t control any objectives gains 1 extra VP.

It’s mine, all mine!: At the end of the game, if your opponent doesn’t control any objectives you gain 2 extra VP’s.


And finally Gorilla City missions.

Fight for Technology.

Outsiders descend upon the fabled Gorilla City to rob it of its advanced technology. However, they find the inhabitants of this mysterious land reluctant to give up their secrets.

Game Length: 6 rounds.


Objectives markers are placed as normal. In addition, each player takes it in turn to place 2 High Tech markers (approx 30mm round) in the High Tech Zone. These cannot be placed within 10cm of each other, or of any objective.

High Tech markers are considered Small Obstacles and Objectives. They cannot be affected by strategies or other character special rules.

Bonus VP’s:

A model gains 2 bonus VP’s when it controls a High Tech marker.


The Monkey Lab

The crews break into the legendary laboratories of Gorilla City in search of high tech loot. They must use all their stealth and cunning to evade the advanced security of the labs.

Game length: 6 rounds.


All objectives must be placed in the Special Objective Zone.

Bonus VP’s:

Hurry Up, take it all: 3 VP’s to the first player to control one of their own objectives. If both players control one of their own objectives in the same round, then each player receives 1 VP instead.

Noise!: 1 VP to the first player to strike an enemy model.


There has been some discussion on the diagrams for some of these missions (especially the deployment zone sizes of the Infiltration mission) but no official answer as yet. In the meantime I would suggest that if you are going to play one of these missions that you and your opponent agree to it before hand and set up the terrain accordingly so that it doesn’t reduce the already small zones to an unplayable level.

At present these missions are location specific and tied with their associated special rules, however I don’t see any reason you could combine the location rules with the different missions (or the original ones from the main rulebook) if agreed with your opponent before hand – for example, Fight for Technology could be in Central City as a raid on Star Labs, or in Star City raiding Palmer Tech of Kord Industries.

The expanding world of Batman, Flash and Arrow

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arkham city

Playing games of Batman so far have all been assumed to be in Gotham City, well now you can choose to play in Gotham, Star (Starling) City, Central City, the island of Lian Yu or the mysterious Gorilla City.

If players agree to fight in Gotham the following special rules can apply:

The city of the Bat – at the first Raise the Plan phase if you have a Batman character (other than the Batpod) in play he receives 1 free Action Counter. This cant exceed maximum skill allowances. If the Batman is made a casualty during the game he is worth 1 additional VP.

Elevated crime and corruption – The first time a model is made a casualty or arrested in the game, the player who caused it receives 2 additional VPs.

If the players choose to fight in Star (Starling) City the following special rules can apply:

City of the Arrow – if the Arrow or Green Arrow character is in play he receives 1 free extra ammo to one of his weapons. If Arrow or Green Arrow is made a casualty during the game he is worth 1 additional VP.

Air Ducts – at the same time as lamp posts and sewers each player rolls D3 for air duct markers. The player that rolled highest places one of theirs first. They may be deployed anywhere in the game zone, no closer than 20cm to any other air duct and no closer than 5 cm to any board edge.
Entering or exiting an air duct costs 1SC+1MC (same as a sewer) once they are in contact with the marker. Only one member of your crew can be in air ducts at a time. Models may exit during any subsequent phase (paying the cost noted) and may then act as normal though their Base Movement Distance will be 0.

Elevated crime and corruption – as above.

If the players wish to play in Central City the following special rules can apply:

Flash’s City – at the first Raise the Plan phase if you have a Flash character in play he receives 1 free Action Counter. This cant exceed maximum skill allowances. If the Flash is made a casualty during the game he is worth 1 additional VP.

Air Ducts – as above.

Daylight – before the first round begins roll a dice, on a result of 5+ the battle takes place in broad daylight. The entire zone is illuminated so characters can see any distance rather than the usual 30cm. (Bad news for my Stealth ninjas).

If the urban jungle is getting too much for you, you can get away from it all like Oliver Queen did and go visit the island paradise of Lian Yu. Games on the island can use the following special rules:

Savage Nature – Players don’t place sewers and lamp posts on Lian Yu.

Fog – Before the first round begins, roll a die. On a result of 5+ the fog has rolled in. The maximum distance a model can see is 20cm instead of the normal 30cm. (Though no word on how, if at all, this affects things like Night Vision Goggles or Scopes. Until we get a definite ruling it has no affect on them at all).

The Great value of Things – Resources are scarce on a deserted island, even one that has seen as much activity as Lian Yu. Loot, Ammo and Titan objectives all grant 1 additional VP to controlling players.

If you like a “healthy” dose of tech with your back to nature trips then why not visit Gorilla City (DO NOT feed the apes!). Games played in Gorilla City can use the following special rules:

Teletransport Net – Players don’t place sewers, instead each places 2 40mm markers to represent  teletransport pads. They can be placed anywhere in the game zone , no closer than 20cm to any other pad and not within 5cm of a board edge. A character in base contact with a pad can manipulate it (no cost specified so the normal 1 MC) and is immediately removed from the board and replaced in base contact with any other teletransport pad of the players choice (as long as there is room to place him), if the character hasn’t used its movement it may do so as normal.

High-Tech Lights – lamp posts in Gorilla City scenarios have a 15cm radius instead of 10cm.

Now, all these special rules are nice in their own way but are unfortunately tied to the new scenarios given under of their sections in the book. I think it would have been much better to have had them as a separate option that could have been applied to any of the scenarios (can you imagine a Chance Encounter mission in Gorilla City), and I’m reasonably sure that outside of tournament play we may well see this house-ruled.

What are these new scenarios you ask? We’ll take a look at them next time.


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