All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – April

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survivor series

Having ordered some very cool alternative heads from Mad Robot Miniatures based upon the characters from the Sons of Anarchy tv show I wanted to make a Ron Perlman/Hellboy Khorne biker lord to lead another part of my SAMCRO Black Legion.

I wanted a right-handed powerfist and immediately thought of the old metal Chaos Lord miniature where he’s holding a loyalist marines helmet in the fist. Thankfully I had a spare one of these figures in my bits and pieces and more helpfully the fist was a separate piece.

metal lord fig

I was able to prevail upon the pinning skills of my fellow All Scar Jon (who had also donated the converted ATB quad I was using) to affix the fist to a plastic arm/shoulder.

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As for a colour scheme I wanted mix my standard SAMCRO Black Legion scheme (using silver trim rather than gold) with that favoured by the followers of Khorne (as shown in the Black Legion supplement for the Hounds of Abaddon).


But rather than gold trim I followed my fellow All Scars advice and used brass (well, Screaming Bell to be exact, as I have used it before on several of the other models and vehicles). I also wanted the red to really pop out and, following another suggestion from Jon, used Mephiston Red with an over coating of Blood for the Blood God (makes sense really).

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So there we have Lord Hel-Ron, champion of Khorne, for the SAMCRO Black Legion, holding the helmet (possibly still containing its former owners head) of an Ultramarine.

I’ve begun work on the squad of Khorne Bikers that will accompany him, using some chaos knight parts donated a while back by more All Scars (Jack and Lee) for this purpose. They shall be known as the Hound’s Lancers (the aspiring champion has a power lance while the others are just their combat weapons).


Once these are done that will leave the Slaaneshi Sorcerer and his associated bikers to complete the quartet.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – March

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survivor seriesLate posting this as I actually completed this months pledge fairly early on.

A change from 40K this month as I wanted to get my latest Batman Miniatures Game addition painted up – Deadshot.


Now, while I like the mini and his in-game mechanics, I’m not a massive fan of the red/blue puffer jacket – this is meant to be the master sniper, why wear something so bright?

Having watched Arkham Assault I would have liked to do a paint scheme similar to that but felt it didn’t transfer too well to the model, so following a trawl of google images I came across one I did like and coud be achievable.


This would also tie in nicely with the blue ninjas of my League of Shadows too.

CAM04377 CAM04378

The poor quality of my phone camera doesn’t help, but I’m happy with him and he looks like part of the crew on the tabletop – unfortunately being painted hasn’t made him any more effective, though that may be more down to poor positioning on my part.

With teasers appearing for the expansion book for the Batman Miniatures Game, they seem to so another Deadshot sculpt with a sniper rifle, so I’m looking forward to getting my paws on that and being able to choose between them in the future.

Ra’s off – a Batman Miniatures Game Bat-rep

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Following last months brilliant Batman Tournament (organised by the Spearmint Rhinox Blood Damage podcast team) I had been talking to the guys and arranging to meet up for more games.

In particular, to have my League of Shadows face off against Kaz’s own League as we both prefered to use opposite versions of Ra’s al Ghul.

With a heavy schedule of D&D (finishing one season, running a DM session 0 event, and starting the new season) it wasn’t until this week that we managed to get a game in.

Kaz brought his tournament list of Neeson Ra’s, Dallas (with ammo and night vision), McGregor (with loyalty tattoo), Ted Hunter, Ying, Yang, League Agent 3, League Agent 1, Prisoner 4 and Pipe prisoner.

I brought AC Ra’s, Deadshot, Yang (with climbing shoes), Ying, Seeker (with night vision and extra poison arrow), Ted Hunter, Mohawk (with loyalty tattoo).

We rolled for mission and got 3:Patrol, strategies netted Kaz an increased deployment zone and let me dictate who took the lead in round 1.

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There was also a couple of other games going on too, Simon was trying his new Batman crew out against Keiren, and John trying his prisoner heavy Penguin list against Paul’s League (lots of love for the ninja’s).

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That was great fun, lesson’s were learnt (Deadshot needs to use cover, Seeker is well worth his points, and I still can’t roll d6’s to save my life). I was probably too cautious on the first few turns worrying about Dallas and his rifle but rightly so when you look at Deadshot’s fate (9 blood damage – ouch!).

Many  thanks to Kaz for a very entertaining game, look forward to more of them in the future (especially with the expansion book looming on the horizon).


Blood Damage’s Batman tournament

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Batman-coverToday I headed over to Weekend Warlords in Loughborough to take part in a Batman Miniatures Game tournament ran by the chaps from the Blood Damage podcast, Spearmint Rhinox.

I took my League of Shadows but also included my latest purchase, Deadshot, to bring some needed firepower.

  • Leader – Arkham City Ras al Ghul
  • Free agent – Deadshot
  • Henchmen – Lotus, with extra ammo and trained in shadows
  • Henchman – Yang, with climbing shoes
  • Henchman – Ying
  • Henchman – Mohawk, with loyalty tattoo
  • Henchman – Pipe

We would be playing 3 rounds of 2 hours each. Game 1 was the Plunder scenario and I was facing an Organised Crime crew led by Red Hood and Origins Deathstroke.

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It didn’t go well, Deadshot continually rolled low which was only of use when he managed to dodge Red Hoods bullets. At one point both Ras and Deathstroke were ko’d but Deathstroke woke up first and finiahed Ras off (though thankfully being Immortal meant he didnt give away any further vps) – final score a brutalising 55-19!

Game 2 was Patrol and I was facing a Scarecrow crew, though led by Comic Deathstroke, with Victor Zass lending support. I’d never played against a ‘crow crew but had looked at their stats when I was considering getting them and to be honest I was expecting to get mauled once more.

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This started off well with me getting my riddle objective, then the carbine armed militia came on and shot Lotus to hell. Both Carbine guy and Deadshot dove in to the sewers, after which my guys began sitting on sewers to block exits. Between us we destroyed every lamp post on the board during the game, you dont need light to stab someone :-)  Zass came in knives flashing only to have Ras and a ninja carve him up. It became quite a blood fest in the middle of the board with Ras, Ying and Mohawk taking on Militia Brute and Deathstroke, during which the militia with the rpg tried to lob his rockets in but thankfully failed every shot. Eventually the brute and Deathstroke were left bleeding in the street.  Deadshot came out the sewer nice and close to the enemy deployment zone and engaged a prisoner, then drew the attention of the emerging carbine guy. They exchanged shots  and finally Deadshot lived up to his name.

At the end of the game all I’d lost was Lotus and the militia had very little left on the board. Final score 23-9 (though afterward ealised that I hadn’t added the bonus 2 vp from the scenario for having Deadshot in the enemy deployment zone).

Game 3 was the Skirmish scenario, which is the one we usually play in our casual games, and I was facing a large Bane crew. Arkham Origins Bane, with venom soldier, Dallas, McGregor, Smash, Ted, Mohawk (look twins!), Axe prisoner, bodyguard prisoner, and pipe prisoner (another twin).

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Dallas was thankfully a worse shot that Deadshot as he contiually missed  or had his bullets ping off the building. Ras and Mohawk went up the right flank, after riddles and were quickly engaged by the other Mohawk though he was obviously an imposter as he died quickly. Then Ted, Smash and Axe guy decided to have a go, they took out my Mohawk but Ras managed to take out Smash and Axe before “retiring” onto his ammo objective. McGregor did an awesome bonnet slide to engage Yang but Deadshot assiste the ninja and soon the merc was another casualty. Lotus had used his shadow training to begin just out of sight of the other pipe guy and spent 2 rounds stabbing the hapless prisoner to death before turnig his attention to the bodyguard prisoner. Though this in turn made him a target for Bane and the venom soldier. Despite being pumelled merciliessly all the bruisers could do was ko him though.

Dallas moved up to try and take a riddle but Yang once again aided by Deadshot had other ideas and swiftly put the sniper down. Ying in the meantime had opened one of the safes and discovered a stash of antique porn which kept him amused for the majority of the battle. Pipe had snuck around the edge of the battlefield and finally decided to run up and claim the Bane crews loot.

Final score 30-4, Tom had some terrible luck with his dice and mine were reasonably well behaved for a change.

The results were tallied and the chap with the Organised Crime crew came a clear winner, while my friend Simon came 2nd with his Joker crew. I managed a respectable 5th out of 10. It was a great day and I learnt quite a bit not only about my own crew but also some of the others that I dont face as often down at Tabletop Tyrants.

Looking forward to the next one, whenever it may be.


Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 4 – Cloak & Shadows v Ultramarines

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BLThis weekend saw the fourth stage in the Leicester All Scars Punic Wars narrative campaign. I missed out on playing in stage 3 due to illness but got to face the same opponent this time. Dave C has as bad a track record as I do at the club with us both renown for bad dice luck, I would be facing 3000 points of his Ultramarines, including Papa Smurf himself, Marneus Calgar.

I kept the list I had been planning from the previous stage as we would still be fighting the same points, on the same planet (Carthage, as the Orks had failed to wrest control from the imperiums hands).

+++ Punic 4 v Smurfs (2999pts) +++

++ Chaos Space Marines: Black Legion (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1490pts) ++

+ HQ (460pts) +

Jaxxon – Chaos Lord (235pts) [Bike, Bolt Pistol, Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour, Sigil of corruption, The Hand of Darkness, The Skull of Ker’ngar, Veterans of the Long War] ··Power Weapon [Power Sword]

Unsa – Sorcerer (225pts) [2x Additional Mastery Level, Bike, Bolt Pistol, Last Memory of Yuranthos, Mark of Tzeentch, Melta bombs, Power Armour, Sigil of corruption, Spell familiar, Veterans of the Long War] ··Force Weapon [Force Stave] – Psychic: Force, Sunburst, Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Boon of Mutation, Smite, Iron Arm

+ Troops (490pts) +

Jooz – Chaos Space Marines (245pts) [9x Boltgun load out, 9x Chaos Space Marines in the unit, Missile Launcher w/ Frag + Krak, Plasma Gun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Chaos Rhino [Dirge caster, Warpflame gargoyles]
··Jooz – Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

Tiggs – Chaos Space Marines (245pts) [9x Boltgun load out, 9x Chaos Space Marines in the unit, Missile Launcher w/ Frag + Krak, Plasma Gun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Chaos Rhino [Dirge caster, Warpflame gargoyles]
··Tiggs – Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

+ Fast Attack (540pts) +

Bernard – Heldrake (170pts) [Baleflamer]

Chibbs – Chaos Bikers (185pts) [4x Chaos Biker, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, 2x Meltagun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Chibbs – Chaos Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

Opie – Chaos Bikers (185pts) [4x Chaos Biker, Mark of Nurgle, 2x Meltagun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Opie – Chaos Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

++ Chaos Space Marines: Black Legion (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1509pts) ++

+ HQ (467pts) +

Abaddon the Despoiler (265pts) [Warlord] – Trait: Black Crusader

Gargamel – Sorcerer (202pts) [2x Additional Mastery Level, Azrael the cat – Spell familiar, Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of corruption, Terminator Armour, Veterans of the Long War] ··Combi-weapon [Combi-melta] ··Force Weapon [Force Sword] – Psychic: Force, Nurgles Rot, Gift of Contagion, Invisibility, Shrouded

+ Elites (707pts) +

Bane – [FW] Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought (320pts) [Carapace Mounted Havoc launcher, Dedications of Tzeentch, Extra Armour, Heavy Conversion Beamer, Legacy of Ruin: Veteran of the Scouring] ··Dreadnaught Close combat weapon [Heavy Flamer]

Men of Mayhem – Chaos Terminators (387pts) [Bringers of Despair, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War]
··Terminator x 5
····Combi weapon [Combi-melta] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]
··Terminator Champion
····Combi-Weapon [Combi-melta] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]
··Terminator with Heavy Weapon [Chainfist, Reaper Autocannon]

+ Troops (168pts) +

Chaos Cultists (85pts) [8x Autogun upgrade, 9x Cultists in unit, Mark of Nurgle] ··Heavy Weapon upgrade [Flamer]
··Cultist Champion [Auto Pistol, Champions Shotgun]

Chaos Cultists (83pts) [8x Autogun upgrade, 9x Cultists in unit, Mark of Nurgle] ··Heavy Weapon upgrade [Heavy stubber]
··Cultist Champion [Auto Pistol]

+ Heavy Support (167pts) +

The ball-buster – Chaos Vindicator (167pts) [Havoc Launcher, Legacy of Ruin: Badab Uprising, Siege Shield, Warpflame gargoyles]

Campaign special rules:

Carthage – high gravity – all non-template/grenade/pistol ranged weapons have their range reduced by 6″. Jump Infantry/Skimmers/Jet Bikes movement reduced to 9″ instead of 12″.

Motivation – tactical – the first objective secured card you achieve is worth 2 victory points.

Patron bonus – for each 3 units set on fire with Soulblaze, score an additional VP.

We rolled for the Mealstrom mission and got Cloak & Shadows, I won the roll to choose 1st or 2nd and chose to deploy and go 2nd. We also agreed to have Night Fighting in play.

As Dave deployed I was seriously getting worried, his techmarine improved the defences of the ruin his sternguard and Tigurius deployed in, with his Whirlwind Scorpion behind them, all surrounding the Objective 5. A pair of rhino’s loaded with more marines, a razorback with more sternguard, contemptor dreadnought and landraider (carrying Papa Smurf and his retinue). Two more squad of marines were on foot, and in reserve there was a second contemptor in a drop pod, a storm raven and a xiphon fighter (which is a lot bigger than it looked in the photos I had previously seen).

I deployed both cultist units in cover camping on Objectives 3 and 6. One of the marine squads sat in their rhino beside Unsa and the Tzeentch bikers, next to them were Jaxxon and his nurgle bikers. The second marine unit deployed in a central ruin with the vindicator beside them, their rhino sitting in front of my own contemptor dread. In reserve I had the heldrake, Abaddon, Gargamel and the Bringers of Despair.

Before we went further we gave each other a run down of our lists and I took great pleasure in telling Dave about Gargamel and his familiar, Azrael, and their relevance to the Smurfs.

I rolled to try and seize the initiative, and boom! I had jumped the gun on the Smurf’s and would be first to go.


After seizing the initiative Squad bullhorn advance in their rhino beside Unsa’s bikers. Lord Jaxxon’s bikers move up beside Squad Jooz


The vindicator advances before combining its firepower with that of the contemptor dread upon the enemy landraider.


The Scorpion opens fire on Unsa’s bikers, claiming 2 of them. one of the tactical squads advances upon a chaos altar.


The smurf’s advance, focusing a lot of firepower on the vindicator, immobilising it and stunning it. Meanwhile a drop pod disgorges a second enemy contemptor behind the beleagured chaos vehicle.



The first of the chaos reserves arrive, Bernard the heldrake unleashes his fiery torrent over Tigurius and his sternguard, thinning their numbers.


The rest of the reserves arrive – Abaddon, Gargamel and the Bringers of Despair. Barely had they finished materialising before they fire a wall of combi-meltas into the Scorpion, melting its armour and causing its remains to explode. Unsa’s bikers roar over a hillock, blasting their own meltas into an Imperial rhino and depriving its passengers of further rides before gunning the engines once more and assaulting them (their Tzeentch blessed armour even protecting them from a cheeky overwatching Krak missile).


Wait, wasnt there more terminators there a moment ago?


Oh, that’s why. Imperial Xiphon joins the battle.


The smurf’s razorback uses its twin-linked heavy bolters to straffe our rhino, destroying its combi-bolters but little else. What’s that? Where did the enemy contemptor go? Up in a ball of superheated smoke thanks to Jaxxon’s bikers melta’s, that’s where (3 vehicles exploded by meltas in 1 round – sorry Dave).


Squad Jooz and Abaddon’s little gang kill the rest of the Sternguard leaving Tigurius alone.


The vindicator is destroyed by its own demolisher shell scattering back on itself (and killing a biker in the process). Jaxxon leads his unit against the landraider, ripping its tracks off with the Hand of Darkness and forcing its passengers to disembark.


Marneus Calgar leads his retinue in an assault upon Jaxxon and his bikers. The 2 leaders face off in a mighty challenge.

After round 3 we didn’t get a lot of time to take photos as we were pushing for time. Calgar and the contemptor charged into Jaxxons unit, killing the squad and leaving Jaxxon on his own to face the wrath of the smurfs. Tigurius bravely charged Abaddon and Gargamel, Abby activated Drachnyen and wounded himself and Tigurius gave him another wound (also inflicting soulblaze on the chaos lord and sorcerer).

Jooz led his unit into the vacated ramparts and claimed Objective 5 (scoring 2 vp thanks to the Motivation bonus). The Xiphon and Raven wrecked the Rhino but weren’t in position to affect much else. Bernard the heldrake streaked across the board and barfed his flames over the tactical squad on the refinery, reducing them to the missile launcher and plasma gunner. This allowed my remaining rhino to sneak around and secure the objective on the far edge of the refinery and score another Objective vp.

My contemptor strode forward and joined the melee before it, scoring excellent hits and destroying its imperial counterpart, leaving Jaxxon and Calgar locked in battle.

Abby and Gargamel continued fighting Tigurius and this time Drachnyen gave up an additional 6 attacks, the smurf wizard was skewered and his lifeless body slid off of the chaos warlords demonic blade.

Time had beaten us at the end of my turn 4, and as the score stood at 11-2 (despite my having the chance to score 3 cards with d3 points – they all came out as 1’s!), it was agreed that it would be unlikely that Dave could make the deficit up in a single round

A voice crackled over the comm-line in Abaddon’s ear, “My liege, scans show increased instability in the planetary core, estimate total collapse of its structural integrity in 60 seconds”.

Allowing himself the briefest of smiles as he let the body of the Ultramarines chief librarian, Tigurius, slide lifelessly from his sated blade he activated his comm-link to broadcast to the forces under his command. “Well done my brothers, this world will fall to the warp. Withdraw and the remaining foes choose to flee or die”. Even in the merest moment before he closed the link he heard the raucous cheering from his fellow Legionnaires.

The forces of the Black Legion returned to their landing craft, teleported back on board their cruisers, or simply flew back in to their landing bays. As the last transport’s were taken aboard the planet below cracked and folded in on itself, leaving only a swirling miasma of warp energy in its wake that swiftly began to coalesce into a gateway to the realms of the deamon-kin.

abby v ultra

Wow, that went a lot better than expected. Rather than rest of my laurels, I must say that Dave had atrocious dice luck while my Tabletop Tyrant dice were absolutely on fire (obviously soulblaze).

I must say that Scorpion is brutal, if i hadn’t destroyed it in round 2 it would have been a different story altogether. If I was going to do anything different I might have upgraded one of the two CSM units to Chosen (still a Troop choice for Black Legion) and equipped it with 5 melta’s and a combi-melta/power sword for the champ. Definitely a unit to consider once I get my converted Dreadclaw drop pod built.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – February

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survivor seriesWell February’s pledge was my scratch converted Chaos Vindicator. Built off of an old style rhino chassis it had various large spiked parts added, a driver in the pintel with a head from the possessed kit, and the demolisher cannon was made from a cardboard tube and fixed in place with a large blob of green stuff.

Now the model had sat this way, unpainted for some time and rarely saw action, then I decided to add a siege shield built from spare vanes from my heldrake conversion, and give it the ubiquitous spray of all over black.


And so it sat like this for about another 12 months. Until yesterday. I only intended to make a start as i had the rest of the month to get it finished, but somehow I managed to just plow through and got it completed in one sitting. Now for some thats not a major achievement, but I only usually get a couple of hours each Sunday to do any painting so I was really happy to have finished it.

I wanted it to match the earlier painted rhino so kept the leadbelcher, Screaming Bell combination over the black base with Ryza rust over the metallics. The driver received leadbelcher trims, and the head was Rakarth Flesh with Agrax Earthshade, eyes and tongue picked out in Mephiston Red. A little Typhus Corrosion was added to the area of the green stuff around the cannon.

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Possibly one of the quickest completions for the month for me. I haven’t decided yet what to do for next month, as its the first of our quarterly “Showcase” months I think it needs to be something other than rank and file, we’ll see, I have a few weeks to decide now.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – January

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survivor seriesFollowing on from the success of last years painting challenge, the Leicester All Scars are once again running our monthly Survivor Series.

To start the year off I decided to paint up a unit of one of my older models. Equipped and planned as a unit of Chosen with pistol/close combat weapons but built from the bodies of Warhammer Chaos Warriors and fitted with extra Chaos Space Marine bits (bolt pistols, backpacks and an arm swap for the champion) as well as the metal standard bearer as an Icon (originally planned as an Icon of Chaos Undivided but now used usually as an Icon of Flame – yes my unhealthy obsession with soulblaze continues unabated).

Models were already base sprayed black, over this I applied a drybrush of leadbelcher. Abaddon Black was used to fill back in the armour where needed and Screaming Bell used to accent the weaponry etc. Mephiston Red picked out the eyes on the helmeted men, the aspiring champion’s head was base coloured Rakarth Flesh, layered with Cadian Flesh then a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

The bases were simply Astrogranite with Abaddon Black rims, though I might need to do a second coat on the standard bearer and champions bases where I fitted the 2p pieces to help with their balance.

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