D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Diplomacy and Delivery

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nAs Zephyros continued to guide his flying tower northward the heroes settled into a routine. The halfling rogue happily sharing her food with the griffon she had befriended. It was while visiting the griffon that she spotted a figure flying towards the tower at speed and raised a warning to her companions (though chose to remain in the aerie – just in case).

As it neared, the remaining heroes could see it was a silver dragon carrying half a dozen armed and armoured dwarves in its claws. The heroes moved out of the tower to the cloud to intercept the incoming visitors.

While the dragon dropped the dwarves off, it continued to circle the tower (Zephyros having brough it to a halt in the meantime). The dwarves stated they were sent by Queen Dagnabbit of Mithril Hall under the auspices of the Lords Alliance to commandeer the tower.

Thankfully the heroes were able to talk the dwarves down and convince them that Zephyros posed no threat to the people’s of the Sword Coast. Satisifed, the dragon picked the dwarves back up and they were on their way once again.

Aside from a fly by from a small group of aaracockra the rest of the journey northward passed uneventfully. Zephyros lowered the tower outside of Bryn Shander and once again made a stairway of cloud matter wishing the heroes good luck before taking his leave.

It was now that the heroes realised they hadn’t brought any cold weather gear, so entering the city they made their way to the market to procure some. On the way they spoke to the Sherrif’s right-hand dwarf and got a brief run down on the lay of the land and directions to a few of the relevant places. After securing warming clothing they went and visited Sherrif Southwell, delivering the belongings and news of his now deceased kin.

The Sherrif told them if they were likely to remain in the area for a while they could earn coin hunting some of the marauding giants that had been attacking caravans and some of the other towns of the Dale. The heroes decided to go and find lodgings and ask around about the caravan raids.

They secured rooms at the Northlook, and after asking around got themselves places with a caravan of scrimshaw traders heading back to Lonelywood next day.

With the heroes spending the rest of the day and night at the Northlook that was where we left it.


Traitor Legion leaks and what I think of them

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15151147_10154708086739808_1619216188_nSo it seems that leaks are coming through already for the imminent release of the Traitor Legions book – there’s a reasonably clear one on Hexfleet Virules Chaos Blog (on facebook) which I shall use as my reference point today.

First up it looks like we’re getting extended psychic power lists for Nurgle and Slaanesh to go with the one the Thousand Son’s bring for Tzeentch – about time, and you can have your dedicated sorcerer choose all of his powers from them if you wish – tidier than the mess its been previously with the mix and match option I guess, lets just hope the powers are thematic and not just reskinned loyalist ones (yes I’m looking at you Traitors Hate, and not for the last time today either).

The book will apparently give us the information for fielding themed armies of the original 9 Traitor Legions. Now as a Black Legion player I see this as a two-sided coin. Yes, I can finally field a proper BL Detachment but shouldn’t this have been already possible with the respawned BL supplement earlier this year as well as the afore-mentioned Traitors Hate.

Lets look at the Black Legion offering:

We count as Black Legion if:

Abaddon is the only unique included  – now in the previous Black Legion info it has regularly stated that he has had luminaries like Ahriman, Typhus and Huron work for him. I guess from now that will only be available using the Allies rules.

Any unit that can take VotLW do so at no cost – So the compulsory VotLW “tax” we previously had to have is now a freebie, good news really and about time.

Psykers (same goes for Demon psykers)from Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch can choose to generate all their spells from these lords respectively – mentioned above, lets just hope the powers don’t suck.

What we gain:

Endless hatred (units w/VotLW have Hatred; but also can re-roll failed to-hits every round of close combat vs. unit which contains armies of imperium in it) – Armies of the Imperium were clarified in the Traitors hate book, having it for every round, especially considering that the majority of the force will be VotLW is great.

First among traitors (Chaos Termies & Chosen are troops) – previously only applied to Chosen, but now includes Termies. Obj Sec 2+/5++ anyone?

Designer’s note: The Black Crusader warlord trait provides preferred enemy space marine which includes everything from factions: Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Legion of the Damned, SWolves)

Warlord Traits:

Exactly as they were in the last two iterations of the BL supplement, no changes that I could see.

Artifacts: –

Also exactly the same as the previous supplements – I do wonder if the allowing of both Legion and codex artifacts will still continue – I hope so.

Detachment Special Rules:Black Legion Speartip

Heralds of the Black Crusade (all non-vehicles gain fear and crusader) – have never used the crusader rule before but looks like it could be beneficial in closing with the enemy.

Speartip strike(Deep Strike can try to come in 1st turn on 3+, if Warlord has DS his unit auto-pass turn 1 DS reserve) – this comes straight from the previous supplements special mission “Speartip Strike” and I’ve got to say I love it, the fluff of the BL often refers to the Speartip Strike as its favoured assault, usually led by Abaddon himself.

1+ Core:

Black Legion warband – will this be a reprint of the current formation of the same name, will it be another version slightly different, or will it simply state “see BL supplement” needing you to bring the extra book with you.

Hounds of Abaddon  – again, is this the existing one or new.

1+ Auxillary:

Lost & Damned, Helforged Warpack, Heldrake Terror, Cult of destruction, Fist of the Gods, Raptor Talon, Terminator annihliation Force, Spawn (1-3 spawn) – all of these are Traitors hate formations, will they be reprinted here or simply referenced. Also, where are the god marked squads (plague marines etc) which have flocked to the Warmasters banner. Both previous supplements have gone to lengths to mention them having their own sub-groups within the Legion, and Traitors Hate even includes them in its painting guide pages.

0-5 Command:

Bringers of Despair , Cyclopian Cabal, Chosen of Abaddon, Lord of the Legion (1 of following: Abaddon, Chas Lord, Sorcerer, dark apostle or demon prince) – Again these are mostly in the BL supplement.

tactical objectives:

Exactly as they appear in the BL supplement.

The other legions get similar with special rules pertaining to their thematic stories, Night Lords particularly look exciting and I know my friend Jon will be hoping this is all true.

Is this a step in the right direction? Yes, most chaos players have their armies designed around a specific chapter just as the loyalists do, so its good to see specific rules to denote this.

Does this mean Chaos Space Marines are “fixed”? No, unfortunately we are still running with a 6th edition codex which isnt even that, being one of the first released it was barely a recovered 5th edition book. There are no revisions on points costs etc.

As mentioned a few times above, will this book contain all the relevant information for the formations? well at the bottom of the article they include the book’s description from the GW New Zealand page:

The Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines have waged terrible wars of hate and vengeance upon the Imperium of Mankind for ten thousand years. From the Daemon worlds of the Eye of Terror, they plot the destruction of the empire they once helped to build. They have neither forgotten nor forgiven the loyalists, nor the False Emperor whom they serve. These warriors will not rest until the galaxy is burning, and the Emperor’s putrid carcass is cast down from the Golden Throne into the filth where it belongs.

Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions is a 136-page, full-colour softback supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It contains a wealth of additional content and rules that any Chaos Space Marines army can use, with a huge array of rules for all nine of the Traitor Legions.

In The Book

– Datasheets for the following models:

– Khârn the Betrayer

– Ahriman

– Exalted Sorcerer

– Tzaangors

– Rubric Marines

– Scarab Occult Terminators

– Khorne Lord of Skulls

– Magnus the Red

– 26 Formations for Chaos Space Marines

– Chaos Warband

– Maelstrom of Gore

– The Lost and the Damned

– Helforged Warpack

– Heldrake Terror Pack

– Cult of Destruction

– Fist of the Gods

– Raptor Talon

– Terminator Annihilation Force

– Favoured of Chaos

– Trinity of Blood

– The Chosen of Abaddon

– The Bringers of Despair

– The Hounds of Abaddon

– Daemon Engine Pack

– Cyclopia Cabal

– The Tormented

– Black Legion Warband

– War Cabal

– War Coven

– Tzaangor Warherd

– Sekhmet Conclave

– Ahriman’s Exiles

– Rehati War Sect

– Plague Colony

– Kakophoni;

– Chaos Artefacts, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and an exclusive Detachment for each of the 9 Traitor Legions;

– Updated Disciplines of Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh, as well as the Sinistrum, Heretech, Ectomancy and Geomortis Psychic Disciplines;

– Armoury of the Chaos Space Marines.

So hopefully they will include all the relevant information and I wont need to carry the Codex, BL supplement, Traitors Hate and this new book for each game. I do notice that they are including Datasheets for the new Thousand Sons too, so until I see an actual copy and get confirmation I will hold off on buying Wrath of Magnus – if the rules will be repeated in this book I won’t need to purchase both.

As always these are just my opinions, from my own perspective.

“For the Warmaster, let the galaxy burn!”

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – November

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survivor seriesAs another month closes I have scraped in my completed pledge for the All Scars Survivor Series Painting Challenge.

This month started well but then I kind of lost momentum, but managed to finish today with a couple of days spare.

I chose to paint my converted Helbrute, mainly because I really like the conversion but also because he’s seen more table time recently with the release of the formations in Traitors Hate.

Indeed, the extra pieces on his base are due to a cinematic outing in one of our recent campaign games where he merrily mulched through Imperial Guardsmen, oblivious to their krak grenades, so I included a few of their remains scattered around his feet as he looks for his next victims.

The conversion itself isn’t a major one but it reflects the weapon load out I usually give him. The base model is the Dark Vengeance one in its moderately dynamic pose (but more than one together they begin to look like they’re performing some bizarre dance routine). Using some spare parts from the bits box I swapped the multi-melta for the maw of an ectoplasma cannon so that it can be used as a plasma cannon (yes I know not as effective as the melta and it could self harm with Gets Hot), while I adapted the power claw to a power scourge using the flail ends from a defiler.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m happy with him overall but honestly feel I put more effort into his base and conversion than the rest of him. A shame but it is what it is.

Next month is the finale of our challenge and another showcase month, my plan is to paint my newly converted Abaddon model, lets hope the enthusiasm holds so I can do it justice.

SAMCRO and the Traitors Hate

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Well the new formations in Traitors Hate have been out for a while now and I’ve managed to try a few out in my games with the All Scars.

There are still a few I havent tried yet and probably never will due to their components and them just not fitting my army composition: Mealstrom of Gore, Trinity of Blood being the first to spring to mind. I’ve not yet used the Veterans formation as it just feels like a shoe horn to get cult units squeezed in, hopefully we’ll see more Black Crusade releases that bring these cult based forces to life.

Two that I haven’t used yet, due to not having had a good opportunity to unleash them, are Favoured by the Gods and the Raptor Talon. I have made up units to fill the minimum requirements for both of these but the games I’ve played so far haven’t suited their use yet.

So what have I actually used so far. Lets look at the Core options first.

Lost and Damned – I used this one with a little twist, adding in a Command choice of Typhus to make all the cultists zombies. Not only were they fearless and annoying as hell but they respawned on 4+. Very useful in the game I used them as it was a three-way battle with one of the opponents fielding Guard infantry.

Chaos Warband – quickly becoming my starting point for any list. With the detachment giving free Veterans of the Long War this really should be Black Legion’s go to choice (though a bit pointless for Crimson Slaughter). The combination of a free Boon roll each turn and the Favoured Scions option is great. Ok, the Legion’s own version lets you take Chosen or Troops for the compulsory, but that’s not a massive loss as you can still take Chosen if you so wish. I take a single unit if any. My only gripe with this one is the inclusion of a Helbrute yet exclusion of any other vehicles (not counting dedicated transports, not to mention free ones in comparison to loyalist detachments).

Auxiliary options.

Terminator Annihilation Force – I’ve used this once so far, it really didn’t manage to impress me and I think I still prefer the Black Legion options of Bringers of Despair and the Chosen of Abaddon.

Helforged Warpack – I have used this a few time now and must say I really like it. I usually take a pair of defilers and a helbrute, make the brute the alpha so he gains an invulnerable save, and push him forward. The fact that the warpsmith doesn’t have to remain within a set distance to enable the bonus deamonforge use is great.

Fist of the Gods – another one that I’ve used only once so far, but a relatively useful one if you want to include tanks in your force. There was some question with regards the new vindicator/predator squadron allowance and how it fits in here but it seems to be the consensus that it works within it, so a possible 15 tanks within the formation. The warpsmiths invulnerable save bonus is nice but use of cover will be more effective. Best use would be to give him his own invulnerable, keep him close and keep him repairing them (3+ needed, 5+ for the attempt, +1 for the formation, and +1 for the mechatendrils he automatically comes with).

Cult of Destruction – keeping with the Warpsmiths, this one I never thought I’d bother with (having used my obliterators once in about 3 years) but I included this in my last game against loyalists and it proved quite effective. The ‘smiths ritual to give double yield is great and has even encouraged me to convert up some unwanted Blood Angel terminators as my mutilators, though it means i also need to convert up more ‘smiths (I have one of the finecast, and while it’s a lovely model, I’m not buying more of them). I had a trio of oblits with smith (nurgle), and 2 trios of muties with smiths (tzeentch). Each attracted enemy attention, and more than earned their points back.

Heldrake Terror Pack – the only way to include the ubiquitous burn-turkeys in the detachment. I’ve used it twice, unfortunately poor reserve rolls meant they had minimal effect in either game. The one against the loyalists their terror rules were a little pointless as the mission negated it mostly (but I can’t complain as I chose the mission).

Spawn – often overlooked. I used a Spawn formation with my Lost & Damned zombies. They drew enemy fire away from the weaker zombies, and managed to munch down on a couple of units of Guard before being shot to hell. Always fun, but they really are just cannon fodder.

So, what would I like to see coming in the rest of the Black Crusade releases? Well, aside from an updated codex (yes, it’s another chaos player complaining that we’re running a 6e codex in a 7e world), I’d like to see some form of support for the cult forces, even if it’s not a full on codex like KDK, Tzeentch/Nurgle/Slaanesh themed detachments/formations would be cool. Same goes for the Traitor Legions of Old, I know we have the Black Legion supplement, but how about Night Lords, Word Bearers, Emperors Children et al. Even if it’s just a set of Chapter Tactics to add in to the existing codex, it would be something.

There’s a lot of rumbling about the release of Primarch’s coming through (I’ve seen the pics of Magnus), and while I’m not keen myself on including these uber-units in a non-apoc scenario I can see that its building up to something huge. I only hope they don’t repeat what they did before, with the previous Eye of Terror worldwide campaign – which the forces of Chaos won, in which Eldrad was actually killed, but with was then retconned to have never actually happened because lo and behold here we are again at the beginning of the very same 13th Black Crusade.

All Scars Damnation narrative campaign – rounds 2 and 3 so far

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60030102012_BlackLegionENG01Well a lot has happened since our initial landings in the city of Vogen, especially within our own alliance.

Our Night Lord allies have turned on us, ambushing the Orks as they passed through his territory to attack the Dark Angels and also sending a strike force to “assist” an eldar attack also against the Orks in Snipers Alley. The Orks lost both those games and were forced to retreat to the palace.

The Demon-kin located a gate to the Damnation cache and attempted to enact a ritual to open it but were thwarted by the Eldar, while also taking a few more sectors in the west of the city and engaging the alliance known as the Cavalry (more imperial lapdogs).

My own forces haven’t fared well since our impressive start to the campaign. In a retaliatory strike the Tau (now in an alliance with Eldar) struck into the western gardens and fought my troops off (riptide variants, warp hunters and other shenanigans – I don’t think anything actually got out of my deployment zone!).

While I sent other troops to capture the railhead areas, which were then intercepted by Imperial Guard of the Cavalry and Inquisition troops of the Allies of Inconvenience. We played a fun mission with random deployments and randomly generated turn order. I had Typhus leading a force of zombie cultists backed up with a warpsmith led force of defilers and a character helbrute. With the zombies able to respawn on a 4+ I caused many headaches for the two Imperial forces but at the end of the day the Guard won out, securing both parts of the Railhead for their alliance.

The following round of orders saw us gain reinforcements in the form of new KDK player Matt. I was attacked once again in the Palace Gardens, eastern section this time, by both the Dark angels and Inquisition of the Allies of Inconvenience.

We agreed to go large, 4k for me and 2k for each of them as they were allies. They let me choose the mission and despite setting myself an improbable task i went for the “Kill em All” mission form the Black Legion book. No objectives (primary or secondary) I have to wipe the enemy out or lose. We agreed no Super heavy/LOWs, and no Forge World. The mission also meant that I would recycle units once they were completely destroyed – reminiscent of the old Meat Grinder missions myself and Gary (running the Dark Angels) liked from years ago.

I decided to take another Black Crusade detachment. Terminator Lord with squad of termies, 3 squads of CSM, squad of havocs, large squad of Raptors joined by a Sinistrum Sorcerer, 3 warpsmiths leading units of mutilators and oblitorators, another smith leading the defiler-helbrute combo, and a pair of heldrakes.

It was a hard-fought game but once my foes decided to not wipe units out if they could help it, it became an uphill struggle. After four intense rounds we called it (time was pressing, we could have squeezed a fifth but we honestly agreed that I wouldn’t kill enough to do the job in one last round), so I lost the other side of the Gardens too.

Both of these games were so paced and intense that I don’t have pictures I’m afraid.

I still have one more battle to play this round, also against Gary’s Dark Angels, as I struck out to capture Building 235 from Imperial Hands. We’ll see how that goes.

Away from the table things are still heating up, with the revelation that the “opposing” imperial alliances have struck some sort of non-aggression pact. The Orks don’t care what happens to the city as long as “dem gitz don’t get it” so are rumoured to have been proposing a “us v them” policy to all non-imperials.

All we can be sure of is that in the Grim Dark of Vogen’s future – there is only War!

D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Goblins & Gods, and Up, Up, Away!

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nApologies first of all, as I’m so late writing the previous session up its here with the latest one.


It was looking grim for the heroes, a rampaging ogre and several goblins still active while just about the only person on their side still standing was Gobby the quasit/bear. Thankfully reinforcements arrived in the form of a pair of extra players, one of which was the cleric.

A goblin from the back of the cave gave some sort of signal and the archers lowered their bows, waiting to see what the party would do, the ogre however waded in. Thankfully though the cleric was able to bring a couple of the others back into play and the heavily wounded brute was dealt with. Reviving the rest of the party they were intrigued as to why the goblin had halted the attack. Turns out she wasnt happy with being made to hunt excessively to feed the ogres which kept the goblin boss in power. She offered the party a deal, kill the boss (so she could take his place) and they could take the prisoners and the goblins would go home too.

The heroes had taken a pretty bad beating so were ready to agree to this (hopefully) simpler solution. They headed into the cave the boss used and found him with his two burly guards. The guards were easily dispatched and the boss beaten to within an inch of his life when he surrendered, offering the party the location of a glowy sword if they let him live. They agreed, and he told them it was at the bottom of a pool in a nearby cave. When they asked why he hadn’t retrieved it he looked embarrassed and admitted “can’t swim”. The cleric then decided to use his magic to brand his holy symbol into the boss’s forehead and “anoint” him as an acolyte.

Leading the creature back into the main cave the female goblin wasnt happy to see the boss, the party said that she was now in charge, she replied “not quite” and promptly shot the boss with her bow. “Now I am!”. She gathered the rest of the goblins and they set off down one of the deeper tunnels further into the darkness.

The heroes went to investigate this glowy sword. Following the tunnel they came to a chamber with a stalagmite with lots of holes in it. The goliath thrust his axe handle down a couple but nothing happened. Continuing on they came to the end of the tunnel and a chamber with a small waterfall emptying into a pool. Clearly visible in the pool was a sword, untarnished by being submerged. The tiefling warlock went into the water to retrieve it, but while he did so a large black oozing creature attacked from the tunnel they had come through.

The Goliath threw handaxes at it with no apparent effect, but eventually through their combined assaults they drove it back towards the chamber with the stalagmite and conquered it.

Realising that they were in no shape to tackle much else they recovered the remaining villagers and began leading them back to Nightstone.

En route they spied a trio of large grey skinned humanoids dismantling an abandoned cottage and wisely made an extensive detour so as not to attract their attention.

Arriving back at Nightstone they found it a hive of activity with guards patrolling the walls and workmen busily rebuilding the damaged sections. As they cautiously entered they were greeted by the leader of the Seven Snakes once more.  Despite the heroes previous misgivings he announced that all he wanted to do was help, and the villagers “elected” the Innkeeper as their new spokesperson with Lady Nandar being dead.

The heroes were given a room for the night and retired to recover and plan their next move. While they rested the Innkeeper approached them and asked for a favour. He had the belongings of some of those who had fallen and wanted them delivering to the next of kin in each case. Would the heroes kindly take one such task as he had volunteers that could do the others. After hearing the choices of destination, the heroes agreed to travel to Bryn Shander (way up in Icewind Dale) and deliver the package to Markham Southwell there.

While resting the tiefling gave the sword to the goliath, who discovered it was a magical sword that would glow if goblins or orcs were near.

That was the end of that session, we then missed a session as many of us had prior commitments, but we resumed this week….

The heroes were awoken by a commotion outside, the tiefling sent Gobby out to see what was happening, apparently a stone tower on a cloud had descended over the town and steps made of cloud were forming to lead up to it. Gobby flew up and around the tower but could see no-one. Eventually the heroes roused themselves from bed and investigated, though a few found the stairs hard going.

Entering the tower they found a single large chamber, well-lit, with an oversized tabel and chair, a pair of statues and hole in the ceiling some hundred feet above them. Descending form the hole came a cloud giant who introduced himself as Zephyros. He had been communing with other-worldly beings about the current situation and they had instructed him to seek heroes here in Nightstone and assist them.

He readily agreed to transport them to Bryn Shander in his flying tower, cutting their expected journey down to less than three ten days. The party gathered any provisions they thought they would need and they were off.

Zephyros explained that the god of the giants had broken the Ordnung, the caste system that organised giant society and thus many giants were amok. He wasnt sure why their king, King Hekaton, wasnt trying to maintain order. He lived alone in his tower aside from a group of griffons that nested in the aerie at the top of the tower.

The goliath, halfling and sorcerer asked if they could see the griffons so he took them up to see them. The goliath was satisfied so quickly returned to the “ground” but the sorcerer and halfling decided to remain and watch the creatures. The halfling even tried to feed one some of her rations, which led the creature to allow her to pet it.

The first couple of days passed uneventfully, but on the morning of the third day before the tower began travelling onwards a group of birds were seen approaching, as they got nearer they could be seen to have riders.

Four giant vultures carrying riders in pale blue/white attire landed on the cloud outside the tower. Zephyros was busy preparing to move the tower so asked the heroes to see what they wanted.

The visitors turned out to be emissaries of Yan-C Bin, and had a gift for Zephyros in return for him considering to join their efforts to “return the world to its primordial order”. Zephyros asked the heroes their opinion before using his communion to decide not to accept their offer. Disappointed they left the bag they were carrying the gift in, mounted their vultures and flew away.

The pair of warlocks both used mage hand to hold and open the bag, retrieving a pouch of sparkly dust from within. One sprinkled a pinch of it over Gobby, finding it increased his flying speed somewhat.

They couldn’t investigate further though as the tiefling and goliath were suddenly attacked by thin air!

The ensuing combat was chaotic as the other warlock used his mage hand to “feel” for the foe which they assumed was using invisibility of some sort. The goliath was taking the brunt of its attacks and was quite relieved when they were finally able to overcome it as a group. Whatever it was still remained invisible, so they pushed its corpse over the edge of the cloud.

Returning into the tower they examined both the bag and the pouch, discovering that the bag was a Bag of Holding and that he pouch contained Pixie Dust. Zephyros had no wish to keep them but was happy for the heroes to do so if they wished.

And that was where we left it for this session, the fight with the Invisible Stalker had taken rather longer than I anticipated. I honestly thought one of them would have tried puling the curtain in the foyer down over it to reveal its location but alas no. We’ll find out how the continuing journey to Bryn Shander goes next session (in a fortnight’s time).

We also had a new member take part this week, so a hello to Morgan our halfling bard, we look forward further adventures with you.

D&D Encounters – Storm Kings Thunder – Orc attack!

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14064236_10209789776363134_3461628604885620888_nWith Jack’s Warlock (and Gobby his teddy bear) manning the north wall the rest of the party headed to the drawbridge to head off the other group of orcs.

The orc chief led his men straight at Jack’s position, weathering his eldritch blasts and making it across the moat and the pallisades before dropping the lonely warlock into unconsciousness. One of the orcs picked the fallen bear up as they continued past into the town itself.

Meanwhile Jon’s warlock created an illusion of a water elemental on the drawbridge in an effort to scare the other orcs off but Liam’s Paladin stumbled through it and spoilt the effect. Emily’s Bard tried to make the orc shaman feel bad about himself but in return it called upon the might of Gruumsh and commanded her to “Dive”, magically compelling her to plunge of the drawbridge into the water below.

The paladin charged forward only to be struck down hard by the mass of orcs, but before they could advance into the town Jon and Lee raised the bridge once more and so they loped along the shoreline towards the broken bridge. Emily at first had trie to swim down towards the same bridge but seeing the orcs heading that way, made her way back and used a healing spell to revive Liam.

Meanwhile Jon and Lee chose to hide in the windmill and a nearby house while the warchief and his orcs sped through the town, intent on reaching the keep. Once the orcs were out of sight once more they recovered Jack (and having been dropped by one of the Orc’s, Gobby) and lowered the drawbridge to exit Nightstone and reunite with their comrades.

Realising they were heavily outnumbered they decided to head for the caves to the north in search of the townsfolk for reinforcements. As they made their way north they came across a group of dead goblins, from the looks of things killed by crossbow bolts. They took a short rest to gather their wits and Jack performed a ritual to summon a familiar which then took the form of Gobby. With nothing else of interest they continued north until they found the cave.

Jack sent Gobby in to investigate as the bear-thing could turn invisible. It came back telling him that there were goblins inside , with several exits leading off a central chamber and a large creature in the centre of a stalactite grove.

With most of the heroes being unable to see in the dark they lit a torch which unfortunately gave their presence away to the goblins, with a cry of “Breeyark!” they began firing shortbows at the party and a bubbling mud pool exploded with a roar as the ogre that had been bathing in it joined the fray too.


It began to go badly for the heroes as they slowly began to fall to the monsters, Jack did use circle of madness on the ogre to make it attack the creature in the stalactites, which turned out to be its mate. However this was shortlived as the second ogre made its way out of the grove and into the melee.

Time beat us once again, so we completed the round of combat we were on and left things dramatically poised, ready to pick up next session…..