Dungeon Father Gaming – Remnants of the Past part 2

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Our heroes awoke to the arrival of a pair of allies, apparently their employer was growing impatient and had despatched backup along with a sending stone to allow once a day communication. Once introductions had been done they headed down the long corridor they had previously left alone.

Halfway down they found a pair of doors, one opened into a small preparation chamber the other opened to release rocks onto the opener but these then left a crawlspace. Going into the chamber beyond they found a statue of the Platinum Dragon in his knightly visage, there was also a small rough tunnel entrance behind it.

Sending the warlock’s sprite down it appeared to descend at a slope and open out onto a wider shaft further into the complex. Returning to the main corridor they advanced to the stone door at its end, carved with a relief of a a rearing dragon.

Though heavy the door opened easily onto a chamber with another statue, this time of the draconic visage, though the head had been severed quite cleanly off. There were exits on either side of the chamber and investigating the north one revealed an area that looked like it was for priests to prepare themselves in. The southern exit had a pair of holes in the floor some ten feet across each, with a sturdy chain hung across them via a pully system and holding a massive metal pot big enough to hold three people at once.

Not wanting to descend into darkness the heroes cast light upon a pebble and dropped it down the shaft, illuminating the floor far below. Once they were reasonably sure it was safe to do so they began using the pot-elevator to ferry their group down.

They found themselves in a massive chamber that housed what resembled streets and buildings, all leading to a large central plaza towards the southern end of the city. As they party began to explore they came across a kobold. The heroes find themselves heading to the kobolds enclave and finding that they had a small brass dragon chained and restrained. The kobolds had “rescued” it so that the “big ones” didnt find and hurt it. Eventually they were able to discover that the dragon was from a clutch of three eggs (the others not having hatched as yet) that belonged to the former guardian of this area, a large brass dragon that had since passed away and was slowly being dismembered in the plaza. The kobolds ideally wanted one of the heroes to resurrect the big dragon but when they said they were unable to the kobolds said they wanted to raise the small one until it was big enough to make them into dragons too. The heroes knew that this would be impossible, but they were able to convinve the kobolds to let them free the young dragon.

Discovering that the wyrmlings name was Vexus, they had him follow behind them for safety, as they approached the plaza. They could see the remains of the parent dragon, along with half a dozen dragonborn patroling the area. With most of the party being armed with ranged weaponry they began raining fire upon the guards. Even the few that survived the surprise attack did not fare well against the mass volleys of arrows and spells and fell quickly but as each died their bodies rapidly petrified and moments later crumbled into dust.

Not sparing the time to ponder this, the heroes moved towards the centre of the plaza to get a look at the odd darkened opening on its south side. However as the bard risked brushing his hand into the darkness they heard a growling coming from within.

Five pairs of malevolent eyes peered out as first a black draconic head, then a blue, a green, a white, and finally a red pushed forward from the darkness! As each head let out a roar five drakes charged out into the plaza and at the heroes.

The drakes were dangerous and had the heroes on the back foot, so one of them called for Vexus to come and assist. The plucky little brass wyrmling flew in and belched his firey breath across some of the enemies, harming but not killing them. With Vexus aiding the heroes found renewed vigour and were finally able to overcome the drakes.

Taking time to catch their breaths, bind their wounds and take stock of the situation the heroes decide to head west up one of the wide avenues leading off from the plaza rather than investigate the darkness further. Once again asking Vexus to hang back.

As they head out they suddenly heard a whump-whump sound behind them and turn just in time to see a large white dragon with glistening scales swoop down and land heavily on to poor Vexus, the much smaller brass dragon having no chance as its little head was smeared across the stonework.

The heroes, despite being nervous about attacking a bigger dragon, were spurred on by the death of Vexus and attacked. The bard bravely rushing up to swipe at the beast with his rapier. The dragon responded by tearing into the minstrel and leaving him bleeding on the ground .

The heroes tried to spread around but the dragon was still able to catch a pair of them in the cone of its icy breath, freezing them into unconsciousness. Thankfully the remaining heroes were able to do enough to drive the dragon off before it could cause more casualties.

The heroes grabbed their injured allies and ran for cover, seeking somewhere to lick their wounds. They headed up the west avenue finding it led to a side road where they could see the dead bodies of human workers the dragonborn had been using to search through the ruins.

Once they were all back on their feet they continued to search the area, find some religious paraphinalia and another terrified kobold. Eventually able to calm it down, they head back to the plaza and decide to explore the darkened opening the drakes emerged from. Discovering the darkness only seemed to cover the first ten feet of the chamber beyond, they pushed onwards ….

That was were we left it as time had once again run out.

Thanks to all of the players (an eight person table!) an of course to Tabletop Tyrants for hosting as usual.

Annual blood bath with the Angels

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This afternoon was my annual throwdown on the 40k tables with my friend Sarah and her Blood Angels, so far we have battled five times and while some have been as close as a single point the tally stands at 5-0 to my Black Legion.

We chose to play the Critical objective mission from Chapter Approved 2019 and use the new options for building your Tactical Objective decks.

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [78 PL, 10CP, 1,227pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Detachment CP [5CP]

Legion: Black Legion

+ HQ +

Abaddon the Despoiler [12 PL, 2CP, 210pts]: Warlord

Daemon Prince with Wings [9 PL, 168pts]: Diabolic Strength, Hellforged sword, Q’O’Ak the Boundless, Warp bolter, Wings
. Tzeentch

+ Troops +

Chaos Space Marines [11 PL, 152pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Aspiring Champion: Combi-bolter, Power sword
. 8x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon: Heavy bolter

Chaos Space Marines [11 PL, 152pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Aspiring Champion: Combi-bolter, Power sword
. 8x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon: Heavy bolter
. Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon: Heavy bolter

Chaos Space Marines [11 PL, 152pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch
. Aspiring Champion: Combi-bolter, Power sword
. 8x Marine w/ Boltgun
. Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon: Autocannon
. Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon: Autocannon

+ Elites +

Greater Possessed [8 PL, 120pts]
. Greater Possessed: Mark of Tzeentch
. Greater Possessed: Mark of Tzeentch

Possessed [5 PL, 90pts]: Icon of Flame, Mark of Tzeentch, 5x Possessed

Rubric Marines [11 PL, 183pts]: Icon of Flame
. Aspiring Sorcerer: Force sword, Inferno Bolt Pistol
. 8x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun
. Rubric Marine w/ Soulreaper cannon: Soulreaper cannon

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [41 PL, -1CP, 773pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Detachment CP [1CP]

Field Commander [-1CP]

Legion: Black Legion

Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Soulforged Pack

+ HQ +

Lord Discordant on Helstalker [9 PL, 170pts]: Baleflamer, Mark of Tzeentch
. Helstalker: Techno-virus injector

+ Heavy Support +

Defiler [9 PL, 172pts]: Defiler scourge, Mark of Tzeentch, Twin lascannon

Havocs [7 PL, 176pts]: Mark of Slaanesh
. Aspiring Champion: Combi-bolter, Power sword
. 4x Havoc w/ lascannon: 4x Lascannon

Venomcrawler [7 PL, 115pts]: Mark of Tzeentch

+ Flyer +

Heldrake [9 PL, 140pts]: Baleflamer, Mark of Tzeentch

++ Total: [119 PL, 9CP, 2,000pts] ++


I won the roll off to choose Attacker or Defender and chose to be the Attacker and set up fully first. After Sarah had then set up she attempted to sieze the initiative but failed to do so, so it was game on and Black Legion to take the lead.

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Round 1

The heldrake, venom crawler, greater possessed, rubrics and possessed all began to move up the field while Abaddon moved across to help guide the shots of one of the CSM squads (the one with the autocannons).

The Blood Angel scouts came under psychic assault and swiftly following gunfire from the surrounding units, quickly whittling them down to just their missile launcher guy. Before he could breath a sigh of relief the defilers battle barked out and landed heavy shells upon him, while the demon engines twin lascannon streaked out and began lancing through the venator tank opposite. The havocs joined thier lascannons to the assault and as the flash of the beams faded the tank still stood. Then as a surprise to all the venom crawler activated its escruciator cannon and rent the tank assunder.

Objectives achieved

  • For the Dark Gods
  • No Prisoners
  • Secure Objective 3
  • First Strike

The Blood Angels tunr in response saw them secure a single objective card, though their drop pod did deliver their death company dreadnought and it charged into the CSM squad on my far left flank.

Score: Black Legion 4  Blood Angels 1

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Round 2

The heldrake, demon prince, venom crawler, greater possessed, possessed, and rubrics continued to stalk towards the enemy ranks. The CSM unit in combat with the draednought managed to tear it apart to everyones surprise, while the Legion’s firepower destroyed the unit of bikers that had advanced towards them. The heldrake attempted to charge the sicarran but failed to gain ground.

Objectives achieved

  • Overwhelming Firepower
  • Death & Destruction
  • The Long War Continues

The Blood Angels deep struck their cataphractii terminators and captain deep into my lines and begin to target the warmaster himself, while Lemartes and the Death Company swoop in to assault the venom crawler. The loyalist terminators try and charge Abaddon, the squad make it into combat but the captain failed to reach, with the Blood Angels starting off with the Death Company halving the wounds on the crawler the warmaster strategically intervenes and wipes the cataphractii unit out. The greater possessed neat the crawler heroically intervened and assaulted Lemartes, ripping the chaplain to shreds after he had further reduced the wounds of the crawler. The crawler itself tore into the death company munching through some of the black armoured marines and their biomass healing its wounds.

Score: Black Legion 8  Blood Angels 2

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Round 3

Abaddon issued to orders to take the enemy down, striding towards the cataphractii captain menacingly. The heldrake stayed where it was menacing the sicarran (ineffectively) and the rubrics and possessed surged forward into the central ruin. The demon prince, Lord Discordant and venom crawler continued to edge forward towards Mephiston, and the CSM unit that had destroyed the dreadnought fell back into cover and secured an objective. Abaddon makes very short work of the cataphractii captain.

Objectives achieved

  • Secure Objective 2
  • Secure Objective 5
  • The Long War

Mephiston leads the assault as he takes on the demon prince, the reminder of his closest tactical squad assualt the Lord Discordant (and the greater possessed heroically intervenes).  The sicarran and tactical marines managed to shoot the heldrake out of the sky. Mephiston takes the prince down to half health but in return the prince takes the sanguine sorcerer down to only 2 wounds remaining. The marines take a few wounds off of the lord discordant but he and his helstalker easily scythe down the loyalists.

Score: Black Legion 13  Blood Angels 4

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Round 4

With the demon prince confident that he can take out Mephiston the venom crawer scuttles deeper into the Blood Angels lines and both greater possessed, the possessed and the lord discordant assault into the contemptor. The demon prince finally manages to cast a psychic power and amazingly Mephiston rolls snake eyes to deny, flooding the demon prince with Diabolic Strength. The shooting phase sees the autocannons plink a wound from the sicarran but everyone is simply waiting for the glory of the bloodbath to come. The Lord Discordant starts it all off, his impaler chainglaive and the helstalker shredding the contemptor which failed to explode. The all eyes turn to the titanic battle on the right flank. The demon prince, boosted by the power of the warp and his demon weapon lays into Mephiston causing 6 wounds, Sarah fails to save them and rolls for Mephiston to feel no pain (or whatever the name of it is), the psyker ignores the first 3 but suffers the next 2 and is laid low.

With the loss of their warlord and only half a tactical squad, damaged sicarran and empty drop pod remaining the Blood Angels concede the field.

Objectives achived

  • The Warp is your Ally
  • Kingslayer
  • Hold the Line
  • Linebreaker
  • Slay the Warlord

Score: Black Legion 19  Blood Angels 4

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Huge thank you to Sarah, her dice were not her friends for much of the day. This makes it 6-0 in the series. I look forward to our next thowdown, who knows maybe I’ll have a second Lord Discordant ……

Dungeon Father Gaming – Remnants of the Past part 1

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This Sunday past saw seven intrepid heroes start our latest “mini” campaign set in the Critical Role campaign setting of Tal’Dorei.

The heroes had been invited to the guildhouse of the Relic Seekers of Stilben, a group of historians, antique collectors and traders led by Artenn Gitelle, a late middle aged human male, expensively dressed with long straight white hair and an eye patch over his left eye (think, Lucious Malfoy with an eye patch). He wanted to hire the heroes to seek out a missing group of the guilds archeologists that were bringing some collected items from Westruun back to Stilben. The journey shouldn’t have taken more than ten days and it had already been double that since they last messaged as they left Westruun. They’re group consisted of around four archeologists with half a dozen hired guards and a cart. Artenn and the guild were offereing 100 gold pieces for the return of the archeologists and another 100 gold pieces for the collection of items.

The heroes accepted the job with the agreement of some addition trail rations and set off along the Silvercut Roadway. As they travelled they came across a pair of travellers, one a weasely looking human, the other a burly chap with more than a little orc in his ancestry and what looked like a hump under his cloak. The heroes waylaid the pair, intrigued why they travelling so late and alone. The weasely fellow was quick to anger, and just as quick to die. The orcish one was easy to talk out of fighting further and dropped the sack from under his cloak that they had mistaken for a hump and the heroes convinced him to be on his way. Searching the sack and the corpse they found five oilskin wrapped packages in the sack, each containing a sticky clumping powder (not dissimilar to damp brown sugar) and upon removing the armour from their fallen foe a brand across his back. The rogue in the party recognised it as the mark of the Clasp, the continent spanning thieves guild. Taking the packages they rolled the corpse off the roadway into the swamp.

After another day or two of following the road and they came across the broken remains of a cart at the roadside, along with the remains of the guards. Most of them showed stab wounds and several small puncture marks but one of them looked like he had been bitten in half and only the top half remained. The rangers in the party surveyed the area and found tracks leading into the swamp and led the party after the raiders.

It wasn’t long before they came across some ruins and noticed several creatures waiting in ambush. Bullywugs attacked using blowpipes and spears. One of the rangers created a fog cloud which kept some of the amphibeans from being able to attack (but also covered their escape) and the party were fairly easily able to deal with the remaining ones before following the fleeing bullywugs back to their encampment.

The rogue and one of the rangers took up positions on the two crumbling stone towers while the rest of the party approached the dry ground between the murky water pools, their surfaces broken by the heads of more bullywugs and disturbed by something larger moving beneath the surface.

The sleep poison on the bullywugs blowdarts was causing more than a few problems but as the heroes began to get the upper hand the water churned as a large frog like creature with three eyestalks on top of its head and a pair of wicked looking tentacles coming out of its shoulders., burst forth.

As the heroes fought both bullywugs and this other abomination it wrapped its horrid tongue around the bard, dragged him to its fanged maw and promptly swallowed him! The paladin invoked her magic to empower her strikes and made the beast fear her and it dove once again back into the murky waters out of sight.

This freed the heroes enough to be able to deal with the remaining bullywugs while the swallowed bard continued to fight on from inside its stomach. As the last frogman fell the large beast shrugged off its fear of the paladin and burst forth once more but now the heroes were able to concentrate their attacks all together and take it down, freeing their bardic friend from its guts.

Heavily damaged the heroes searched the encampment finding the gear the archeologists had been transporting along with a bronze buckler shield which they discovered had some abjuration magic about it. They also found the archeologists journal, detailing the “hidden hoard” from which these samples had been gathered. The heroes hid the rest of the items under the remains of the ruined hut and all took refuge atop one of the towers to rest and recuperate during which they decided to follow the journal and investigate the hoard rather than return straight to Stilben.

Next morning they headed back to the road and continued westward towards Westruun and the tip of the Summit Mountains. During the journey they encountered a small group of Dragonborns, warily approaching the group they conversed. The Dragonborn were looking for some friends, archealogists, that had been working on a dig site with them. The heroes were a little wary and told them they hadn’t seen them and wished them well with their search.

A few days travel and they broke away from the road, following a trail winding up the side of one of the mountains to a ledge with four cave openings. The first was too small even for the dwarf to squeeze through and the rangers saw that cart tracks led towards the third one so the party followed them.

The cave led about thirty feet into the mountainside and then had a steep drop off of about forty feet deep down to a worked stone chamber sporting draconic style decoration. An archway led deeper in before opening into a larger chamber with rasied ceiling supported by pillars carved with dragons curled around them and five stone doors leading from it.

The heroes began opening the doors, the first looked to be some sort of waiting room, the second was partitioned by iron bars and a gate forming some sort of cell, skeletal remains laying beyond the bars. The heroes got past the locked gate and investigated the remains but found nothing sinister about them. The third door opened onto a long corridor ending in another stone door but the heroes chose to investigate the fifth door before delving deeper. The fifth door revealed a room full of corpses! The paladin was sure they weren’t undead and examination revealed they had been killed by multiple stab wounds, it also revealed a stone box covered in draconic runes in the corner.

The bard could read draconic and read the runes, “Death will come to whoever opens this box”, the dwarf ranger asked it was safe to open and the bard said yes so he opened it, and the room exploded with magical flames! Several members of the party were left unconscious by the blast and after using the magic at their disposal to revive them the party examined what was left in the box, sadly just charred remains of robes.

Having taken such a hard blast and being low on their resources the party agreed to take refuge in the smaller reception room, and that was where we ended the session.


Dungeon Father Gaming – Deck the Halls, twice!

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December saw us running two events, one our regular monthly charity event hosted at Tabletop Tyrants, the other an 8 hour birthday session with 9 players for a friend. I chose to run the same event for both not only to save on prep time but also because it was a fun adventure.

The heroes were hired by the Cormyrean military policing the walls of the prison city of Westgate and were being sent in covertly to investigate who or what was unifying the street gangs therein. They had a day to do this while (hopefully) most were at home with their families celebrating the midwinter festival.

The charity event run had four players, so I weakened down most of the encounters compared to the later birthday run.

Now, many of you by now will be wondering what the heck this has to do with “deck the halls” other than it being at the winter festival. Well bear with me.

The adventure I was running was an 5e version of a 1e/2e adventure that appeared in an old Dungeon magazine entitled “House of Cards”, where a thieves guild hidden beneath Westgate was being converted into a church of Mask (god of thieves) and an Arcanaloth had trapped most of the interior doors with the Deck of Many Things.

The first half of the dungeon was the orginal thieves guild, complete with barracks and rooms dedicated to training in the various skills thieves would need (lockpicking, pick pocketing, acrobatics, moving stealthily. This part of the complex was mostly empty witht he thieves enjoyig the festival but was protected by a cleric of mask (very badly I might add, as both groups dealt with him very handily).

The real fun began once they entered the church portion of the complex. Each door was “locked” by one of the cards and the only way to open them was to activated the card.

The charity group’s route of choice took them almost straight towards the most dangerous cards, with 2 of the 4 of them being hit with the Void and Donjon within minutes of each other. The remaining 2 players (we had about 20 minutes of the session left) deciding to quit while they still had their heads and leave the dungeon.

The larger birthday group took a slightly longer route, with the cleric being hit by a card that dropped his INT and CHA to 5 each and made him unable to cast spells or speak, the paladin had their alignment switched to Chaotic Evil, and the Half Orc “rogue” (actually a barbarian with issues) getting the Donjon while the Druid got whammied with the Void, releasing control of his summoned Earth Elemental which in turn allowed the other barbarian to face it down in solo combat to immediately gain a level of experience.

With 2 men down they still explored onwards, using a gained wish to restore their clerics powers, and then encountering the architect of the dungeon – the Arcanaloth “Phagen”. The fiend tried to use his flight to keep out of melee but the barbarian used his grappling hook to pull him back to the ground and the party made surprisingly short work of him. As the fiend expired his corrupted wish was broken and the remaining cards were sent inert and the Void and Donjon cards in his possession released their victims.

The heroes explored a little further, discovering a hoard of monetary treasure hidden in a false crypt before heading out of the complex victoriously.

This brought our first 6 months of Dungeon Father Gaming to a close, having raised £124.50 for our chosen charity (Parkinsons) which has been paid in already.

In the new year we’ll be raising funds for Mental Health Foundation UK and starting off with a couple of linked events returning to the realm of Tal’Dorei.

Until then may your dice be fair and your swords sharp!

Dungeon Father Gaming – Burning Desires

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Apologies first of all, this post is a week late.

Sunday the 17th saw our November event take to the table with our biggest group so far, 6 intrepid adventurers making their way in the city of Baldur’s Gate.

The adventure was set a handful of years prior to the events of the Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus adventure and used some of the information from the D&D Next Murder in Baldur’s Gate adventure as a basis.

The heroes were hired by an individual named Skoond, he wanted them to break into a former business partners shop and copy his “secret” receipe for his fireworks so that he could set up his own similar business.

The party accepted and the break in went smoothly, getting the information and making two copies before returning to replace the originals so as to delay suspicion. Skoond was very happy and paid them the bonus as agreed, unaware that they had kept a copy for themselves. He said he may have further work for them and would be in touch.

Skoond was not the only one with a task for the heroes, a sergeant of the Flaming Fist hired the heroes to descend into the sewers to deal with a creature that had been attacking citizens. The heroes headed down into the labyrinthine passageways, trying their best to avoid falling into the foul fluids flowing below. They were soon beset by large rats, but quickly discovered that there was a monstrous one that was the cause of the problem.

The fight was brutal and bloody but the heroes proved victorious and returned to the sergeant with the beasts head as proof before retiring to the tavern to rest.

A messenger called them downstairs next morning to a meeting with Skoond, he had a simple collect and deliver job for them. Head out to Little Calimsham and bring a cart of supplies to a warehouse beside the docks. It was reasonable pay for little risk so the heroes agreed. Beside a brief delay with the guards at the Basilisk Gate, the collection and delivery went smoothly and Skoond was pleased to receive his supplies in good order. He told the heroes that he would have further need of them the following day and they were to come to the warehouse an hour after noon.

Next day the heroes returned to the warehouse to find it empty of the previous days workers, just Skoond and a dozen boxes. Skoond wanted the heroes to travel through the Underceller with the boxes “to avoid any nosey members of the Fist”, and to place them at specific points marked on the map he gave them as quickly as possibly. Once placed they were to tap the lids hard and get back out as quickly as they can. The payment seemed extremely high but the heroes cared little for the shadowy nature of the task and agreed readily.

Following Skoond’s map they found themselves in a large chamber below the High Hall and placed the packages against the supporting pillars within the chamber. Using mage hand and speed they activated the packages and high tailed it back through the Underceller, they had barely made it back above ground when They heard a tremendous boom and the ground shook beneath them. Smoke could be seen rising from the Upper CIty.

The explosions had been set to go off when the High Hall had been the scene of the voting to determine the new Grand Duke, three of the four candidates had been in the chamber with the voters and were amongst the casualties as the chamber was brought down atop them. The fourth, Duke Ravengard, had been called down to the citadel of the Flaming Fist as their leader to attend to an incident. As it was, the populace named him defacto Grand Duke, and the Flaming Fist and the Watch began their investigations into the explosion that had caused the tragedy.

The heroes meanwhile prepared to spend some time outside of the city for a while, but next morning when they awoke they found that they had each gained a mark on the inside of their right forearms, a skull surrounded by ten bloody teardrops – the rogue identified the mark as the symbol of Bhaal, God of Murder!

Dungeon Father Gaming – Where Evil Stirs

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This weekend saw a band of intrepid heroes tackle our October event game, and in honour of the season it was horror themed.

Unnantural mists transported the heroes to an unknown derelict town where they were attacked by zombies, but not just your usual run of the mill zombies, some of them were quick, agile and eager to bite. One of them even bit one ofthe heroes and infected him with some sort of plague (though thankfully the cleric was able to cure him).

After killing the zombies and having a search they spied a ruined keep nearby and took refuge there, running into a band of bandits. After the paladin engaged their leader in single combat (and lost spectacularly) the bandits left and the heroes finished a quick search of the keep before locking themselves in one of the rooms to rest.

As the heroes took turns on watch they could see more and more zombies gathering beyond the moat but thankfully none seemed eager to cross the goopy fluid, or was something else keeping them at bay?

Rested the heroes headed down into the basement below the keep. Finding more of these plague zombies and a zombie ogre to boot. They also found a hidden door leading deeper underground. The deeper tunnels were filled with traps and some weird skeletal gnolls and eventually the heroes discovered a chamber with a priest of some sort chanting over a pool of the same goopy fluid as filled the moat.

The heroes attacked and despite the priest sending a ball of necrotic flames at them they were able to kill him. Upon his death the pool returned to normal (still stagnant and disgusting) water.

And that was where we left it as time had once again beaten us.

Did the heroes make it out alive? Did the horde of zombies swarm into the keep once whatever the priest was doing to the water had been stopped? Who knows!

Dungeon Father Gaming – Beginners D&D Intro event

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This weekend we ran an extra Dungeon Father event on a Saturday at Tabletop Tyrants to introduce those either new or just starting out in their D&D adventures.

We used pregenerated characters from a great product from DMsGuild as these were well written and presented.

Our fledgling heroes ran through some of the adventures from the new D&D Essentials boxed set adventure, the Dragon of Icespire Peak. WARNING – THE FOLLOWING WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THIS ADVENTURE!

The heroes began by talking to the townmaster, albeit through his front door as he refused to open it, and getting a pair of requests to head out and warn friends of the town about a dragon roaming the vacinity.

The heroes decided to travel the shortest distance first and go and try and convince the local midwife to accompany them back to town for safety. Arriving at her home, an old windmill, they found it under attack by a bat-winged lion!

The old lady waved from a window “A little help?” and the heroes began to barrage the beast with ranged attacks as it flew closer and fired its tail spikes at them. Eventually the monster was able to get into melee range and the barbarian was better able to deal with it but not before one of the heroes was dropped unconscious from the damage he had taken. The old lady was grateful and fed a healing potion to prone adventurer. The heroes agreed to help carry the old womans things back to town but chose to spend the night in the windmill first as this had taken a lot out of them.

Returning to town next day was uneventful but the heroes got their monetary reward from the townmaster, bought a few more supplies and set off to go and warn a pair of dwarven archeologists at their dig site. The dwarves (brothers) were excavating an old dwarven temple and when the heroes told them of the dragon they merely shrugged “dragons are forever a threat to dwarven lives” and said they couldn’t leave until they had had the temple explored fully.

The heroes agreed to explore the temple for the dwarves and headed in, the sorcerer and cleric lighting the way with their magic. They found a hidden door which led to a collapsed bedchamber but decided to headback and search the larger chamber upon finding nothing else.

Gathering around the limestone altar they were shocked when a massive puddle of gloop dropped from the ceiling above them and began to attack, they were even more shocked when the barbarian dealt it a mighty blow – only to split the creature into two smaller identical ones which continued to fight them!

Realising that the greataxe was causing this they advised the barbarian to try smashing it with the flat of the axehead, this seemed to be less effective but at least wasn’t making it split further -well, until the sorcerer used a Shocking Grasp spell on it that was. As the lightning dnaced around his fingertips and he thrust his hand at the creature the only affect it seemed to have was to cause it to split down into another two smaller versions of itself!

The amorphous blobs continued to fight, knocking the cleric unconscious but luckily the elven fighter was able to stabilise him with their healers kit while the rest of the party fought on and finally overcame the blob. Once the cleric had revived the explored the chamber more cautiously, discovering more hidden doors and that one of the supporting pillars was hollow. At first they thought it just contained a pile of dwarven skulls but as they emptied some of them out they discovered a stone box at the bottom. Carefully opening it they found it to contain some gemstones, which they tucked away for later.

Turning their attention to the doors they explored further, discovering another former bedchamber of whatever priests had ran this temple, including a stone wardrobe with the remains of their vestments which they took for the dwarves to identify later. Further in they found the opposite side of the collapsed area, the skeletal remains of a dwarven priest poking out from under the rubble. Digging it free they found it still wore a silver necklace with a silver charm that matched the symbol on the robes so they took that also.

With nothing else either attacking them or catching their interest they return to the dwarves, who identify the symbol as that of Abathor the dwarven god of greed (and thieves). The dwarves agree to head back with the heroes after a nights rest.

Next morning however the elf spots a group of figures approaching their camp, blocking off the only exit from the ravine.

Orcs! A quartet of the burly brutes. The heroes take cover in the ruins though some are not as well hidden as they  had hoped and battle commenced. The heroes begin with ranged attacks but the=is spurs the orcs on as they charge forward, throwing thier own javelins as they close. The barbarian grabs his greataxe and charges into the orcs but the brutes weather his blows. He quickly gets surrounded. While half the orcs begin to pound the barbarian into unconsciousness the remaining heroes continue to rain missiles and magic on the rest, managing to slay half the pack and casuing the ones standing over the fallen barbarian to think better of it and flee back the way they had came.

The party recover their comrade, binding his wounds and reviving him. Once they are sure the orcs had totally gone away they gather their gear and the dwarves and hightail it to Phandalin.

With that we closed the session, the players seemed to have enjoyed themselves and one has been in touch since asking for advice on what to get to continue playing at home so I think that was a success.

As always with the Dungeon Father sessions, half the proceeds go to our designated charity (for this 6 month period, Parkinsons UK) and with todays tally thats over the £60 mark already with at least another 3 events to go.

Dungeon Father Gaming – A Strangeness at Stilben

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This weekend saw our September event day for Dungeon Father Gaming at Tabletop Tyrants and a band of stalwart heroes taking on a Critical Role inspired adventure set in the CR campaign world of Exandria.

Our worthy band today were:-

  • Ashley playing Fennick, a wood elf ranger with hawk companion
  • Alan playing Reign, an aasimar paladin
  • Vin playing Wayne, a high elf wizard
  • Jack playing Bre’ack, a tiefling gunslinger
  • Jon playing Steward, a kenku warlock with a raven familiar

The heroes arrived in Stiben on the east coast amdist the K’tawl Swamp, finding a notice asking for intrepid souls to loko into the disappearances of local workers in the swamp. Attending the monthly meeting of the guildmasters they discover that the higher ranking guildmasters didn’t see there being a problem (mainly because their workforce wasnt affected).

The person who had posted the notice was Eli Troost, owner of a smaller mushroom farming company. While it was usual for one or two workers to wander off (either by getting bored of the work or falling afoul of the many predatory creatures in the swamp) the recent disappearences were much more frequent and the latest one left signs of a brutal and bloody struggle. ELi and a few of the other smaller business owners had clubbed together and raised 100 gold pieces for the culprit creature to be dealt with. Eli suggested the heroes start their investigation at Dunghill, a small shanty village in the swamp where many of the workers lived and even arranged a lift there on one of his barges.

Dunghill was little more than a dozen crude wooden homes around a single stone warehouse with a rough jetty allowing barges to dock and load their cargo. The heroes spoke to a few of the inhabitants, learning that there were three nearby workgroups: a peat farm, the mushroom collectors and the crayfishermen. There was also talk of a local hermit that often helped with medical care but he hadn’t been seen for a week or so. They managed to convince a young man that was preparing to take a stack of food packets out to the workers to give them a lift in his boat out to the mushroom patches. It was a cramped journey but uneventful.

The mushroom collectors were hard at work and understandably nervous when armed visitors arrived, the party were able to allay their suspicions and learned that one of their number had been attacked recently, all that had remained was a bloody foot and signs a a large creature passing. They also learned that a group of armed individuals had passed through the area a few days back, mercenary guards hired by the head guildmaster (Mr Stillwater) to guard his interests at the peat farm. Finally, they were told about an abandoned homestead in the swamp, a family used to live there but all disappeared around a year ago, nobody goes there as they say its spooky.

As this abandoned home was on route to the area the old hermit as supposed to be in they decided to check it out. Approaching the clearing they can see the small shack, an outhouse and what looked like a it used to be a jetty, complete with rotted shell of a half sunken boat in the mud.

The paladin took a calming breath and let his senses reach out, discovering that there were (as he suspected) several undead in the area.

The undead burst from hiding as the paladin lead the advance, a fifth figure steps out of the shack onto its porch and watches the fight. The paladin and ranger are engaged by a pair of the flesh hungry ghouls, both getting paralyzed at least once during the fight.

As the heroes begin to take down the ghouls the fifth figure strides forward, only to be intercepted by another creature that stomps forward from the tree line at the side of the clearing, this newcoming looking like a roughly humanoid shaped mass of vegetation.

The vegie-man and head ghoul go toe-to-toe until eventually the flora-beast clamps its appendages on the ghoul and rams him into its chest until only a claw can be seen slowly being pulled further inward, the vegi-man then begins to advance towards the heroes. The party understandably defend themselves, but the creatures seems content to knock the=ose that come close enough into unconsciousness before slowly shambling off into the denser swamp foliage. The heores choose not to pursue, and after reviving their injured allies investigate the shack, inside they find a sixth body, what once was a human female, her chest exploded outwards and a strange moss growing in the cavity, over the bed and up the wall beside her. The kenku uses his magic to clean away the fungus and they decide to spend the night before moving further in the morning.

The night passed thankfully uneventfully, and feely refreshed the party continue onwards to the hermits abode. A simple hut made from what looked like living tree limbs with a small entrance, a stone ringed fire pit out front and a larger stone ring that looked like a well a little further back.

The fire pit looked like it hadn’t been used in a few days, and as the party looked around the ranger discovered some tracks. From what he could gather, a group of armed and armoured figures (going by their deeper footprints) had come in, tussled with another figure in lighter attire, overpowered them and had dragged them over to the well.

Droping a pebble with a light cantrip cast upon it down the well they could make out the remains of a humanoid figure and so used mage hand to take a rope down and tie around what was left of the torso and pulled the remains back up. The remains were of a human male that had been stabbed, shot and beaten several times, as well as having severe burn marks across the right side of his face and upper torso. The heroes deduced that this was the hermit, and the paladin leads them in giving him a proper burial and a small ceremony to put him to rest.

They then investigate his hut, finding the interior to have pine needles carpeting the floor (there were no pine trees in the swamp?) and several ceramic jars containing various herbs and plants (enough to equip a healers kit). They also found a small notebook hidden in one of the jars, containing notes about the various farming groups and the last notes describing some sort of still out near the peat farms having some sort of blue coloured run off thats affecting the local flora and fauna.

The heroes decide to head towards the peat farms, as they got near they could hear croaking in the undergowth around them. They discovered they were being cautiously watched by a quartet of frog-faced humanoids and with the use of some ritual magic were able to communicate with them. The frog men were able to tell the party to watch out for alocal hazard and lead them safely to the peat farm before wishing them luck and leaving them.

Arriving at the peat farm they can see that several men are working, digging up loads of the sodden peat, loading it into carts and taking it to be dried. There were also a handful of lightly armoured guards armed with crossbows. The heroes approached openly so as not to startle them. Enquiring with the guards they find that the farm hasn’t had any disappearances, also the mercenary guards that were supposedly heading here were not and have not come here.

The party decide to head over to where this supposed still was meant to be. On the way they they pass an old statue overgrown with vines but decide to leave it alone for now and push on to a small clearing. They can see a hut with smoke coming from its chimney, a small waste pipe gushing a dark blue fluid that was then seeping into the surrounding ground. There were also four humans, two standing by the hut with the other to off to the sides keeping watch with their crossbows.

As the heroes engage fro the tree line a burly half-orc emerges from the shed and joins the fray. The paladin charged forward and releases his winged form, paralysing one of the guards with fear. The tiefling and ranger begin picking off the crossbowmen with their own ranged attacks. The half-orc enagages the paladin and mercilessly cuts him down before advancing towards the ranger. Eventually the heroes bring down the brutish half-orc, then check the bodies for anything that might give clues as to what they are doing. The paladin discovers a tattoo between the shoulder blades of the half-orc, one that he recognises. There is also note on one of the other guards bodys that seems to be from someone called Spireling Stillwater. The paladin confessess to the party that in their former life they were a member of a criminal organisation known as the Clasp and that these men appear to also be members. The shed holds a distilation set up which is refining a blue powder from gathered fungus which the paladin identifies as blue suude, a narcotic that can enhance the abilities of arcane casters and sells for considerable amounts on the black market.

The heroes agree to drag the bodies around the shack, then rig the still to overload and blow up. As the shed burnt behind them they return to examine the statue, finding to be of a four armed humanoid with a shark like head. It meant nothing to any of them so they left it alone and returned to Dunghill.

Here they rented a boat and headed out to the crayfish “fields”, here they saw several boats with crews pulling up basket traps while crossbow armed guards kept watch over them. Approaching them they find that these boats are owned by Mr Stillwater and he’d supplied the guards to protect them from anthing causing the disappearances. The heroes were directed to a group of smaller boats without guards, apparently belonging to Mr Troost and his friends.

The fishermen tell them that one of the recent attacks was in a particular area and they go to examine it, there are signs that a large reptile (maybe two) had passed that way recently, they also noticed the snout and eyes of a large crocodile or alligator in the water nearby, just watching them. Further along they find the remains of a small boat with what looked to be a large bite having been taken out of it.

The heroes decide to lay a trap for whatever is taking people, the ranger offering to be bait while he set up his hunting trap and a snare spell in the hopes of catching the beast, while the rest of the party pretend to be mushroon gathering in the nearby trees.

Unfortunately for them the creature had been following them, what they had assumed was a crocodile was actually a massive reptilian man-beast, with the head and tail of a crocodile that walked upright like a man. It also seemed to have the intelligence of a man, having stalked the party, watched them prepare the hunting trap and then struck from hiding at one of the other party members – its terrible claws ripping into the surprised kenku and leaving him bleeding out on the muddy floor.

While the wizard, gunslinger and ranger strafe the beast with ranged attacks and spells the paladin charged it, empowering his weapon with the might of his goddess in the hopes of sending the abomination into the nether realms. Unfortunately it barely phased the monster and it turned its attention to the holy warrior clamping its powerful jaws down upon him, teeth breaking through armour into the flesh beneath. badly injured the paladin fought on. Sadly the paladin was only able to fight on a little longer as the monster continued to rake him with its fearsome claws until he too lay unmoving on the blood soaked ground.

The beast then turned its attention to the next nearest target, the ranger. Striding forwards into the hunting trap and barely even slowing as it snapped at his leg before shaking it off. He entered the are of the prepared snare spell and only then the ranger realise too late that this monster was too massive for the magic to able to affect. Dropping his bow and grasping his blade he prepared to face the beast as the terrifying jaws descended once again on tender flesh.

The gunslinger was having to take the time to reload and the wizard was fast running out of powerful magic and the beast was depleting their numbers. Despite this the heroes kept battling, the ranger was fading fast and it looked like the monster would be dropping another body but the continued assault of the heroes proved strong enough as the only body to drop to the ground was a large scaly one.

As the heroes rushed to stabilise their fallen allies they noticed the monsters body was changing, slowly becoming more flesh than hide and shrinking to normal proportions until only the body of a man remained.

Despite running a longer 6 hour session time still managed to beat us, and so we wrapped up with the heroes heading back to Stilben with the monsters body, a scroll implicating Clasp involvement, and pride in the knowledge that this day, the forces of good had triumphed.

As they strode away, none noticed the red eyed, vine covered figure watching from within the trees ……

Dungeon Father Gaming – Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh session 2

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This afternoon saw five brave souls facing the the next session of our Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.

The players:

  • Jon A and his triton barbarian
  • David M and his human storm cleric
  • Sarah E and her tabaxi warlock
  • Jack S and his wood elf ranger
  • Lee O and his tabaxi rogue

The heroes search the barrack room once more, finally finding a hidden door leading to natural tunnels and caverns leading down through the cliff towards the shore below.

One of the first chambers they entered had some dripping green goo which dripped onto the cleric and burned hm with acid, causing him to go unconscious. The rest of the party were able to burn it away with a lit torch while the warlock dealt with another patch on the ceiling with a blast of cold magic. While they waited for the cleric to revive the rogue snuck around the tunnels.

Once the cleric was able the stealthy (or so they thought until the warlock stumbled noisily) members advanced into the next chamber only to find some smugglers awaiting them. The fight was breif and brutal and the party were victorious.

Continuing onwards they come to a side chamber with bolts of silk and casks lining the walls, hiding behind and amongst these were 3 humans and a hobgoblin. One of the humans was a mage and quickly dropped the warlock with a viscious scorching ray. If the previous batlle had been brutally brief this one proved to be an absolute bloodbath, with the rogue, barbarian and cleric all going unconscious at one point. However as the fight continued and the ranger finally got a lucky shot off at the wizard and killed him the remaining humans surrendered. They agreed to spill the beans in return for being let go unharmed and so the heroes discovered that they were smugglers, working with unknown accomplices that left the goods in the vicinity of the manor above and then they would bring them below and take them out to a waiting ship every so often.

The heroes loaded the silks and cask into the smugglers rowboat and took it all back to Saltmarsh. receiving a reward including a weeks worth of lodging.

A few days later as they rested at the tavern a messenger enters inviting them to an audience with the town council, so they agree to go and follow him to the council chamber. Despite the lead councilman Primewater being against the idea the rest of the council offer the heroes a substantial reward to seek out the put an end to the smugglers as the towns scouts believe they have found their ship off the coast. With a little haggling they agree and their friend Mr Welldeck offers the use of one his fishing vessels and its crew to get them out to it.

After gathering a few more supplies in town the head out on the small boat, using their fishing activities as a cover. The triton decides to swim solo ahead to scout but unfortunately draws the attention of a swarm of quippers! The ferocious fish overcome the submariner but his magical armour causes his unconscious form to float to the surface where his eagle eyed companions spot him and rush to his aid, thankfully driving off the minute predators before they cause his death.

The heroes then decide to wait, take a long rest and assault the ship under cover of darkness shortly before dawn and approach from seaward.

The assault on the ship starts off very stealthily with the two tabaxi climbing on baord and securing a rope for their allies, spying a pair of crewmen standing at the opposite ship rail watching the shore. They decide to rush them and attempt to tip them overboard but these salty seadogs have their sea legs and withstand the attempt, and combat begins!

We managed the first round of combat before time once again beat us. So we shall be returning to this adventure at a later event, however just as a note the players today bought 8 charity rerolls! (most of those to survive bad death save rolls).

Looking to next month’s event, we shall be playing an adventure set in the Critical Role campaign setting of Tal’Dorei, with a Strangeness at Stillben.

Dungeon Father Gaming – Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh session 1

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This afternoon saw our inaugral session of Dungeon Father Gaming with a party starting to play the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh set on the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms.

The players:

  • Jack G playing Ned Burningmourn, a human rogue
  • Jon A playing Naxhelus, a triton barbarian
  • David M playing Ted, a human tempest cleric
  • Vincenzo M playing Wayne, a high elf wizard
  • Sarah E playing Kimiko, a tabaxi warlock

After waking up in cells for being in a drunken brawl that none of them remembered, their bail was posted by a local businessman and his butler had come to invite them to a meeting with him to discuss an “opportunity”.

The meeting was at a local manor house over a sumptuous breakfast and the businessman introduced himself as Anson Welldeck, owner of a small fleet of fishing vessels here in Saltmarsh. He explained that he wanted to help bring the town into the “modern age” and become a member of the Lords Alliance but several of the “old guard” within the town wanted to maintain the current status quo, led by the Primewater family who owned a larger fishing fleet. To aid his cause he wanted the heroes to investigate the old haunted house outside of town in the hopes of showing everyone that he was capable of “getting things done”.

Our heroes readily agreed, and with a purse of gold decided to grab a quick potion of healing (just in case) from the local quartermasters. The store was run by strangely dressed red tiefling woman, her oufit reminiscent of a pirate, who offered to sell them a potion for 75 gold pieces. Unable to bargain her lower and unwilling to pay her price the party left her and decided to try the local temple of Chauntea. The priest there was much more helpful and sold them a potion of healing and two vials of holy water for 65 gold pieces. Feeling more prepared they set off along the cliff path to the house.

From the outside it looked abandoned and dilapidated, the garden overgrown and the outerwall crumbling. They spied an old well and headed for it to check if it still worked. As the rogue wound the winch the party were attacked by a pair of large poisonous snakes. The party made hardwork of the fight and had to take a rest afterwards, during which the rogue finished raising the bucket and retrieved some coins from the well. Meanwhile the wizard walked a circuit of the house while Detecting Magic, discovering three instances on the ground floor.

Refreshed the party entered the house spying a discarded blanket in the room with a trapdoor that had tripped the magic detecton. The blanket proved to be just a normal blanket but after unsuccessfully trying lift the trapdoor with a fishing rod the barbarian just pulled it open releasing an otherwordly voice screaming “Welcome fools, to your deaths! Bwah ha ha!” Undeterred the heroes follow the stairs to the cellar below.

The long cellar had a table set for a meal, some of the food still steaming hot, several beds each with a footlocker, a cooking fire/fireplace and two doors (one of which was barred and had the word DANGER written across it). The heroes opened the other door to find a comfortably appointed bedroom. Going through the desk, wardrobe etc they uncovered some interesting books, candles and piece of parchment with some sort of code upon it. While they searched the room they heard movement back in the larger room (which had been empty?). A leather clad figure appeared in the door and was quickly despatched, the rogue then moved to check if anymore were waiting only to be downed by a bowshot. The triton summoned a sea fog to obfuscate the archer but there remained another swordsman. The heroes quickly dealt with him and prepared to face the archer as the triton dismissed the mist, but the archer was nowhere to be seen.

Bringing their thieving friend back to action they turned their attention to the Danger Door, unbarring it and looking inside. The room was littered with bones that began to coallesce into humanoid shapes. They party all agreed that they wanted none of that, pulled the door shut and re-barred it quickly. Leaving with with scrabbling noises behind them and heading back upstairs.

Keeping an eye out for the missing archer they began to investigate the rest of the ground floor chambers, beginning with the former study. Here they found a bottle holding two portions of a potion of healing (its not like they’ll need this, right?). Another room was the former library, most of the shelves were empty but someone had stacked several books near the fireplace. Some of them caught the wizards eye, being treatise on magical propertie and components by notable mages.

As the heroes entered the main hall they heard a bump from somewhere above and decided to head up to investigate – carefully!

They went past two doors to the one they thought the noise had come from, there was a key on the floor in front of the door. Carefully the picked the key up and tried it in the door, it unlocked, and they pushed the door open. A human man in his undergarments was bound and gagged on the far side of the otherwise empty room. The warlock strode forward to check if he was alright and had to rely on her cat-like reflexes to leap backwards as part of the floor gave way having rotted away. Now aware of what to look for they made their way around the edge. The man appeared to be unmoving but when they suggested stabbing it to make sure his eyes flicked open and he tried to speak through his gag. The heroes removed the gag and discerned why he was there, apparently he’d taken shelter during a recent storm but was jumped by “guys in leather with swords” and left here. The heroes freed him, lending him one of the swords they had taken from the bodies in the cellar.

They began working their way back to the landing above the hall, checking the next door. they noticed the tell tale signs of rotted floor and as they saw nothing else of interest moved on to the next door. This ones floor looked more solid, with several cobwebs and the glint of something in the fireplace. The warlock moved to investigate, instantly regretting the choice as hundreds of tny spiders descended upon her. She rapidly exited the room as her allies killed off the spiders crawling over her and blocked the bottom of the door with the corpse of the snake the barbarian had brought with him from the garden.

Crossng the landing they investigated further, finding what looked like the former master bedroom and its wardrobe, containing some useable boots and a cloak with an ivy-like pattern on it. They passed these to the guy they rescued (finding out his name was Ned) who happily put them on, only to suddenly go stiff as a board and fall over dead!

Carefully checking the body they found a mustard coloured fungus inside the robe taht seemed to have caused the death, they wisely decided to leave it alone and moved on to the next door down the corridor. This looked to be a guest bedroom, with the bed still mostly intact but nothing else of interest.

Heading to the side wing of the house they another bedroom with some mouldy paperwork that they let alone and a storage room with some spoiled laundry and a pile of clean and undamaged clothes (they deducted they were Ned’s). Further north along the corridor was a landing with a rickety looking staircase going back downstairs and a broken stair to the attic. The barbarian easily jumped up and used a rope to help the others up, a search of the attic uncovered an old porcelain doll with jade eyes, maybe still worth something. Not wanting to risk the other stairs they returned to the main hall and descended the stairs there before neading into the ground floor north wing.

The first room they opened looked like a drawing room but at the sght of all the cobwebs they just pulled the door closed and left it alone. The door on the opposite side was apparently the dining room but long since ruined and of no interest to the heroes. At the end of the corridor they opened the door into the kitchen, the cooking fire still having iron cookware hanging above it beside the stone sink. As they explored the room the cleric heard movement under the floorboards and smashed his mighty hammer into the floor, easily cracking the boards open and squashing a large centipede beneath, unfortunately the other centipedes burst forth.

While the heroes despatched the insects with relative ease, one of them did get a bite on the cleric who at first shrugged off the bite then suddenly went a sickly shade and fell to the floor unmoving. Once they had dealt with  centipedes they used one of their healing potions to revive the cleric but he still felt unwell.

Cautiosly they opened the next door to the scullery, site of the third “ping” of the wizards earlier detect magic. The magic seemed to be coming from the stairs which led down into another part of the cellar. Gathering their courage and led by the barbarian they descended the stairs, getting about a third of the way down before a spectral figure appeared below, skin pulled taught across the face as if floated arms outstretched and lurching at the party screaming maniacally as it passed through each of them. Their nerve held and as it reache dthe top of the stairs it disappeared.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs they found what looked like a wine cellar, unfortunately the bottles were all broken and the floor covered in their broken remains, they could see a door leading south which they worked out led to the chamber they had faced the swordsmen in (but they hadnt seen any corresponding door when they were in there). There was also a human male in plate armour laying motionless on the floor with a shield and sword alongside.

Examining the body it looked to have been dead a few weeks and as the cleric began to strip the armour off, maggots crawled out of the corpse and began burrowing into his shield arm! As more maggots began crawling slowly towards the heroes they smushed them to paste and realised they needed to burn the maggots out. The rogue pushed his torch into the clerics arm and dealt with the threat. Unperturbed the cleric continued to remove the armour and swap it with his own.

Time defeated us and this is where we had to call it for the session, wow, those insects etc were more dangerous than the couple of guys in the basement. the party had to keep stopping to wait for members to regain consciousness (at least three times). Level one characters are super squishy heehee.

Some of the players did make use of our chrity re-roll option, earning some extra funds towards our charity pot too.