Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 4 – Cloak & Shadows v Ultramarines

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BLThis weekend saw the fourth stage in the Leicester All Scars Punic Wars narrative campaign. I missed out on playing in stage 3 due to illness but got to face the same opponent this time. Dave C has as bad a track record as I do at the club with us both renown for bad dice luck, I would be facing 3000 points of his Ultramarines, including Papa Smurf himself, Marneus Calgar.

I kept the list I had been planning from the previous stage as we would still be fighting the same points, on the same planet (Carthage, as the Orks had failed to wrest control from the imperiums hands).

+++ Punic 4 v Smurfs (2999pts) +++

++ Chaos Space Marines: Black Legion (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1490pts) ++

+ HQ (460pts) +

Jaxxon – Chaos Lord (235pts) [Bike, Bolt Pistol, Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour, Sigil of corruption, The Hand of Darkness, The Skull of Ker’ngar, Veterans of the Long War] ··Power Weapon [Power Sword]

Unsa – Sorcerer (225pts) [2x Additional Mastery Level, Bike, Bolt Pistol, Last Memory of Yuranthos, Mark of Tzeentch, Melta bombs, Power Armour, Sigil of corruption, Spell familiar, Veterans of the Long War] ··Force Weapon [Force Stave] – Psychic: Force, Sunburst, Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Boon of Mutation, Smite, Iron Arm

+ Troops (490pts) +

Jooz – Chaos Space Marines (245pts) [9x Boltgun load out, 9x Chaos Space Marines in the unit, Missile Launcher w/ Frag + Krak, Plasma Gun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Chaos Rhino [Dirge caster, Warpflame gargoyles]
··Jooz – Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

Tiggs – Chaos Space Marines (245pts) [9x Boltgun load out, 9x Chaos Space Marines in the unit, Missile Launcher w/ Frag + Krak, Plasma Gun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Chaos Rhino [Dirge caster, Warpflame gargoyles]
··Tiggs – Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

+ Fast Attack (540pts) +

Bernard – Heldrake (170pts) [Baleflamer]

Chibbs – Chaos Bikers (185pts) [4x Chaos Biker, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, 2x Meltagun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Chibbs – Chaos Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

Opie – Chaos Bikers (185pts) [4x Chaos Biker, Mark of Nurgle, 2x Meltagun, Veterans of the Long War]
··Opie – Chaos Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

++ Chaos Space Marines: Black Legion (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1509pts) ++

+ HQ (467pts) +

Abaddon the Despoiler (265pts) [Warlord] – Trait: Black Crusader

Gargamel – Sorcerer (202pts) [2x Additional Mastery Level, Azrael the cat – Spell familiar, Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of corruption, Terminator Armour, Veterans of the Long War] ··Combi-weapon [Combi-melta] ··Force Weapon [Force Sword] – Psychic: Force, Nurgles Rot, Gift of Contagion, Invisibility, Shrouded

+ Elites (707pts) +

Bane – [FW] Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought (320pts) [Carapace Mounted Havoc launcher, Dedications of Tzeentch, Extra Armour, Heavy Conversion Beamer, Legacy of Ruin: Veteran of the Scouring] ··Dreadnaught Close combat weapon [Heavy Flamer]

Men of Mayhem – Chaos Terminators (387pts) [Bringers of Despair, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War]
··Terminator x 5
····Combi weapon [Combi-melta] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]
··Terminator Champion
····Combi-Weapon [Combi-melta] ····Power Weapon [Power Sword]
··Terminator with Heavy Weapon [Chainfist, Reaper Autocannon]

+ Troops (168pts) +

Chaos Cultists (85pts) [8x Autogun upgrade, 9x Cultists in unit, Mark of Nurgle] ··Heavy Weapon upgrade [Flamer]
··Cultist Champion [Auto Pistol, Champions Shotgun]

Chaos Cultists (83pts) [8x Autogun upgrade, 9x Cultists in unit, Mark of Nurgle] ··Heavy Weapon upgrade [Heavy stubber]
··Cultist Champion [Auto Pistol]

+ Heavy Support (167pts) +

The ball-buster – Chaos Vindicator (167pts) [Havoc Launcher, Legacy of Ruin: Badab Uprising, Siege Shield, Warpflame gargoyles]

Campaign special rules:

Carthage – high gravity – all non-template/grenade/pistol ranged weapons have their range reduced by 6″. Jump Infantry/Skimmers/Jet Bikes movement reduced to 9″ instead of 12″.

Motivation – tactical – the first objective secured card you achieve is worth 2 victory points.

Patron bonus – for each 3 units set on fire with Soulblaze, score an additional VP.

We rolled for the Mealstrom mission and got Cloak & Shadows, I won the roll to choose 1st or 2nd and chose to deploy and go 2nd. We also agreed to have Night Fighting in play.

As Dave deployed I was seriously getting worried, his techmarine improved the defences of the ruin his sternguard and Tigurius deployed in, with his Whirlwind Scorpion behind them, all surrounding the Objective 5. A pair of rhino’s loaded with more marines, a razorback with more sternguard, contemptor dreadnought and landraider (carrying Papa Smurf and his retinue). Two more squad of marines were on foot, and in reserve there was a second contemptor in a drop pod, a storm raven and a xiphon fighter (which is a lot bigger than it looked in the photos I had previously seen).

I deployed both cultist units in cover camping on Objectives 3 and 6. One of the marine squads sat in their rhino beside Unsa and the Tzeentch bikers, next to them were Jaxxon and his nurgle bikers. The second marine unit deployed in a central ruin with the vindicator beside them, their rhino sitting in front of my own contemptor dread. In reserve I had the heldrake, Abaddon, Gargamel and the Bringers of Despair.

Before we went further we gave each other a run down of our lists and I took great pleasure in telling Dave about Gargamel and his familiar, Azrael, and their relevance to the Smurfs.

I rolled to try and seize the initiative, and boom! I had jumped the gun on the Smurf’s and would be first to go.


After seizing the initiative Squad bullhorn advance in their rhino beside Unsa’s bikers. Lord Jaxxon’s bikers move up beside Squad Jooz


The vindicator advances before combining its firepower with that of the contemptor dread upon the enemy landraider.


The Scorpion opens fire on Unsa’s bikers, claiming 2 of them. one of the tactical squads advances upon a chaos altar.


The smurf’s advance, focusing a lot of firepower on the vindicator, immobilising it and stunning it. Meanwhile a drop pod disgorges a second enemy contemptor behind the beleagured chaos vehicle.



The first of the chaos reserves arrive, Bernard the heldrake unleashes his fiery torrent over Tigurius and his sternguard, thinning their numbers.


The rest of the reserves arrive – Abaddon, Gargamel and the Bringers of Despair. Barely had they finished materialising before they fire a wall of combi-meltas into the Scorpion, melting its armour and causing its remains to explode. Unsa’s bikers roar over a hillock, blasting their own meltas into an Imperial rhino and depriving its passengers of further rides before gunning the engines once more and assaulting them (their Tzeentch blessed armour even protecting them from a cheeky overwatching Krak missile).


Wait, wasnt there more terminators there a moment ago?


Oh, that’s why. Imperial Xiphon joins the battle.


The smurf’s razorback uses its twin-linked heavy bolters to straffe our rhino, destroying its combi-bolters but little else. What’s that? Where did the enemy contemptor go? Up in a ball of superheated smoke thanks to Jaxxon’s bikers melta’s, that’s where (3 vehicles exploded by meltas in 1 round – sorry Dave).


Squad Jooz and Abaddon’s little gang kill the rest of the Sternguard leaving Tigurius alone.


The vindicator is destroyed by its own demolisher shell scattering back on itself (and killing a biker in the process). Jaxxon leads his unit against the landraider, ripping its tracks off with the Hand of Darkness and forcing its passengers to disembark.


Marneus Calgar leads his retinue in an assault upon Jaxxon and his bikers. The 2 leaders face off in a mighty challenge.

After round 3 we didn’t get a lot of time to take photos as we were pushing for time. Calgar and the contemptor charged into Jaxxons unit, killing the squad and leaving Jaxxon on his own to face the wrath of the smurfs. Tigurius bravely charged Abaddon and Gargamel, Abby activated Drachnyen and wounded himself and Tigurius gave him another wound (also inflicting soulblaze on the chaos lord and sorcerer).

Jooz led his unit into the vacated ramparts and claimed Objective 5 (scoring 2 vp thanks to the Motivation bonus). The Xiphon and Raven wrecked the Rhino but weren’t in position to affect much else. Bernard the heldrake streaked across the board and barfed his flames over the tactical squad on the refinery, reducing them to the missile launcher and plasma gunner. This allowed my remaining rhino to sneak around and secure the objective on the far edge of the refinery and score another Objective vp.

My contemptor strode forward and joined the melee before it, scoring excellent hits and destroying its imperial counterpart, leaving Jaxxon and Calgar locked in battle.

Abby and Gargamel continued fighting Tigurius and this time Drachnyen gave up an additional 6 attacks, the smurf wizard was skewered and his lifeless body slid off of the chaos warlords demonic blade.

Time had beaten us at the end of my turn 4, and as the score stood at 11-2 (despite my having the chance to score 3 cards with d3 points – they all came out as 1’s!), it was agreed that it would be unlikely that Dave could make the deficit up in a single round

A voice crackled over the comm-line in Abaddon’s ear, “My liege, scans show increased instability in the planetary core, estimate total collapse of its structural integrity in 60 seconds”.

Allowing himself the briefest of smiles as he let the body of the Ultramarines chief librarian, Tigurius, slide lifelessly from his sated blade he activated his comm-link to broadcast to the forces under his command. “Well done my brothers, this world will fall to the warp. Withdraw and the remaining foes choose to flee or die”. Even in the merest moment before he closed the link he heard the raucous cheering from his fellow Legionnaires.

The forces of the Black Legion returned to their landing craft, teleported back on board their cruisers, or simply flew back in to their landing bays. As the last transport’s were taken aboard the planet below cracked and folded in on itself, leaving only a swirling miasma of warp energy in its wake that swiftly began to coalesce into a gateway to the realms of the deamon-kin.

abby v ultra

Wow, that went a lot better than expected. Rather than rest of my laurels, I must say that Dave had atrocious dice luck while my Tabletop Tyrant dice were absolutely on fire (obviously soulblaze).

I must say that Scorpion is brutal, if i hadn’t destroyed it in round 2 it would have been a different story altogether. If I was going to do anything different I might have upgraded one of the two CSM units to Chosen (still a Troop choice for Black Legion) and equipped it with 5 melta’s and a combi-melta/power sword for the champ. Definitely a unit to consider once I get my converted Dreadclaw drop pod built.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – February

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survivor seriesWell February’s pledge was my scratch converted Chaos Vindicator. Built off of an old style rhino chassis it had various large spiked parts added, a driver in the pintel with a head from the possessed kit, and the demolisher cannon was made from a cardboard tube and fixed in place with a large blob of green stuff.

Now the model had sat this way, unpainted for some time and rarely saw action, then I decided to add a siege shield built from spare vanes from my heldrake conversion, and give it the ubiquitous spray of all over black.


And so it sat like this for about another 12 months. Until yesterday. I only intended to make a start as i had the rest of the month to get it finished, but somehow I managed to just plow through and got it completed in one sitting. Now for some thats not a major achievement, but I only usually get a couple of hours each Sunday to do any painting so I was really happy to have finished it.

I wanted it to match the earlier painted rhino so kept the leadbelcher, Screaming Bell combination over the black base with Ryza rust over the metallics. The driver received leadbelcher trims, and the head was Rakarth Flesh with Agrax Earthshade, eyes and tongue picked out in Mephiston Red. A little Typhus Corrosion was added to the area of the green stuff around the cannon.

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Possibly one of the quickest completions for the month for me. I haven’t decided yet what to do for next month, as its the first of our quarterly “Showcase” months I think it needs to be something other than rank and file, we’ll see, I have a few weeks to decide now.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – January

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survivor seriesFollowing on from the success of last years painting challenge, the Leicester All Scars are once again running our monthly Survivor Series.

To start the year off I decided to paint up a unit of one of my older models. Equipped and planned as a unit of Chosen with pistol/close combat weapons but built from the bodies of Warhammer Chaos Warriors and fitted with extra Chaos Space Marine bits (bolt pistols, backpacks and an arm swap for the champion) as well as the metal standard bearer as an Icon (originally planned as an Icon of Chaos Undivided but now used usually as an Icon of Flame – yes my unhealthy obsession with soulblaze continues unabated).

Models were already base sprayed black, over this I applied a drybrush of leadbelcher. Abaddon Black was used to fill back in the armour where needed and Screaming Bell used to accent the weaponry etc. Mephiston Red picked out the eyes on the helmeted men, the aspiring champion’s head was base coloured Rakarth Flesh, layered with Cadian Flesh then a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

The bases were simply Astrogranite with Abaddon Black rims, though I might need to do a second coat on the standard bearer and champions bases where I fitted the 2p pieces to help with their balance.

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Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 2 A – Tactical Escalation v Blood Angels

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BLThis afternoon saw me play a rematch against one of my friends and his Blood Angel force. Our schedules don’t usually align so this is the first chance we’ve had to play since last Christmas, so we decided to tie it in to the current All Scars narrative campaign too. We would battle on Nicodemus (though neither of us made use of the planetary bonus FNP).

spilling angels blood is my army list. The Sorcerer got the Master of Defence (counter-strike) warlord trait, and Force, Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Breath of Chaos, Life Leech and Smite psychic powers. He joined Iniago’s CSM squad, while the Dark Apostle led Fezik’s CSM squad.

Patrick won the roll off and chose to deploy first, I failed to seize the initiative. His drop pod landed once receiving an interceptor shot which left it and its cargo requiring snap shots (which Patrick then forgot to fire anyway). His spartan and dreadnought failed to dent the armour of the defiler. Patrick’s dice rolls were really not in his favour as his tactical unit ran a massive distance of 1 inch (this would be a regular feature throughout the battle).

My first turn was a little more succesful as my shooting whittled the ranks of the angels, but not enough to score anything. End of round 1, 0-0.

Patrick’s second round saw his storm eagle arrive and the Icarus cannon popped another shot off, but to no effect other than causing a jink. Shooting continued to let him down as he continued to fail to dent the defiler and my marines power armour seemed bulletproof. To add insult to injury his Lemartes led Death Company and drop pod squad both failed to charge and suffered overwatch wounds in return.

My turn 2 saw both the heldrake and fire raptor arrive (the raptor by deep strike and not scattering). The spawns moved out and began heading to objective 5 (which Patrick’s tactical unit were also heading for). Shooting proved a little better for me, the raptor taking a toll on the tactical squad as well as a pair of glancing hits on the dreadnought and 2 hits on the storm eagle (removing the heavy bolters in the process). The defiler finally managed to get a few kills after dropping a battle cannon shell on the terminators. As expected the heldrake halved the scouts in the tower with its baleflamer, and squad Fezik opened up on the Death Company (though killing their own plasma gunner in the process) reducing them to lemartes and 2 others. The sorcerer and squad Iniago managed to obliterate the drop pod squad scoring me First Blood. End of round 2, 1-0 to me.

Patrick opened round 3 by zooming the storm eagle off the board into ongoing reserves. By now I was in fits of laughter as one of his terminators had succumbed to soulblaze, failing its 2+ armour save. The tactical squad continued to head to objective 5 and again ran a massive 1 inch. Lemartes and co moved closer and shot a few marines and would finally make it into melee. Lemartes issued a challenge and Fezik accepted (and was killed) but the rest of the combat was fairly ineffectual and with both units having Zealot no-one ran away. His shooting finally took out the defiler, its explosion killing a pair of marines in the process.

My round 3 response saw the spawns claim objective 5, the heldrake moved up and spewed flames over the tactical squad, reducing it to the sergeant. The raptor moved around and managed to finish off the dreadnought. Squad Iniago managed to destroy the drop pods storm bolter. End of round 3, 2-0 to me.

Round 4 and Patrick’s storm eagle returns and shoots the heldrake in the butt, taking a hull point off it and crew shaken. Lemartes and co continue to wade through the massive blob of marines which just seem never-ending, especially when the Apostle successfully Look out Sir’s the 4 hits coming his way from the thunder hammer. In return the marines drag one of the remaining death company down with them. To finish the turn off the tactical sergeant succumbs to the soulblaze.

My turn 4 and both the heldrake and raptor decide to zoom off. Having drawn another secure obj 5 card the spawn just sit and wait. My cultists finally come out of cover and man the Icarus cannon, taking a cheeky shot at the storm eagle but failing to hit. The sorcerer and Iniago’s squad move over and then charge Lemartes, Iniago issues a challenge which the Blood Angel chaplain readily accepts. Iniago survives 4 crozious hits and responds with a pair of power sword swipes of his own. Lemartes not only failed both his rosarius saves but also his FNP, and having already lost a wound the spill over wound finishes off the thunder hammer death company marine too. Rolling for Iniago’s Chaos Boon he got a 63 – model gains FNP! With the secure obj 5 card, Hungry for Glory for Iniago’s challenge and Blood & Guts I managed a decent haul of points. End of round 4, 5-0 to me.

By now I still have around 40 infantry and both flyers, Patrick has a librarian terminator and 1 assault terminator, 3 scouts, his spartan and storm eagle. Time was against us and so we agreed to call it there.

Another great game and a nice win to finish 2015 for me.

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Time for the yearly body count

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SAMCRO-legionIt’s that time of year once again, when I see how badly I have failed at getting my army painting completed, however this year I had hoped that the All Scars Survivor Series Painting Challenge would have improved my body count – unfortunately my interest became diverted by the new Batman Miniatures Game and I spent most of it painting up a League of Shadows 17 man crew for its use.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I did manage to get several of the Legion completed too (even fielding a fully painted army for the All Scars tournament to boot, though this did little to improve my results).

Dec 2013      Dec 2014      Dec 2015

Assembly needed         4                       4                    4

Base painted (black)   53                     80                 95

need stripping              60                     6                    5

painted                          35                      53                 74

unpainted                     171                    151                125

total models                 323                   294              303

These numbers don’t include my  collection of cultists or the couple of vehicles I’ve collected for use with them as a Renegades & Heretics Guard list and/or Necromunda.

For 2016 I’m hoping to concentrate on my Legion a little more and get more of them completed to a tabletop standard.

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All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2015 finale – December

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Survivor logoThis month saw us coming to the conclusion of the All Scars 2015 Survivor Series Painting Challenge. It was also our final showstopper event and so as I had spent the majority of the competition painting my Batman figures I decided to go back to my 40K collection and show some love to one of my  oldest models – my converted stretch-land raider spartan.

emharBuilt from an Emhar kit for a Mk IV Tadpole tank with a few extras to spruce it up, after seeing the shorter, standard Mk IV used in a very old WD issue as land raider for some Deathwing terminators.

Scratch built twin linked heavy bolters on the front and twin linked lascannons added to the sponsons in place of the original weapons (I think they came off an old sci-fi toy of some description).

The whole beast comes in at 13 inches long, it had long sat gathering a thick coating of dust so required a good cleaning before we could start with the painting.

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A fresh layer of Abaddon Black on the chassis, then Eshin Grey over the tracks. Leadbelcher on the weapons and some of the plates, followed by Screaming Bell on the Chaos Icon’s and trimming the “turret”. Finally a layer of Auric Gold on the skulls on the Icon’s.

It’s never going to win any painting competitions but I’m happy with it and it matches in with my SAMCRO legion colour scheme.

The Survivor Series has proven popular and will be running again throughout 2016, hopefully I’ll be doing more of my 40K models now that the Batman are mostly done.

Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 2 – Firesweep v Eldar

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BLThis past weekend saw the Leicester All Scars assemble once again at Tabletop Tyrants for our narrative campaign – the Punic Wars.

This was stage 2 and we would be fighting a Cities of Death battle using the Firesweep mission and the special Tactical Objective cards given for them. My Black Legion forces would be attacking an Eldar craftworld under the command of Alastair, and we had agreed on 1500 points with no Lords of War (but anything else was ok).

Knowing I was to be playing a cityfight style game I thought it best to have “boots on the ground” and so thought I’d take the Thousand Son’s contingent of my force.

Hathor, a level 3 sorcerer of Tzeentch with the added bonus of the Eye of Yuranthos (to make him level 4) would lead 3 5-man units of Thousand Sons, each with an aspiring sorcerer and an Icon of Flame (4+ inv save, ap3 bolters with soulblaze, whats not to love). These would be backed up by 2 10-man squads of Chaos marines with the mark of Nurgle, each led by an aspiring champion (power sword and melta bombs), and containing a flamer and an autocannon.

Now I know what your thinking, there’s no “heavy hitters”, well my Heavy Support choice was a Land Raider Proteus, complete with the ark of unnameable horror, warpflame gargoyles, pintle multi-melta and the Mealstrom Raider legacy to grant it Outflank.


I won the roll off and chose to deploy and go first, unfortunately Alastair seized the initiative and his first turn proved deadly – taking out not only my warlord but the unit of thousand sons he stood with too! The other pair of Sons units also came under heavy fire but some survived.

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After a brutal 7 round battle all I had remaining was the proteus on 1 hull point, while the eldar still had their farseer, dark reapers, a few jetbikes and a wave serpent. Final score was 16-4 to the eldar. A well planned and executed plan by Alastair (those spears with ap3 attacks are marine killers!) led to a well deserved win.

Chaos may be falling behind in the war for the system but thankfully the Imperial forces in general have also taken a severe kicking.

Stage 3 wont be until the New Year but already the banter between players is starting, especially with the opportunity to “call out” opponents. I’m hoping to face our Ultramarine player, Dave, as I’ve only had the opportunity to  play against him in either small skirmish/kill team, and we both have a reputation for being the unluckiest dice rollers in the club.


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