D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 7-8

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DnD_PotAArriving back in Red Larch the heroes reunite with Brandon at the site of a massive sinkhole in the center of town, down which a trio of local children have fallen.  Despite the protestations of a number of the town Eldars the party use ropes to rappel down and with the help of other townsfolk hoist the children to safety.

The heroes then investigate the tunnels which the sinkhole revealed, finding a worked stone corridor. Passing a pair of stone doors carved with the images of dwarf warriors they see a door at the end of the corridor with a slit in it. unfortunately before they get any closer a number of iron cages drop through the ceiling (which was apparently false) and a few of the heroes get trapped under the edges of the heavy cages. While they escape a half-orc appears in the doorway and harassed them with his crossbow but thankfully Jack sends him fleeing with his own bowfire.

Eventually getting past the cages and the half-orc they find another village child pinned under several stones, he begs the heroes not to release him as he’s being punished by his father for failing to deliver a message. In the next chamber they find a dwarf statue under repair with a smattering of treasure before it. They gather the treasure and re-smash the statue. Moving on they find an old man sitting before a door he loudly decries they  mustn’t disturb the delvers but they knock him unconscious and enter the room beyond.

Here they face a priest and his thugs, and as they fight them another quartet of thugs comes down the corridor behind them but their bows are no match for Jack’s.  The fight with the priest is costly but the heroes are ultimately victorious. Catching their breaths they travel back through the tunnels to the sinkhole and then up the other rougher tunnel which brings them out in the wagoner’s warehouse amid several decrepit looking carts and wagons … and their own wagon still unrepaired or upgraded to their requests.

This is where we had to leave things for this session, it was another fun one with some nice twists to throw at the party (the cages were one of my favourites).

D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 3 Session 3-4

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Firstly I must apologise for how late this post has been in being put together.

After missing a session due to me being ill we resumed with the party (now joined by Benjamin’s character) taking the cart of bear carcass down to Goldenfields.

The first few days of travel proved mostly uneventful, but then they found themselves being shadowed by a quintet of flying humanoids.

Patrick decided to call one of them down, holding out a hunk of bread, but one of the flyers seemed to take exception to this and swooped down at the party.  The swiftnest of his action caught the heroes off-guard and before they could react he cast thunderwave and knocked half the party out.

Patrick tried to attack the flying man back but despite a quick bit of healing from his allies was soon also knocked unconscious.

Benjamin decided that discretion was the better part of valour and proceeded to run away to a nearby copse of trees, from where he watched the flyer alight on the cart and do “something” to the bear carcass before rejoining his companions aloft and wheeling northward.

Thankfully Emma and Eleanor by this time had rolled 20’s on their death saves (but had wisely chosen to play dead until the enemy left) and Patrick had stabilised. Once Benjamin had rejoined them they checked the bear carcass. Their attacker had burnt a symbol of some sort into the animals flesh, one which they worked out represented the elemental plane of air.

The remainder of the journey proved thankfully uneventful and they reached Goldenfields only to have the guards look upon their bedraggled appearance with disdain, until a familiar voice announced that they were with him and Coran strode out of the gates to greet them.

Dismayed to find that his prize-winning boar was gone he quickly adapted, magically changing the invitations to read bear instead of boar. He escorted the heroes inside and arranged for them to relax and recover in comfort with the promise to introduce them to the leader of the temple once they were more presentable.

That’s where we left the session as Matt and Patrick had a birthday celebration to attend.

All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – April

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SAMCRO-legionThe All Scar Survivor Series continues through April and I pledged my Forgefiend. Not a model I built myself, having bought it in a bundle in January.

First thing I had to do was take it off its base and then sand off the existing sand covering the base as my army is city based and I had an idea of how I wanted the base to look (after watching a couple of basing tutorials on YouTube).

Once I’d got the model primed/base sprayed black I decided I didnt want to use the same painstaking way of painting it as I had the Heldrake, so I drybrushed all the armour etc with Leadbelcher first, and then did the same using purple on the “flesh” parts. A light drybrush of Screaming Bell on the chimneys and gun barrel ends completed the basics.

I picked out the chaos star in Screaming Bell and then painted in the Legion colour on the main armour plates and picked out a few of the metallic joints on the legs etc.

The base I wanted to look like my usual urban road style but with a pavement and ruined wall section, on one of the videos I saw an added drain so added one of those and used typhus corrosion to have a stream of gunk flowing along the gutter to it.

It’s not going to win Golden Deamon but I’m really happy with it cant wait to actually use it a game (havent included in a list so far but with the All Scars 2015 Tournament around the corner who knows).

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Assemble the troops for inspection

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SAMCRO-legionThe fearless leader of the Leicester All Scars posed a question the other day that prompted me to complete a task I had been putting off since Christmas – “What can you field if you go all out?”

So, thanks to a recent update on Battlscribe on the Black Legion catalogue, I set to looking what I could actually put on the table.

SAMCRO- mega list

Now, this still isnt everything I’m sorry to say. I have several other variant Chaos Lords (the jump pack one, a number of power armour ones, and another in terminator armour), and I haven’t included any of my cultists as I’m planning on making them into a Renegades & Heretics list (eventually) – there’s already a Wyvern awaiting assembly on the shelf for them.

We recently fought our Easter Kill Team tournament, and for the first time since the inception of the All Scars I fielded a fully painted force! This didn’t help my results much but I enjoyed the day all the same.

The Survivor Series continues apace, with a tightening of the reins to limit the changing of pledges late in the month. My April pledge itself is now painted, just the scenic base to finish off in the next week. I’ll do a full post on it once its complete but for now…


Next month sees the start of our annual tournament, and my first round game will be against the Eldar of Dave Seth Dolman once again. My track record against his space elves has been pretty good so far, but with a new Codex:Eldar looming that could all turn sour. If everything goes to plan I shall also be fielding a fully painted force for the tournament too (getting carried away with this painting lark – not!), so we shall see if that improves my results in any way (several of my club mates assure me that painted armies perform better).


D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 5-6

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DnD_PotAThis week saw the heroes heading out from Red Larch to investigate the rumours of the Laughing Skull and treasure filled cavern. What could possibly go wrong? As it turned out, lots.

Heading to the reported sighting of the laughing skull the part was attacked by a trio of ankhegs, though playing smart and focussing their attacks on one beast at a time proved effective it wasnt without them taking a severe beating in return, leaving a couple of them very wounded and Brandon was dead. They returned to town so that Emerald Enclave contacts can perform a faction raise and set back out the following morning, continuing onwards they come across a quintet of gnolls. Focused fire again worked to their advantage but by the end of the combat some of them were unconscious again.

Jack and Daniel found a “safe” campsite and waited for their allies to recover. Before Adam comes too the party is attacked by a band of bugbears that manage to sneak up unnoticed, already wounded from earlier Brandon is quickly slain and as the remaining heroes begin to also go down it looks bleak for the party. Thankfully Jack is able to hold out, still being better off firing his bow point-blank at his foes than swinging his blade. Once the last bugbear is dead Jack makes quick use of his healers kit to stabilise his comrades. Unable to do anything more for Brandon they continue onwards and find the “laughing” skull, Daniel pulls the arrow free and reads the cryptic message, he passes it to Adam to also examine but it crumbled to dust before he could do so. They return once more to Red Larch (and again secure a faction raise for Brandon – the Enclave are going to need deep pockets I fear).

Next morning most of the heroes head towards the treasure cave, Brandon chose to wait in town while he recovered from dying repeatedly. The entrance to the cavern had lots of footprints leading in and out, Jack and Daniel go in first as they can see in the dark, and are attacked by stirges. Thankfully the little bloodsuckers are quickly dealt with but the rumoured treasure is nowhere to be seen (there were signs that boxes had been stored there until recently).

The heroes resignedly head back to Red Larch to find the town abuzz, a gaping sinkhole having opened up in the centre of town and a couple of the townsfolk’s children having fallen into it……

Well that’s where we left it for the evening, some very intense combats for random encounters, resulting in two deaths for Brandon, and the remainder of the party almost reaching the xp cap already (really not a fan of that particular mechanic still).


D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 3-4

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DnD_PotAThe heroes returned to Red Larch with the remains of the pig and the bear carcass. The butcher was grateful to find out the fate of the pig and happily accepted the bear meat and the suggestion to supply that to the feast in compensation.

Retiring to the Swinging Sword they are regarded as heroes by a lot of the locals, who seem eager to share rumours of other local strange happenings, including a possible bandit hoard, a strange skull stuck to a tree, and a plague infected ravine.

As the only one that someone was actually paying for them to investigate the heroes decide to look into the plague ravine the following day. As they make their preparations Tim suggests they get cloth bandana’s to cover their nose and mouths as a precaution.

The journey to the ravine is peaceful enough and they find the signpost warning people away, then being adventurers total ignore it and head down the sloping path into the ravine. Strangely, only Brandon’s Earth Genasi loses his footing and slides down the path on his butt.

Reaching the bottom they find a cave entrance behind some bushes, not intentionally hidden, just overgrown. Peering in they see a figure lying on the cave floor unmoving. Investigation reveals it to be a zombie which attacks and is swiftly put down. Following the cave further they spy a chamber with a table-like stone, Brandon rushes in to look and a load of stones are thrown at him, swiftly followed by a quartet of zombies leaping down from the shelf above the doorway to attack. Despite a couple of them being reluctant to drop the heroes still win out. As the last zombie hits the floor (and stays there this time) they hear faint music coming from one of the chamber exits but decide to check out the quieter one first.

They come to chamber with a pile of rusty blades in the centre and corpses laid against the walls. Spotting something shining under the blades Brandon strides forward to investigate and is attacked by a group of skeletons. Daniel’s maul proves of great advantage against their bony foes and they easily overcome them. The shiny object is revealed to be a small metal buckler, its straps long rotted away but the outer facing carved into a laughing face.



So now they followed the music, coming to another cave where they see a bizarre sight. A bear in a tutu is playing piano while a pair of figures dance.

Joker_and_Harley_DancinThe music is really beginning to get to them so Daniel charges the piano and smashes into it – and then feels the urge to dance along! Brandon gets KO’d by the dancing Harley and in an effort to end the madness Tim uses Burning Hands to ignite the remains of the piano and the bear (which turns out to be another zombie in a bear suit). Eventually the heroes prevail and have a choice of two more exits , which they let Adam’s pig decide their course.

Following the tunnel they come to a chamber with bodies (several incomplete) on slabs and a cloaked figure standing by a table of tools. At the side of the room is a staircase up to a ledge, and at the far end a quartet of skeletons guard another exit. Knowing how effective his maul is against the skeletons Daniel charges down the room to engage them. Tim and Brandon engage the cloaked figure. And then several of the dismembered hands beginning attacking!

Adam seems to have an unatural fascination with the hands and tries grappling one to hold on to it but Tim and Jack have other ideas and each time he picks a fresh one up they shoot it out of his hands.

Once their foes are down they investigate the ledge finding a lever and peepholes viewing a pair of large coffers. As one of them pulls the lever it causes a rockfall over the coffers. After waiting to see if anything else happens they head further up the tunnel the skeletons had been guarding, eventually coming to a chamber with a pedestal made of intertwined arms holding a globe with a glowing sigil above it, lined with purple curtains.

As they enter a voice calls out telling them to begone or suffer the wrath of the Lord of the Rock. they spot that the voice is coming from a figure hiding behind one of the curtains and before it can attack they smush it with blade, mace and maul. Searching the remains of the room they discover the globe is a driftglobe and a hidden shelf behind one of the curtains holds a wand of magic missiles which they happily take.

Returning to the dancing chamber they decide to investigate the other tunnel which brings them to the rockfall chamber, spending a while unburying the coffers they are rewarded – with nothing, the coffers are empty.

The heroes head back out and return to Red Larch.

A great session, several players will forever detest that tune (which I kept humming/singing whenever not describing anything).

D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 3 Session 1-2

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So we began the adventures of our third table of Encounters for this season this week:

  • Patrick – level 1 Fire Genasi Barbarian
  • Emma – level 1 Tiefling Ranger
  • Matt – level 1 Wood Elf Ranger
  • Eleanor – level 1 Tiefling Warlock

We spent the first part of the session finishing off character creation before beginning with the same hook as my other table.

WARNING – the following will contain spoilers, if you intend to play this adventure yourself and don’t want to ruin the surprise, stop reading now!

The heroes were gathered in Waterdeep, out of work adventurers looking to earn some coin. They were approached by a garish attired elf named Coran, he wanted them to travel to Red Larch to find out where the prize-winning boar he had ordered was. It was supposed to have been delivered to the temple of Chauntea at Goldenfields but so far hadn’t arrived. His reputation was on the line, and he offered the heroes 50gp to find his pig.

Preferring the open road to the confines of the sprawling metropolis the heroes agreed and set off, as they travelled they noticed a strange shadow following them and discovered it belonged to what appeared at first to be a bird but was actually a man in some strange suit designed to mimic a bird. The figure followed them a few hours but as it posed no apparent danger they ignored it and continued on.

The rest of the journey to Red Larch proved uneventful, and the quickly found the butcher that had been engaged to supply the pig. She was surprised to hear that the pig hadn’t been delivered and suggested they talk to her husband the constable. In doing so they found that several travellers had been accosted by bandit activity recently but the constable didn’t have the resources to deal with it. Marking on a number of suspected bandit campsites on their map the constable wished them luck.

The first 2 sites proved fruitless but nearing the third they spied a quartet of men sitting beside a fire, cooking some meat, with a large black furred animal in a caged cart next to a shallow cave entrance.

Eleanor used Sleep to put a pair of the men to slumber as Patrick and Emma charged the remaining pair with supporting fire from Matt. That was when the animal broke free from its cage, revealing itself not as the missing pig but a big angry bear.

The bear didn’t seem to care who it took its rage out on and began attacking Emma, with heavy hearts the rangers put the beast out of its misery before tying up the still sleeping bandits before examining the cave contents and sampling the succulent roasting pork on the fire (oops, found the pig!). Eventually the bandits came too and after questioning revealed they had ambushed the priests and their pig, leaving the men for dead and taking the pig for themselves.

Loading the bear carcass into the cart the heroes head back to Red Larch with their discovery.

And that was where we had to leave it for this session, as Emma and Eleanor needed to head home.

In the interim I now have the full hardbound version of the adventure and must say I’m very impressed with the content and the artwork is fantastic.


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